PlayStation Store Flash Sale Now Live and Ends April 22, Here’s the Discounted Games List

While the only sale we got for a few weeks was this Tuesdays God of War Anniversary sale, Sony has popped a PlayStation Store flash sale and its now live! Check out the list of discounted games for this weeks PlayStation Store flash sale which ends on April 22, 2019! [Source: ]

Claim Your FREE Days Gone Dynamic Theme and Avatar Set

PlayStations official Countdown to the release of Days Gone has begun and is giving fans free digital goodies to celebrate. [Source: ]

Will Smith Invests in Gaming

CelebCover: A new project for actor Will Smith and Japanese footballer Keisuke Honda. Together they put money into professional gamers. They travel from tournament to tournament, all over the world. [Source: ]

The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition Is the PSP Go All Over Again

Ed writes: Yesterday, Microsoft revealed the brand new, disc drive less Xbox One S All Digital Edition console to the… confusion of a lot gamers. [Source: ]

Whoevers the Market Leader Will Drag Their Feet on Cross-Play, Says Dev

Tony Gowland, developer of Dead End Job, sees a pattern in the ongoing cross-play issue. [Source: ]

Let’s Talk About the PS5 Price: Will Sony Learn From Their Own Past?

Sony has a lot of experience in both pricing consoles right and wrong. Will it take the lessons its learned and apply them when figuring out the PS5 price point at launch? [Source: ]

The All-Digital Xbox Fulfills Microsofts Original Xbox One Vision

Microsoft just announced a new Xbox One without a disc drive. This brings Microsoft closer than ever to the original vision of the Xbox One and shows how far digital downloads have come. Unfortunately, its too expensive. [Source: ]

The PlayStation 5 sounds amazing, but will it cost a fortune?

TSA writes: “Out of nowhere, Sony sat their lead console architect Mark Cerny down in a room with a journalist and had him demo and show off their next generation of PlayStation console. From what he described for yesterdays next-gen PlayStation reveal, its practically just a dream wish-list of components and system capabilities. Its got a powerful modern CPU, a next generation GPU, ray trac...

The Last of Us Part II: Naughty Dog Wraps Up Ellie & Joel’s Scenes; “Most Ambitious Cinematic Shoot”

The Last of Us Part II Director Neil Druckmann and his team at Naughty Dog are continuing to tease the progress of the development of the game. [Source: ]

Why PS5’s Backwards Compatibility Feature Can Beat Xbox One’s Version

Sony’s Mark Cerny confirmed the backwards compatibility of the PS5 to PS4 games, and here’s why it can beat Xbox One’s version of the system. [Source: ]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Update Goes Live, Penis Stages Immediately Erected

The latest update for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate had a bumpy rollout, with it hard for players unable to download and connect. However, once they could, some of them did the inevitable. They drew dicks. [Source: ]

5 Things the Next Xbox Needs to Beat the PS5

A huge wedge of PS5 information yesterday has everyone excited, talking about elements like the PlayStation 5s new 3D sound chip, super-fast SSD or even the fact its going to have ray tracing. So, if youre John Microsoft, the man in charge of making the fourth Xbox more exciting than Sonys proposition, heres got some ideas for you. [Source: ]

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