10 Xbox E3 2017 Predictions That Could Even the Console War

In COGconnected’s Xbox E3 2017 Predictions, we break down 10 ways Microsoft can even the console war with Sony and steal the show. [Source: cogconnected.com ]

Far Cry 5 Makes The White Male Power Fantasy Accessible To All

Joanna Mueller writes: “Plenty of people claim they dont care about their characters race, ethnicity, or gender. Usually the same people outraged when developers introduce more options for the people who actually do care. You know, the same ones who act like they are losing something when other people get a chance at the supposedly “unimportant” privileges they’ve always en...

Three More Years Is Too Long to Wait for Final Fantasy VII Remake and Kingdom Hearts III

GameRevolution: “Sometimes the wait for a new entry in a favorite gaming franchise can be unbearable. Theres a cycle not dissimilar to the human grieving process, in which hype is established, built, nurtured, and in some cases grows old, dies, and never returns. In other cases theres an ebb and flow, carefully managed by publishers and developers who keep close watch, making sure that fans ...

The Hottest Streamers On Twitch

Even though Twitch has diversified, the gaming community is still by far the biggest though and what would probably surprise many people is that there are actually many female professional gamers on the site. Even more surprising is that many of them are quite attractive, up to the point where they could probably easily be mistaken for models and some of them are. [Source: thegamer.com ]

6 Actresses Who Should Totally Play Yennefer in The Witcher Netflix Series

Netflix has announced it’s working on an adaptation of The Witcher series. Here are 6 actresses who would be great as Yennefer. [Source: twinfinite.net ]

In Theory: Can Sony Make System Level PS4 Pro Additions So That Users Can Choose Between IQ & FPS?

“One of the hallmarks of PC gaming is flexibility: the ability to scale, mix and match experiences to best meet your expectations. Modern game engines are often built with scalability in mindsettings sliders can let you adjust draw distance, mesh quality, even the number of trees in your vicinity, with fine-grained precision. But, perhaps most importantly, in 9/10 cases, PC games allow you t...

Far Cry 5 lets you customise your character, play the campaign in co-op

Theres a new gang of crazies in town Hope County, Montana to be more precise. Whos going to stop them? Well, believe it or not, that will be you. Yes, in Far Cry 5 there is no answer to Jason Brody or Ajay Ghale to take care of business with a pocketful of quotes. This time, youll customise your own avatar and do things your way; a first for the franchise. [Source: criticalhit.net ]

Witcher Author Andrzej Sapkowski Sold the Rights to Metropolis’ Witcher for $4000

The Witcher author, Andrzej Sapkowski originally sold the rights to The Witcher for $4000 in 1998, according to Polish video game journalist and now Marketing Manager for CD Projekt Red, Marcin Kosman. [Source: pressa2join.com ]

FIFA 18: Electronic Arts has entered into a partnership with Sony?

There is a lot of interest in a photo published by Polish YouTuber Oskar “Junajted” Siwiec, who was recently invited to a presentation behind closed doors for FIFA 18 which was held at the Allianz Arena, home of Bayern Monaco. [Source: gametransfers.com ]

Fiona Nova just created a super sexy and epic cosplay of Ann Takamaki from Persona 5

I (Robin Ek, TGG) have seen a lot of Ann Takamaki (“Persona 5”) cosplays in the past, even so. I still think that it’s safe to say that Fiona Nova’s super sexy and epic cosplay of Takamaki tops everything P5 cosplay related with ease. [Source: thegg.net ]

Friday the 13th: The Game Review | Gamereactor

Sure to entertain fans and newcomers alike, whether they’re looking for scares or laughs. [Source: gamereactor.eu ]

Is Final Fantasy in Big Trouble?

Every bit of Final Fantasy VII Remake news is odd. What’s up? [Source: dispatches.cheatcc.com ]

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