Remedy hints that ‘Control’ could be their first foray into games-as-a-service

‘Control’ is both a departure and a return for the Finnish game studio. [Source: ]

Remedy Developer Says, “All of Us Want to See a New Alan Wake Game”

During a conversation about Remedy’s newly announced title Control, a Remedy developer talked about one the studio’s past projects, Alan Wake, and the potential of one day returning to it. [Source: ]

Take-Two CEO Takes Jabs at Ubisoft for Its Inefficient Structure and at EA for Its Inferior Quality

Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick took a couple jabs at Ubisoft for its inefficient structure (3x the employees with less revenue than Take-Two) and at EA too for its inferior quality due to forcing all internal studios with Frostbite engine. [Source: ]

GameStop Officially Confirms Buyout Talks

GameStop just confirmed that its in discussions about a potential transaction. [Source: ]

Has Red Dead 2 Ruined Everything?

Yes, this is serious: Red Dead Redemption 2 has ruined everything. All video games will suffer as a result. [Source: ]

Death Stranding YouTube Description Gives Major Hints Regarding Storyline

It looks like some of the biggest Death Stranding clues relating to the storyline might have appeared right before our eyes during E3 2018. [Source: ]

Why I’ll Be Using Xbox One Instead Of PS4 For All My Online Gaming Going Forward

by Dave Thier: “Last week, Sony put its foot in it and has, after some apparent consideration, decided to leave it there. Epic Games released Fortnite: Battle Royale on Switch to expected fanfare, giving people who want to play the game on the go a much more accurate option than the excellent if lacking mobile port. The dream was clear: I could play Fortnite on PS4 at home, and then use my S...

Warner Bros follows Ubisoft’s example, will move everything to games as a service

David Haddad, president of Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment, revealed that the publisher plans to move everything to games as a service. [Source: ]

Is The Future of GameStop in Trouble?

With recent news of GameStop looking for outside investors to buyout the troubled company, after CEO and board member shake ups. It may look like the writing is on the wall for the brick and mortar retailer. With GameStop’s troubled future, is this the beginning of the end for physical gaming market? Can GameStop adapt to the changing marketplace, or is it too late? [Source: thepolinetwork.c...

At E3, SoulCalibur’s Objectified Women Felt Like A Relic Of The Past

Cecilia D’Anastasio writes: Over-the-top appearances may have fit in quite well with the boys club mentality of the late 1990s when characters like Ivy were introduced in the first SoulCalibur. 20 years later, at an E3 with down-to-earth playable female protagonists in Assassins Creed, Tomb Raider, The Division 2, The Last of Us Part 2, Battlefield 5, and other headlining games, Ivy in SoulC...

E3 2018: Microsoft finally comes out of its “self-imposed damage control position”

GamesIndustry: “As the curtain falls on another E3, the consensus appears to be that Xbox had a much stronger year than PlayStation. According to industry analysts, though, Sony essentially ceded the floor to Microsoft, not so much ‘losing’ E3 as electing not to directly compete with its great rival.” [Source: ]

Xbox One X Awareness Is Much Higher Than PS4 Pro and Switch in the US, According To Nielsen Survey

The latest Games 360 US report by Nielsen is available now and it shows that Xbox One X awareness is much higher than the PS4 Pro and to a lesser extent than the Switch. [Source: ]

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