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Casus Belli: Battle Of Annihilation

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Casus Belli is a turn based rock-paper-scissors principle strategy war game. You fight against a strong artificial intelligence, where you have to capture buildings such as factories, airports and harbors to build new units. The more buildings you have, to more money you earn each turn and the stronger you get. You win as soon as you defeat all enemy units or capture the enemy headquarter. The weather and terrain influences the combats, so you really have to smart about your moves.


– 12 different units
– strong artificial intelligence
– hex grid for more tactical decisions
– different terrain types which influence combat
– 3 weather types (sun, rain, snow)
– 7 maps (more to come in the final release)

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Casus Belli: Battle Of Annihilation

Casus Belli is a turn based strategy game where you can buy military units, defend against or attack enemy units, capture buildings and win the war.

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