I Didn’t Regret Buying an Xbox One for Christmas

Lex, Editor-in-Chief, has this to say: I didnt regret my decision of buying an Xbox One as a gift to myself for Christmas. It might just offer 900p in terms of resolution, a little inferior in terms of raw power from the PS4, but what can make me buy a platform are its exclusives. [Source: sirusgaming.info ]

PlayStation VR Restock Date Revealed; Amazon Holding Prime-Exclusive Pre-sale in Europe

A number of UK-based retailers have today indicated when they expect to receive fresh stock of Sony’s PlayStation VR headset, which has been in short supply since launching in October. [Source: powerupgaming.co.uk ]

Best Buy Weekly Deals for January 1st

Best Buy’s weekly deals for January 1st are now live. [Source: allforgamenews.com ]

AMD will preview its Radeon Vega architecture this Thursday

Things are looking really interesting for all those seeking to upgrade their graphics cards. NVIDIA will most likely launch the GeForce GTX1080Ti at CES 2017 (this Wednesday) and AMD has just announced that it will preview its new Radeon Vega architecture this Thursday. [Source: dsogaming.com ]

Why Final Fantasy VI Is Still The Best Of The Franchise

Final Fantasy has been noted as one of the best game franchise titles of all time. The latest in the series may be Final Fantasy XV but Final Fantasy VI has still been noted as the best game in the franchise. [Source: itechpost.com ]

Could Devil May Cry 5 Be Announced In 2017?

While we may not know the specifics of Hideaki Itsuno unannounced game coming in 2017, there is a lot of speculation around a potential Devil May Cry 5. [Source: thezeroreview.com ]

Diablo – Darkening of Tristram Coming Tuesday?

With the anniversary of Diablo being celebrated, fans have been left to wonder when the Patch bringing the event will start. [Source: mmoexaminer.com ]

Game Developers Pick Their Most Anticipated PlayStation Games

PlayStation Blog Writes: Despite being busy trying to earn those last few Trophies in our favorite 2016 games, were already pondering the experiences to come, both this year and in the years to follow. But what we really wanted to know was what developers are looking forward to playing when they find time between their own projects. So we sent out the call, asking multiple names across multiple co...

This The Last of Us 2 Theory Explains Why Ellie May Be Out For Retribution

The Last Of US 2 trailer has invited a wave of speculation, with many assuming that Joel has indeed hit the bucket so to say [Source: thewolfhall.com ]

Angry Joe’s Top 10 BEST Games of 2016

So long 2016, these are the Top Ten Best [Source: angryjoeshow.com ]

Square Enix on why Dragon Quest hasn’t been as popular as Final Fantasy in the west

Square Enix owns two big franchises: Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. Yet even though Final Fantasy managed to make a big splash in the west, Dragon Quest has still been trying to attain the same sort of success. Dragon Quest executive producer Yu Miyake touched on this topic in last months issue of EDGE. [Source: nintendoeverything.com ]

Amazon’s Best Sellers of 2016 Revealed, PS4 Slim the #1 Console

Just like last year, an Uncharted PS4 bundle was the best-selling console on Amazon.com, with the PS4 Slim bundle featuring Uncharted 4 taking it home in 2016. [Source: playstationlifestyle.net ]

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