PS5: Patent Filings Detail Sony’s Plan to Make a Breakthrough VR Headset

Sony has groundbreaking VR plans in its future. [Source: ]

Nintendo announces new model of the original Switch with longer battery life

Last week, Nintendo announced the Switch Lite. The original Switch system is also getting some love, with Nintendo today revealing an updated model. [Source: ]

Gran Turismo Sport Reveals Rain Conditions With First Spectacular Footage

Today Sony and Polyphony Digital had a revel for the fans of Gran Turismo Sport, the first look at rainy conditions on the track. [Source: ]

Flash Sale Deals Under $10 at PS Store

Summers here in the States, and PlayStation Store is coming in hot with Deals Under $10. [Source: ]

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Is Getting a Sequel

Zhiqing W. writes: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is getting a sequel, as announced at the Nintendo E3 2019 Direct. Here’s what you need to know. [Source: ]

Microsoft stole Sony’s thunder with that shocking Phantasy Star Online 2 localization announcement

Chris Carter: “And for seven long years we’ve been waiting for Sega to announce a localization of Phantasy Star Online 2, which happened today thanks to Microsoft. This totally would have been a Sony thing to do during their conference given that PSO 2 has been out on Vita since 2013 and PS4 since 2016. But Sony isn’t at E3 this year. Instead, the madmen at MS pulled it off. The ...

Microsofts E3 2019 Show Was Just Plain Disappointing

All Microsoft had to do was cross the finish line, but they tripped over their own shoelaces. [Source: ]

PS5 Vs Project Scarlett – What We Know So Far

From PSU: “PS5 Vs Project Scarlett which one is better? Well, though its too early to definitively tell just yet, we do have some details and specifications that we can use to create a limited comparison between the two next-generation consoles. After Sony unleashed some of the first details regarding the next-generation PlayStation 5 at the end of April and Microsoft unveiled the first deta...

Rainbow Six Siege brand director: We dont want a sequel whatsoever,

The Daily Star caught up with Ubisoft Montreal to talk about its vision for Siege and future-proofing the popular shooter for next-gen. [Source: ]

Our Approach to PC Gaming – Xbox Wire

Phil Spencer writes: “We believe the player should be at the center of their gaming experience and be able to harness the unique benefits of the devices they choose to play on. Nowhere is that belief more important than on the PC. As the creators of Windows, we have a unique responsibility to ensure were investing in experiences that benefit players everywhere, while respecting the PC commun...

Microsoft announces Xbox Game Pass for PC

Eurogamer: Gears 5 and more headed to Steam, other stores possible. [Source: ]

Days of Play: 11 Days of Deals and a New Limited Edition PS4

Mary Yee writes: “Were pleased to announce that Days of Play is back! This annual global promotion celebrates the passionate PlayStation community, with a huge thank you from us for all of your support this past year. Because of you, PlayStation continues to be the best place to play, while driving success for games like God of War and Marvels Spider-Man. From June 7-17, you can find awesome...

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