Nintendo Switch Is The Fully-fledged Handheld That Gamers Have Been Asking For

Shannon from Press Start details why he thinks that the Nintendo Switch is the handheld that gamers have been asking for. [Source: ]

Jacob Frye: The First Bisexual Assassin

Susana Valdes writes: “Assassin’s Creed Syndicate is an important game that’s near and dear to my heart. The inclusion of LGBT characters opens the doors for future LGBT protagonists. It shows that LGBT characters can be important for more than simple romance options in Fallout, Dragon Age, or Mass Effect and proves that games with these kinds of characters can be successful and ...

Switch sales dont matter at launch, or in the months after

With every new console launch, the media world tracks each and every move a console makes. Media outlets run stories tracking each million-unit milestone reached, making sure to highlight what new record-breaking pace a newly-launched platform has broken. In reality, however, launch sales for a console have rarely been a good barometer for the true success of a console. As a result, it is wise to ...

PlayStation VR sales figures revealed in execs interview

Almost a million in four months; Andrew House is very happy [Source: ]

Is a New Batman Arkham Game Under Development?

It seems like the iconic trilogy will be getting another Batman Arkham game. [Source: ]

Nioh Exposes the Lazy Culture of Video Game Genres

Prior to the release of Nioh, many who followed the game were content with calling it a Dark Souls rip-off. While some agreed the classification was a bit harsh, few argued that it wasnt somewhat appropriate. [Source: ]

Middle-earth: Shadow of War – Official Announcement Trailer

Watch the announce trailer for Middle-earth: Shadow of War, available August 22, 2017. [Source: ]

Second Assassins Creed Empire Leaked Screenshot Analysis Confirms Egypt Setting

ThisGenGaming says “A zoomed out image of the original leaked image has pretty much confirmed the Egypt setting.” [Source: ]

NieR: Automata – Review | Sirus Gaming

Haidee: “Ive been a very big fan with full and semi-open world games and NieR: Automata just got added to my very own to play list. When my wish came true and got the chance to play the full game myself, I got so hooked since it was both open world at the same time it was on third-person.” [Source: ]

PS4 vs Xbox One: Which One Is the Better Investment?

Both the original PS4 and Xbox One were released in 2013 but the comparison between them is endless. The battle even extended to the upgraded versions rele [Source: ]

Assassin’s Creed Empire Screenshot Leaked

Reddit user posts what could be a leaked screenshot of the upcoming Assassin’s Creed game. [Source: ]

Xbox Scorpio vs PS4 Pro E3 2017 showdown: Sonys is bigger than Microsoft’s

From PlayStation Universe: “The E3 2017 floor plan shows who is more serious in the Xbox Scorpio vs PS4 Pro showdown at the L.A. annual event. Does size matter?” [Source: ]

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