Horizon Zero Dawn Version 1.03 Patch Is Live; What Does It Do?

ThisGenGaming says “Horizon Zero Dawn’s latest patch has gone live today.” [Source: thisgengaming.com ]

Horizon Zero Dawn Players Notice Incredible Detail With Aloys Eyes Reflecting Her Surroundings

ThisGenGaming says “Eagle eyed Horizon Zero Dawn players have noticed even more crazy attention to detail by Guerrilla Games. Check out these examples.” [Source: thisgengaming.com ]

Nintendo Switch UK launch sales hit 80,000

Speaking to retailers this morning, Nintendo Switch has sold around 80,000 units in the UK during its opening weekend. [Source: gamesindustry.biz ]

Horizon Zero Dawn beats Zelda to No.1

Critical smash hit The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild hasnt made it to No.1 in its first week in the UK charts. [Source: mcvuk.com ]

AMD Ryzen may be disappointing to Gamers

AMD may never be able to catch up with Intel. With the reviews of the Ryzen processors being absolutely disappointing. [Source: kitsuga.com ]

Man Drops Nintendo Switch On Concrete 11 Times, For Science

What did you do with your brand new Nintendo Switch when it arrived in the mail? Did you rip the box open and pop in Zelda? Did you lick the cartridges? Did you, perhaps, repeatedly drop it on concrete? [Source: kotaku.com ]

Review: Horizon Zero Dawn PS4 | Pure PlayStation

Pure PlayStation: Horizon Zero Dawn is nothing short of a masterpiece that elevates Guerrilla Games to the likes of Naughty Dog and CD Projekt Red. The unique, engrossing story, complex and fast-paced gameplay, absolutely gorgeous open world to traverse, and so much more are brought to life thanks to the Killzone developer. [Source: pureplaystation.com ]

Frostbite Dev Explains The Difference Between Native 1800p vs. 1800p Checkerboard On PS4 Pro

Battlefield 1 and Mass Effect: Andromeda run at checkerboard 1800p instead of native 1800p on the PS4 Pro and the devs explain the reason. [Source: gearnuke.com ]

How-To: Maximize PS4 Pro Picture Quality And Graphics

How to maximize your PS4 Pro’s graphics by fine-tuning your TVs piicture settings. [Source: itechheads.com ]

Mass Effect: Andromeda 4K vs. 1080p Screenshot Comparison On PS4 Pro

Check out a comparison between native 4K and 1080p for Mass Effect: Andromeda on the PS4 Pro. [Source: gearnuke.com ]

Phil Spencer Wants To See First Shipped Games Head To Xbox Game Pass

Phil Spencer on Major Nelson Radio said Xbox Game Pass can become the Netflix of Gaming by bringing first shipped titles to the service. [Source: thewolfhall.com ]

Nintendo Switch Will Likely Fail

As the highly anticipated release of the Nintendo Switch is finally here, its fair to say that it is extremely underwhelming to the general gaming community outside Nintendo fans. Make no mistake, this is not a review but more of an opinion on the console itself and why it will likely fail to succeed. [Source: itechheads.com ]

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