Do Female Streamers Have a Huge Advantage?

There is a lot of controversy behind females and streaming these days, because some women use revealing outfits to lure men to their streams. [Source: ]

Always Online Is Already Affecting For Honor

The closed beta for For Honor has officially begun today, so you can hop on and engage in medieval warfare with Samurai’s and Vikings and the like. That is … if you can connect. [Source: ]

Kojima On Overly Sexualised Characters: I Am Going To Take A Different Approach In Death Stranding

Hideo Kojima is an excellent, excellent game maker, but he has come under fire in the past for his unnecessarily sexualized depiction of Quiet in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, in spite of his promise that there will be characterization to add substance to said sexualization. [Source: ]

Ori Dev Clarifies Xbox Scorpio Comments Further, Apologizes For PS4 Pro Remark

Thomas Mahler, a developer on Ori and the Blind Forest, has created quite a stir recently in the last few days, thanks to his comments alleging that the Xbox Scorpio will be a full fledged generational upgrade, and calling the PS4 Pro is ‘half assed.’ [Source: ]

Digital Foundry: Resident Evil 7 PC/PS4/Pro/Xbox One Analysis

DF: Dave dives into four different versions of Resident Evil 7. It’s consoles vs PC, with all the visual comparison points and frame-rate metrics you could possibly desire. [Source: ]

Nintendo Switch Website Updated: Specs And Confirms USB Ports Are USB 2.0 But Update Coming

The European Nintendo Switch website has been updated to give you detailed information about the handheld, dock, Joy-Cons and more. [Source: ]

Microsoft Is Doing Right With Project Scorpio

The reveal, updates, and launch of Project Scorpio are critical to Microsoft’s next stage of console develop, and so far they’re nailing it. But they need to continue this momentum in order to complete a successful launch. Here’s what Dave thinks need to happen to see that through. [Source: ]

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Graphics Comparison: Xbox One vs. PS4 vs. PC

A detailed look at the visual fidelity of Resident Evil 7 on all three platforms. PC Speccs: CPU – Intel Core i7-6850k CPU @ 3.60GHZ Memory – 32GB GPU – NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 x2 SLI Configuration HDD: 1TB SSD [Source: ]

Zelda: Breath of the Wild Won’t Even Use HD Rumble on Nintendo Switch

Legend of Zelda series producer confirms that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild won’t include Nintendo Switch’s HD Rumble feature [Source: ]

Japanese gaming chair is blowing up on online retail sites and Twitter

If it looks like a chair and acts like a chair, but has over two million on back order, is it really just any ol chair? [Source: ]

Sony Is Giving Away $1,000 in PlayStation Store Credit

You can win $1,000 in PlayStation Store credit for a limited time. Find out how to win! [Source: ]

Resident Evil 7 Sell In Exceeds 2.5 Million Worldwide; Franchise Hits 75 Million Units Worldwide

“Resident Evil 7 was a risk as it moved away once again from the formula it was used to, like when Resident Evil 4 moved away from survival horror and turned into the action series that lasted for another 10 years. It sounds like the risk has paid off as the sell in numbers for Resident Evil 7 has already exceeded 2.5 million worldwide.” [Source: ]

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