How Gran Turismo Sport has returned the series to greatness

After a delay of nearly a year, the latest entry in Sony’s famous Gran Turismo franchise finally hit shelves this week. But has GT Sport been worth the wait? Jamie Klein finds out. [Source: ]

4 Xbox 360 Games Getting Xbox One X Enhancements

Microsofts Xbox backwards compatibility team is adding Xbox One X-specific enhancements to four high-profile Xbox 360 games that are already playable on Xbox One: Halo 3, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Fallout 3, and Assassins Creed. All four updates will be available for free to anyone who owns the game on November 7, the same day the Xbox One X launches. Some titles now have 10-bit color depth ...

Mass Effect: Andromeda Failed (Partly) Due to Lack of Diversity, Says Ex-BioWare Dev

J Station X: Mass Effect: Andromeda failed partly due to the lack of diversity of the development team, explains former BioWare developer Manveer Heir. [Source: ]

Rockstar Reveals Why GTA V Didn’t Get A Story Expansion, Reaffirms Commitment To Single-Player

Many campaign fans were disappointed when episodes from Los Santos never surfaced. Rockstar explains why. [Source: ]

Original Xbox Games Starting To Appear For Purchase On XBL Store, Price Revealed

Check out the price of some of the original Xbox backwards compatible games. [Source: ]

Full Xbox One X Feel True Power 4K TV Commercial Finally Released in English; Shows Games and More a leak of the Japanese version of the commercial, Microsoft finally released the full Xbox One X ad in English. [Source: ]

Shin Megami Tensei V Announced for the Nintendo Switch, Teaser Trailer previously announced Shin Megami Tensei HD Project for the Nintendo Switch has officially resurfaced as Shin Megami Tensei V. [Source: ]

Games with Gold to shake things up in November? – Try Rolling

Games with Gold has always been good to us, but could it be getting even better? [Source: ]

Gran Turismo Wins Sporting Contest (UK Sales Charts Ending October 21)

Its been a busy week for new releases with most major titles trying to avoid each other by releasing on different days, or simply launching early in the week in order to get good visibility as the week unfolds. [Source: ]

Gran Turismo Sport vs Driveclub Graphics Comparison although it was released back in 2014 still is one of the most popular benchmarks for console racing games. Recent GT Sport release gave us yet another opportunity to confront it with Evolution Studios greatest title. Which game do you like better? [Source: ]

Details from Famitsu’s Super Mario Odyssey review

Details translated from Famitsu’s near-perfect review of Super Mario Odyssey. [Source: ]

Up To 33% Off Switch Games On Amazon

If you’re looking to get some new games for your Nintendo Switch, Amazon has some select Switch titles with discounts of up to 33% off right now on their website. [Source: ]

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