Digital Foundry Nintendo Switch review

Nintendo Switch is the most powerful dedicated gaming handheld ever made, but the challenges facing it are considerable. It’s a hybrid device battling on th… [Source: ]

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Review – IGN

Breath of the Wild is an evocative and exhilarating open-world adventure game. [Source: ]

Nintendo Switch Review In Progress – IGN “Here’s what we think of Nintendo’s unique hybrid gaming system so far.” [Source: ]

Horizon: Beautiful, often brilliant and so, so stupid

Horizon: Zero Dawn has all the brilliance of the very best open world games but does its best to to drag you out of the experience with jarring side-quests that have no bearing on Aloy’s story. Why, Guerrilla, why? [Source: ]

Press Start: Horizon Zero Dawn proves graphics matter

Gazette gaming columnist Jake Magee isn’t one to usually care much about a game’s graphics, but Horizon Zero Dawn is starting to change how he feels about how games look. [Source: ]

Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Content Is Coming To Project Scorpio In 2018

Microsoft’s upgraded Xbox One console, Project Scorpio, will be getting support for mixed reality content in 2018, the company confirmed today. [Source: ]

PS Plus: Free Games for March 2017

This month includes the action-packed Disc Jam and the beautiful Tearaway Unfolded for the PS Plus lineup. Under Night: In-Birth (PS3) Earth Defense Force 2025 (PS3) Lumo, PS Vita (crossbuy on PS4) Severed (PS Vita) [Source: ]

Review: Nintendo Switch – Destructoid

RIP Wii U, welcome, Switch. Nintendo is still reeling from the Wii U, so its mission statement is a bit muddled right now. Is the Switch a replacement for the 3DS? Nintendo said it wasn’t for the Wii U, but then discontinued it mere weeks later. [Source: ]

Review: Horizon Zero Dawn is easily the best PS4 game ever – PC Advisor

Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the most highly anticipated games of 2017, exclusive to the PS4 and PS4 Pro. But what makes the post-apocalyptic world of Horizon Zero Dawn so attractive? [Source: ]

Nintendo Switch Review: It has problems, but its also got potential – Wired

You can play games on your commute. Just don’t expect much when you get home. [Source: ]

Famitsu review scores (3/1/17) – Zelda: Breath of the Wild awarded perfect score

This weeks Famitsu review scores include Zelda: Breath of the Wild ,Super Bomberman R, For Honor, and more. [Source: ]

How Adults Only Mods Add a Touch of Reality

Somebody added a masturbatory schedule to Stardew Valley. After thinking long and hard about it, it’s time to spill out thoughts on it. [Source: ]

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