Project Scorpio’s Power Advantage Won’t be Enough to Topple the PS4

It has been a few weeks since the specs for Project Scorpio were revealed. Microsofts upcoming console easily outstrips the Xbox One regarding pure horsepower. It also outmatches Sonys PlayStation 4 Pro. Because of its superior hardware, some believe the PS4s time as the undisputed king of the console generation may soon be over. After all, if games run and look better on Scorpio, why would anyone...

Red Dead Redemption 2s Physical Copies Already Sold Out For PlayStation 4

RDR2 says that Amazon PS4 pre-orders for Red Dead Redemption 2 appear sold out with no release date and very little no information about the actual game. [Source: ]

Days Gone has driven Sony Bend to more than double in size

Alex Wawro writes that the Oregon newspaper The Bulletin reports Sony’s Bend Studio is moving into a bigger office building later this year as it continues towork on its post-apocalyptic PlayStation 4 game Days Gone . [Source: ]

343i Acknowledges Halo 5 Storytelling Mistake, Will Double Down on Master Chief Focus

343 Industries acknowledged their storytelling mistake in Halo 5 and promised to double down on Master Chief’s focus in future installments. [Source: ]

Eight new characters confirmed for Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite

Capcom has announced eight new characters for its crossover fighting game Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite – and a 19th September 2017 release date. [Source: ]

PlayStation Store Sales in North America: Week of April 25, 2017

This week on the North American PlayStation Store sales, you’ll find new PlayStation Plus Specials (focusing on online multiplayer games), a Tom Clancy sale, and more. [Source: ]

Project Scorpio vs Xbox One S vs Xbox One: should you make the upgrade?

The Xbox family is growing, but where in the generation should you come in? [Source: ]

Is Project Scorpio Too Much, Too Soon?

Xbox Enthusiast: Project Scorpio is a very powerful machine, but is Microsoft playing its trump card too early? [Source: ]

Developer calls Nintendo “douches”

Former Nintendo employee Dan Adelman says that Nintendo are “being douches” about bringing Axiom Verge to the Nintendo Switch. He also states that they haven’t confirmed they’re bringing the game to Switch. [Source: ]

Persona 5 Ann Takamaki Figure Announced, and She Looks Beautiful

Ann Takamaki from Persona 5 prepares to fill a criminal months-long void in Persona 5 figures. [Source: ]

Overwatch Pro Crashes Career with Racist Rant

Toronto Esports’ Dellor most likely won’t be seeing a professional team ever again after this. [Source: ]

Platinum Games Goes Sesame Street for Possible Bayonetta 3 Announcement

Are we close to a Bayonetta 3 reveal? Well, Platinum Games has updated its official blog with a cryptic post that hints at the witch’s return. [Source: ]

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