Bluehole, Inc and Microsoft Announce Expanded Partnership for PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds

Microsoft and Bluehole, Inc., developer of PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds (PUBG), have announced an extended partnership for the Xbox One version of the battle royale game. [Source: ]

Xbox One Exclusivity For PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Called Into Question

Whether the game is a full exclusive or simply a timed exclusive within a window is not quite clear from Microsoft and Bluehole’s statements. [Source: ]

3 Reasons Why You Should Ditch PS4 Pro and Jump to Xbox One X

Here’s a look at the three reasons why it’s worth ditching the PS4 Pro for the Xbox One X come November 2017. [Source: ]

Xbox One X Scorpio Edition Already Sold Out On Amazon

ThisGenGaming says “The Project Scorpio Special Edition of the Xbox One X is already sold out on most Amazon sites (UK, US, German). So I wouldn’t sit too long on Pre-ordering one.” [Source: ]

The Xbox One Needs More Exclusives That Are Story Driven

Could the key to improving Xbox One’s game library be games which are story driven? [Source: ]

Xbox One X Pre-Orders Available Today; Project Scorpio Edition Officially Announced

Microsoft finally announced when you’ll be able to pre-order an Xbox One X. [Source: ]

Xbox One Leaked Project ‘Codename Hollywood’ Is Halo Wars 2 DLC

Halo series producer kills the rumor for a new Xbox One game. [Source: ]

Xbox @ Gamescom 2017 Live

Dont miss the Xbox @ gamescom LIVE broadcast at 9 PM CEST / 12 PM PT. [Source: ]

July NPD Numbers Bring Rise In Hardware Sales As Nintendo Leads The Pack

The NPD Group has released the hardware sales for July and to really nobody’s surprise, we have seen a rise in the category.The rise can be attributed to the Nintendo Switch. [Source: ]

Uncharted The Lost Legacy Reveal Trailer vs Retail PS4 Pro 4K Graphics Comparison

Uncharted The Lost Legacy is a pure masterpiece in terms of graphics for sure, but lets have a look on how the game evolved since its very first gameplay reveal shown during PlayStation Experience 2016. There are some slight differences in which you might be interested. [Source: ]

No Mans Sky Original 1.0 vs 1.32 Patch PS4 Graphics Comparison

Cyckiewicz writes: No Mans Sky has been continuously improved over last year and latest Atlas Rises Update has brought much more upgrades than we could expect. Please note that due to procedurally generated environments it is just not possible to ideal match two scenes. Instead lets focus on Super Formula itself and check how does it works in original version of the game and latest 1.32 Update. To...

Why PS4 downloads are so slow

PS4 downloads have a reputation of being very slow. I did some digging to find out the root cause, and was surprised. [Source: ]

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