NA PSN Flash Sale For July 2017 Is Live, Includes Upto 80% Discount On 100+ Games

Sony is offering a major Flash Sale this week on the North American PlayStation Store. [Source: ]

Xbox is Now the Official Console Partner of Real Madrid

Today, we are excited to announce that Xbox is the official console partner of five-time world champion football team, Real Madrid. With many of their players in the global spotlight, its easy to see why Real Madrid is one of the most widely supported teams in the world. And to kick off Real Madrids US Summer Tour here in the United States, we are partnering up to invite fans to join in a variety ...

This Console Generations 10 Best Selling Open World Games

The open world games that have recorded the most sale figures this console generation. [Source: ]

The Nintendo Switch Online app is embarrassingly awful

GGG writes: “I am all for Nintendo doing things the way they want to do things. They should innovate with gameplay inputs, hardware design, etc. Voice chat is not an area they needed to be different. Not being able to perform voice chat on the Switch natively in 2017 is disappointing but the execution of the online services app makes this entire situation downright embarrassing.” [Sour...

6 PS4 update 5.0 secret features could be hidden in this survey

PlayStation Universe uncovers six features that could be coming to PS4 update 5.0. [Source: ]

Destiny 2 Beta May Be a Better Game but Forgets What Made Destiny 1 Great

Gadgets 360 says: “Bungie fails to recognise what made Destiny so memorable for its core user base – a sense of character progression. Theres no loot unless you include a gun you find in the first minute of the Homecoming level. Through out Destiny 1s alpha, beta, and retail release, your character levelled up and obtained gear, which gave one the feeling of improvement even you were s...

Red Dead Redemption 2: Ubisoft thanks Rockstar Games for the delay

Ubisoft doesnt hide the satisfaction of Red Dead Redemption 2 delay announce from Take-Two and Rockstar Games [Source: ]

Weve Finally Achieved Toy Story Level Graphics In Video Games, And Nobody Seems To Care

Remember all the buzz around the Playstation 2 era about Video Games finally achieving Toy Story level of graphics? [Source: ]

Top 10 Best Deals From the PSN Totally Digital Sale

You’re going to be broke, but it will be so worth it! Here are Twinfinite’s picks for the 10 best deals from the Totally Digital sale. [Source: ]

Destiny 2 Runs at 2160p Checkerboard Rendering on the PS4 Pro

Thanks to a tech analysis, we learn the resolution of Destiny 2 on the PS4 Pro compared to the regular PS4. See how it stacks up [Source: ]

Persona 5 Voted Best RPG of All Time by Famitsu Readers; NieR: Automata Places 4th

Japanese Famitsu readers vote their favorite RPGs of all time. While some results are expected, some might surprise you. [Source: ]

VooFoo: XB1X Is Substantially More Powerful Than PS4 Pro and Developing for It Is a Breeze

UK team VooFoo Studios stated that Xbox One X is substantially more powerful than PlayStation 4 Pro. Also, developing on Microsoft’s console is a “breeze”. They detailed some of the technical enhancements Xbox One X will get over PS4 Pro in Mantis Burn Racing. [Source: ]

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