Agony has unleashed its Red Goddess trailer

Madmind Studio’s just informed us (TGG) that they have released a brand-new trailer for “Agony”, and the trailer is called “Red Goddess”. So, check it out. Oh, Madmind also told us that “Agony” will be released in March next year. [Source: ]

New eShop sales: many deals for Switch, Capcom and THQ Nordic discounts, much more

Tons of games have been discounted for Nintendo platforms, including Oxenfree for 75% off, L.A. Noire, and tons more. [Source: ]

Persona Dancing Triple Pack Includes Persona 4 Dancing All Night for PS4; Songs and Artwork Revealed

The Special Edition for PS4 of Persona 5 Dancing Star Night and Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night includes Persona 4 Dancing All Night. [Source: ]

Amazon Christmas Digital Game Blowout Sale

If youre scrambling for a last-minute gift for your family or friends, dont fret theres a great opportunity to acquire some digital goods before time runs out! The Amazon Christmas Digital Sale is offering a wide range of discounts and deals on popular digital goods. Whether you want to get a new video game for your friend, or you are looking for some digital additions to your favorite tech, you c...

Regarding Server Connection Issues on GT Sport

GT Sport, Currently we are experiencing an unstable connection from the Gran Turismo Sport servers to the PlayStation Network servers. Because of this, an error message is displayed notifying that the game cannot connect to the network. [Source: ]

5 Biggest Mistakes Sony Committed With The PS4 And PS4 Pro In 2017

2017 was, in other words, the year that the PS4 finally cemented its domination to such an absolute degree that the competition could no longer harbour any thoughts of realistically catching up. It was not, however, perfect. [Source: ]

Leeroy Jenkins Rehearsal Video Shows Staging of Viral Phenomenon

While widely thought to be staged, Schulz has never confirmed or denied the video’s authenticity and there’s not been any concrete proof. That has changed today. [Source: ]

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age drops to below $20 on PS4

The physical version of Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age has been further discounted, dropping to just $19.99. [Source: ]

Makeup Artist Turn Herself Into The Sexiest And Epic Version Of Princess Zelda Ever

Zelda Breath of the Wild is the best game of this year that is about to end really soon and today most viral news is dedicated to it and an incredible makeup artist who has made Princess Zelda as badass as ever this time thanks to her impressive skills! [Source: ]

God of War Has No Nudity (But a Lot of Violence)

God of War’s ESRB rating has been released, and along with it being a fresh direction in terms of gameplay for the hack ‘n’ slash series, the reboot will also seemingly move away from the copious amounts of nudity featured in its predecessors. [Source: ]

The Nintendo Switchs Hidden Costs are Starting to Add Up

SD Cards, full price games, pro controllers…the Nintendo Switch’s hidden costs are no joke. The question is: Do any of them make the console less appealing? [Source: ]

The Nintendo Switch Is Close to Selling More Units Than the PS2 Did in Its First Year in Japan

If the momentum of the Switch continues the way it is, we might see some records get broken. [Source: ]

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