Star Wars Battlefront II Metacritic User Reviews Being Bombarded With Lowest Score Possible

The Star Wars Battlefront II user reviews scores on Metacritic are super low, with over 2,000 people giving it a 1/10! [Source: ]

Xbox One X Has Won An Important Victory Over PS4 Pro In My Household

Forbes: “There are many, many debates to be had about whether or not an Xbox One is a good purchase for you, given your current console set-up, TV and general level of interest. But what I can speak to is my own experience with the system so far, as someone who does this for a living and is almost has to own every system (with a solid TV to play them on).” [Source: ]

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Review – Respawning

“You have an uninspired campaign that boils down to a predictable and boring waste of 5 hours. A multiplayer mode that feels too arcade based to last longer than a 1 hour sitting. Then you have the loot box system locking players out of the classes they want to play and encouraging the customer to spend money so that they can feel a sense of pride and accomplishment [Source:

Should I buy a PS4 Pro if I dont have a 4K TV?

With Black Friday and Christmas just around the corner, there will be plenty of you wondering whether you should buy a PS4 Pro if you dont have a 4K TV. Will it have any affect on your existing games? Make them run better, or faster, or look any better even with a full 1080p HD as it inevitably tumbles in price? [Source: ]

Japanese voice actress of Naomi Hunter has passed away

Hiromi Tsuru, who did the Japanese voice for Naomi Hunter in the Metal Gear Solid series has passed away at 57. [Source: ]

Sony’s Black Friday Sale Ad Is Hilarious; Promises Big Discounts Interactive releases a Black Friday trailer promising sales for PS4 in Europe, and providing some much welcome hilarity. [Source: ]

GameStop’s ‘buy four used games for $10’ promo runs through Black Friday

Remember last month’s used game promotion from GameStop? The popular sale is back with a vengeance and with plenty more qualifying games. Through most of November and early December, you can now pick up select four used games at GameStop and get them for only $10. At the current count, youre seeing over 3,400 titles that qualify for this sale. [Source: ]

Xbox Live Black Friday 2017 Sale Is Live, Major Discounts On Wolfenstein 2, Evil Within 2, More

Xbox Live has started its yearly Black Friday sales this week. Just as promised, the Xbox Live Store is offering some major discount on the most recent games. [Source: ]

EA considering two ways of re-introducing microtransactions into Star Wars Battlefront 2

An insider has revealed new details around why EA decided to pull the plug on microtransactions and how the plan on re-implementing in-game purchases. [Source: ]

Zelda Is Game of the Year at the Golden Joystick Awards; The Last of Us Part II Wins Most Wanted

The Golden Joystick Awards are all said and done, and here you can read the full list of winners. [Source: ]

DICE Would Have Loved If Progression System Hadnt Impacted Battlefront II Review Scores

The developer offers its comments on the Star Wars Battlefront II review scores being impacted by the game’s progression system. [Source: ]

EA will relaunch in-game purchases for those who want “accelerated experience”

News by Matt Kim. Published 17th November 2017 03:09AM Today, EA announced that it will be removing micro-transactions from Star Wars Battlefront 2. However, this is only a temporary measure until EA can achieve, what the company says is the “right balance” between those who want to progress through game play and those who want what they call an “accelerated experience.” [S...

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