Final Fantasy XV DLC Will Continue Through 2018 With Four New Episodes

Final Fantasy XV has gotten more after release support than most games get, but Square Enix is keeping the good times rolling with four more DLC episodes. [Source: ]

Dissecting the SYSTEM SHOCK cancellation apology

The Long (to say it mildly) awaited SYSTEM SHOCK remake by Nightdive studios was announced to be on hiatus by its CEO Stephen Kick. This came as a massive disappointment for all of us who were rabidly anticipating the game. If theres a game that needed a remake, it was the original SYSTEM SHOCK. Its a groundbreaking classic that is responsible for pioneering a lot of the design trends, that eventu...

Giada Robin just made a really sexy cosplay of Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy VII

“I might just have found the cutest and most beautiful Italian cosplayer ever. Yes, I’m talking about Giada Robin. You see, I just spotted her super sexy cosplay of Tifa Lockhart from “Final Fantasy VII”. So, don’t miss out on it folks” – Robin Ek, TGG. [Source: ]

Vampyr has done what other RPGs couldnt – Feel horrible about murdering innocent people | GR

DontNods vampire action RPG has a slew of features that are designed to make you care about NPCs – but prepare yourself for a serious guilt trip [Source: ]

Xbox One X Performance Is Great, But Doesnt Compare to Ninja PCs- Ethan Carter Dev

The Xbox One X is the most powerful console ever made- Microsoft’s overhauled Xbox One system beefs up its GPU and memory capacity substantially, while also iterating on its CPU functionality a bit. The end result of this is a system that can churn out some fairly substantially impressive visuals. [Source: ]

Campo Santo: There Are People Coming At Us With The SJW Bullshit For In The Valley Of Gods

Campo Santo’s Sean Vanaman talked about people “coming at the studio with the SJW bullshit” after the first In the Valley of Gods trailer debuted at the TGA 2017, lamenting that Campo Santo was “making a game about minority lesbians”. [Source: ]

Metal Gear Survive | Starburst Magazine

Metal Gear Survive accomplishes the one thing no Metal Gear game has ever managed before. Its boring. Banal, generic and surprisingly unremarkable, the combination of zombies with survival elements is as well handled as you might expect. The sad thing is, were it not for the Fox Engine, the mechanics could be mistaken for any of the thousands of unfinished zombie games in Steam Early Access. [Sour...

Neil Druckmann on Inspiration for The Last of Us 2, Content Cut from Uncharted 4

Find out what the director had to say about Naughty Dog’s latest projects during a panel today at DICE. [Source: ]

Kingdom Come: Deliverance has sold one million copies, hotfix 1.2.5 is now available

It appears that Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a huge success for Warhorse Studios. In less than a month, the game has sold one million copies on all platforms. Furthermore, the team released a new hotfix patch for it. [Source: ]

EA Losing The Star Wars License Can Be A Good Thing – But Not When Handed To Activision And Ubisoft

Lex at Sirus Gaming: Alright, everybody is already aware of the fiasco that happened last year in November. With all stories that cover surrounding the predatory practices of publishers with microtransactions and the gambling aspects of loot boxes, the Force in our planet is out of balance. [Source: ]

Zachary Levi on voicing Flynn in Kingdom Hearts 3: “No one has asked me”

Replying to a fan on twitter, Zachary Levi, the man behind the voice of Flynn Rider / Eugene Fitzherbert in various Tangled media, has confirmed that he has not been asked to record for the character in Kingdom Hearts 3. [Source: ]

Troy Baker and Emily O’Brien Confirmed To Be Working on Death Stranding

Troy Baker and Emily O’Brien have confirmed that they’ll appear in Death Stranding, the upcoming open world action game by Hideo Kojima. [Source: ]

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