PSA: Got a Switch? Get a Screen Protector ASAP – CreepScore

Nintendo Switch users are already reporting damage to the 6.2″ screen provided with the Nintendo Switch. Get a screen protector, guys. [Source: ]

Nintendo Switch Users Face Hardware Issues on Launch Day

Several Nintendo Switch owners are already reporting a variety of hardware issues with their new devices, including bricked consoles and busted consoles. [Source: ]

Nintendo Switch Is Sold Out, Here’s Why It Doesn’t Matter

Nintendo Switch being sold out doesn’t exactly indicate that the console is a hot product. [Source: ]

Xbox Head details Project Scorpio pricing; Says it is a “premium” console

Gamezone: “We have a couple more months to go before we get a full reveal of Microsoft’s upcoming console, codenamed Project Scorpio, but Xbox Head Phil Spencer has detailed a bit of what the console will be like in a recent interview. “ [Source: ]

Xbox One Scorpio Wont Have A Launch Lineup In The Traditional Sense, Phil Spencer Says

GamingBolt: “Speaking to IGNs podcast Unlocked, Xbox boss Phil Spencer discussed how the Scorpio wont have one showcase title, or even a traditional launch lineup- but how Spencer understands the importance of content in pushing a new console anyway.” [Source: ]

Breath of the Wild vs. Horizon Zero Dawn: Which Open World Game Should You Play?

Two great games, how can you choose? [Source: ]

Project Scorpio will be launched with several new games which will take advantage of its hardware

Project Scorpio will be launched with several new games which will take advantageof its hardware. [Source: ]

Best PS4 External Hard Drive: Top 10 Hard Drives for PS4

Are you looking for the best PS4 external hard drive? The Gizmo Life has got a great list for the top external hard drives for PS4 and PS4 Pro. [Source: ]

Metal Gear Online 2 Is Coming Back To Non-Modded PS3’s

“Many years ago now Metal Gear Online 2 was taken from us. The game was a glorious¬†beacon of hope in what has become a bland and bleak land of similar playing multi-player games.Metal Gear Online 2 offered something unique and fun.It was overall one of the best multiplayer games I have ever played”-Sidearc [Source: ]

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Review | Gamekult

Breath of the Wild is so bold and sensitive in its execution that its universe and memories will never leave you. [Source: ]

NieR: Automata Review – Genre-Bending at Every Turn [Wccftech]

NieR: Automata isn’t perfect, but it’s an excellent game thanks to PlatinumGames’ signature combat and Yoko Taro’s eccentric storytelling. [Source: ]

5 Xbox One Exclusives To Look Our For This Year

IM PLAYIN discuss 5 Xbox One exclusives to keep an eye out for this year. [Source: ]

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