Sonys PS4 Might Not Reach Its Year End Target Despite Terrific Sales During The Holiday Season

With the Holiday season over Sony has in a press release announced some pretty impressive statistics that surround the PS4 [Source: ]

Sony CEO Kaz Hirai: PS4s Momentum Very Strong; Great Start for PlayStation VR

During Sony’s Press Conference from CES in Las Vegas, Chief Executive Officer Kazuo Hirai talked about the PlayStation business. [Source: ]

Will The Rumored Game Mode Actually Benefit The Xbox Scorpio?

Developers using Game Mode enable UWP to build games for the Xbox One and Windows 10 PC , will be able to do so for Scorpio as well [Source: ]

343 Community Manager; “Future Of The Master Chief Collection Is Unknown, The Ship Hasn’t Sailed”

ThisGenGaming says “As we approach 3 years since the release of Halo: MCC, fans are still hoping that the game will be fixed after the disastrous 2014 launch. Even with patches, the game is still broken and fans want the game to be fixed. A 343 community manager responded to the fans, and gave them good and bad news.” [Source: ]

Diablo III Anniversary Patch Released; Adds 4K Support for PS4 Pro

If you play Diablo III on PS4 Pro, there is a double treat awaiting for you on the PlayStation Network, in the form of the much anticipated “Anniversary Update” for the game. [Source: ]

What If The Switch Fails?

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: “Now let me get one thing out-of-the-way; even if the Switch is a Wii U level failure, Nintendo isnt going to go bankrupt or become a third-party software so dont look for things like that in this article, no, for this piece I want to look at scenarios that Nintendo could take in the event of a Switch failure that keep them around, just in a different capacity...

The Xbox One Scorpio May Be The Realization Of Valves Steam Machine Vision

Valves Steam Machine initiative was the PC gaming giants bid to try and take over the living room- the attempt to push console like gaming PCs that would be ready for living room gaming. [Source: ]

Mass Effect Andromeda’s Gorgeous Gameplay Trailer Shows New Planet, Combat, Skills and More

During Nvidia’s keynote from CES in Las Vegas, BioWare presented a brand new video look at the upcoming Mass Effect Andromeda running on a PC powered by a GTX 1080 video card. [Source: ]

5 Things Sony Really Needs to Fix in 2017

Saul at GameSpew discusses the top five things that Sony really should fix over the next year. [Source: ]

Mass Effect Andromeda Running At 1080p And 900p On PS4/Xbox One

BioWare GM, Aaryn, gives an update on the resolution and framerate of Mass Effect Andromeda at the current stage of development. [Source: ]

Will The Console Game Sales Crash Continue In 2017?

ThisGenGaming says “2016 was a good year in gaming with great releases, controversies as well as the usual great E3 presentation. But what we have noticed the past couple years was a decline in Console Game sales. What are the potential reasons for the decline, and will we see it continue in 2017?” [Source: ]

G-SYNC HDR Announced, First Two 4K 144Hz Monitors Available in Q2 2017

NVIDIA announced G-SYNC HDR at CES 2017. The first two 4K 144Hz monitors from Asus and Acer will be available in Q2 2017, and they will feature virtually non-existent additional input latency unlike TVs while gaming in HDR. [Source: ]

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