Ataris new cryptocurrency and console to begin trend: is EA next?

Decades after it helped start a phenomenon with Pong and Pac-Man, Atari is getting ahead of the curve with its own cryptocurrency and blockchain console. [Source: ]

Nintendo Switch: Still Worth It A Year In?

The Nintendo Switch surprised everyone during its phenomenal release, however, some are still relativity hesitant on the console. So, should you buy a Nintendo Switch a year after release? Is it still worth it? [Source: ]

God of War Gets an Epic New CG Trailer

Right on cue, God of War got a brand-new CG trailer/commercial during Family Guy tonight. [Source: ]

Xbox One X 12GB GDDR5 Memory Wont Significantly Impact PC Requirements: Conan Exiles Dev

Pramath: “Usually, we can trace the minimum requirements for PC games being raised by corresponding bumps in the specs of the consoles available on the market.” [Source: ]

AMD Makes a Big Dent in NVIDIAs Graphics Business

The smaller rival is riding the cryptocurrency wave to shake NVIDIA’s dominance in GPUs. [Source: ]

PS4 and Xbox One box art revealed for Soul Calibur VI

The box art has been revealed for the console releases of Soul Calibur VI. [Source: ]

The Switch 5.0 Update is a Reminder that Hacking Only Hurts

Nintendo Enthusiast: Nintendo’s 5.0 firmware update for the Switch did a lot to stop hackers in their tracks. The company clearly isn’t messing around this time. [Source: ]

Xenosaga Episode III is the Best RPG of All Time

Xenosaga Episode III is the Best RPG of All Time of its story, characters, character development, lore, gameplay, and incredible emotional catharsis. [Source: ]

God of War Preview [WorthPlaying]

The team at Sony Santa Monica has rethought and reworked the core gameplay systems, with combat that is more deliberate and tactical, and a world that is more open for exploration than prior installments. [Source: ]

Can Mixer Hang with Twitch in 2018?

Microsoft is really pushing Mixer this year. Can it stand up against giants like Twitch? [Source: ]

Ni No Kuni II is the closest to Suikoden you’ll ever get

Its been over a decade since Konami has released Suikoden V and since then, many fans are really getting antsy to know if there will be a sequel to the much beloved series. With Konami being quiet for over a decade, many assumed that the series was dead while many hoped that there will be a developer going to pick up that series. While fans of the Suikoden series are waiting patiently, theres this...

Weve known Shadow of the Tomb Raiders location since 2015

Crystal Dynamics has a habit of hinting at Lara’s next adventure in their previous game. Turns out they did just that … in 2015. Eggplante discovers all the hints they dropped. [Source: ]

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