PlayStation’s Shuhei Yoshida: Triple-A titles feel too big to fail

Yoshida on the state of triple-A development and his studios incredible critical success in recent years. [Source: ]

Sony’s Stubborn Stance on Cross-Play Is Embarrassing

The truth of the matter is that this decision benefits no one. It hurts players who just want to party up with friends, it hurts developers who want to utilize cross-play that now have to deal with issues like the recent Fortnite account lockouts from the Switch launch, and it hurts Sony by making the PS4 a less appealing choice for gamers that are considering their options for multiplatform games...

Fallout 76 – Looking Into Crossplay, but “Sony is not as helpful as everyone would like them to be”

Does PC, PS4 and Xbox One crossplay support? No! This is confirmed by the Game Director of Bethesda Game Studios, Todd Howard, in the GameStar interview. The designer legend has also identified a culprit: Sony ! The PlayStation group was “not as helpful as everyone would like it.” Bethesda said she wanted the first multiplayer offshoot in the Fallout series with the number 76 crossplay...

Crackdown 3s Original Co-Developer And Series Creator Leaves Project

Last week at E3 2018, Polygon spoke with Microsoft Studios head Matt Booty about the status of the destruction mode, which the company hasnt shown since that 2015 demo. Booty confirmed the destruction-heavy online multiplayer mode remains in development. It is still part of [Crackdown 3], said Booty. Were not showing a lot of details about that here. Well have more to show as the year goes on. [So...

[PSA] Strong anti-piracy measures implemented by Nintendo for online.

Dont pirate Nintendo Switch games. Thats the message that prominent hacker SciresM has looked to deliver in an extensive Reddit post where he provided an overview about how application authorization works on the portable home console. [Source: ]

Hacker Warns You Not To Pirate Nintendo Switch Games

Don’t pirate Nintendo Switch games. That’s the message that prominent hacker SciresM has looked to deliver in an extensive Reddit post where he provided an overview about how application authorisation works on the portable home console [Source: ]

The Last Of Us Has Sold Over 17 Million Copies

Today is the 5th Anniversary of The Last of Us’ release. Over 17 million of you have taken this journey with us and your love, support, and fandom for these characters and their story has been incredible. [Source: ]

Why the trailer for Death Stranding was one of the worst at E3

With each new trailer comes confusion. The first trailer was intriguing, but every trailer shouldn’t be like this. It’s hard to care about this game right now. [Source: ]

First in-game footage from Cyberpunk 2077’s E3 2018 demo surfaces (off-screen)

DSOGaming writes: “As weve already reported, CD Projekt RED showcased Cyberpunk 2077 behind closed doors. And today, the first gameplay footage from that demonstration has surfaced. However, do note that a) this is a small glimpse/tease and b) this is off-screen footage.” [Source: ]

Naughty Dog texture artist Rogelio Olguin joins 343 Industries

Leaving ND for 343 [Source: ]

Naughty Dog: Ellie is the Only Playable Character in The Last of Us Part II

Is this true, or yet another misdirection from the developer? [Source: ]

Sony issues weak response to Fortnite cross-play controversy on PS4 and Switch

Sony says its interested in fan feedback [Source: ]

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