Exclusive gaming is harming the industry let’s bring the gaming communities together

Carlos writes: “Its a war thats been raging on since the dawn of the console existence. In recent years its turned some parts of our global community so toxic that even Chernobyl feels like a safer place to be, and yet in an era capable of showcasing some of the finest works of art within its many games, the console which you play on is still a subject thats enough to add the fuel to the fir...

Which is Better: Breath of the Wild or Mario Odyssey?

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: “When a new game in The Legend of Zelda or Super Mario series is released, its often cause for celebration. Both franchises are considered among the best of what Nintendo offers and fans often wait years for the next big game in Link or Marios adventures so you can imagine how special 2017 was where we got to see what was new for both series within the span of...

PS4 Pro games that still looks good compared to Xbox One X

Ever since the Xbox One X was released worldwide, people were eager to find out how games looked and performed on the new console. Sure, it is currently the most powerful console and may be a little bit better than the PS4 but that doesnt mean that the PS4 games, especially the ones optimized for the Pro are subpar. [Source: justpushstart.com ]

PlayStation Black Friday Sale Week goes live

The PlayStation Black Friday Sale Week has gone live at multiple retailers with hardware and software deals. [Source: gameidealist.com ]

Jenna Lynn Meowri’s Cosplay is Pure Fire and Insanely Hot

Jenna Lynn Meowri’s cosplay is truly fantastic and there is no question she is a true beauty. Sit back and enjoy our latest cosplay article. [Source: cogconnected.com ]

Why Loot Crates Belong in Star Wars Battlefront II and What They Really Mean

Battlefront II uses Loot Crates and Star Cards to unlock upgrades and abilities. They are part of the experience but do they impact the gameplay? [Source: cogconnected.com ]

Battlefront II has Removed Loot Boxes, So What?

Star Wars: Battlefront II has removed the loot boxes and microtransactions, so what? There are still many issues that are happening in the industry at the moment. Why are people celebrating? [Source: geekreply.com ]

Dear Bethesda, We’re Still Waiting For Skyrim on These 6 Systems

Bethesda is mad keen to ensure that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the adventure to save them all, continues to spread its wings to new systems, console or otherwise. The question is, are there any other consoles or systems that Bethesda could potentially release Skyrim on? Of course there is! [Source: twinfinite.net ]

Video Game Publishers, Here Is A Compromise- Raise The Price of Games To $80

This nonsense with microtransactions and loot boxes has to end. [Source: gamingbolt.com ]

I challenged my wife to write a video game article and this is what she came up with

“My husband and I sorta butted heads over if we could do each others jobs. I decided to test myself and see if I could actually write something even semi-interesting involving games. It was hard coming up with a topic so I figured the easiest way to do this is by making a list, as I have seen video game lists all over the internet. So, without further ado, I present to you.. my top 5 favorit...

A Way Out Developer Speaks On The PS4 Hardware Power Controversy: It Was Taken Out Of Context

Some time ago, Josef Fares of Hazelight, the folks who brought us Brothers, and who are now working on A Way Out, made an observation that really shouldn’t have been controversial- that the PS4 is not all that powerful anymore, and more resembles a five year old PC than cutting edge tech. [Source: gamingbolt.com ]

Nintendo Sold 24,000 Super Mario Odyssey Switch Bundles in Japan Last Week, While Xbox One X Fizzled

Super Mario Odyssey is certainly pushing Nintendo Switch units in Japan, and a remarkable number of them are bundles with the game. [Source: dualshockers.com ]

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