Call of Duty WW2: New Screenshot Shows US Soldiers of 1st Infantry Division

Activision and Sledgehammer Game released a new screenshot of Call of Duty WW2, which presents us three US soldiers of the 1st Infantry Division who are traveling in a forest area. Check out the new screenshot after the break! [Source: ]

Dragon Quest X for PS4 and Nintendo Switch Gets First Screenshots, Box Art; Requires 24 GB on Switch

The PS4 and Nintendo Switch version of Dragon Quest X now have a box art and screenshots, alongside storage requirements on Switch. [Source: ]

Has Ubisoft Gone Too Far with Far Cry 5?

Another Far Cry game, another controversy. With the recent unveiling of the key art for Far Cry 5, Ubisoft has shaken things up with an image depicting what appears to be a group of militant religious zealots gathered around a table draped with an altered American flag. The Gizmo Life discusses some of the uneasiness surrounding Far Cry 5 as well as past releases that have received the same type o...

Friday the 13th: The Game facing problems with servers, bugs and crashes

Friday the 13th: The Game was released last Friday, but the launch did not appear to have been particularly positive. [Source: ]

Microsoft Should Have Invested In Exclusives, Not Project Scorpio

Forget all of the power under the hood, Xbox Project Scorpio isnt going to be a success without enough exclusive games to warrant the purchase. [Source: ]

Star Wars Battlefront II Gameplay Leak

A very short Star Wars Battlefront II game play clip has surfaced ahead of the scheduled June 10th world premier. The clip seems to be of an early build but shows an imperial soldier presumably part of the imperial special ops inferno squad aboard what appears to be a blockade runner. [Source: ]

Why is everyone gunning for Project Scorpio?

Steve C. questions the animosity towards Project Scorpio and offers a defense for the upcoming console [Source: ]

‘Wild West Online’ MMO could be over before it starts

The game may possibly have heavy ties with the one and only Sergey Titov. This man is a con artist and the following link shows how he may be tied to the game and sheds some light on why you should avoid his ‘games’. [Source: ]

Sony E3 2017: 5 ways PS4 could beat Xbox Scorpio

E3 2017 is almost upon us and theres bound to be some surprises. Heres 5 ways that PS4 could beat Xbox Scorpio in its much-anticipated press conference. [Source: ]

Friday the 13th: The Game Review (PS4) – PlayStation LifeStyle

PSLS: “Friday the 13th: The Game shouldnt have been released in the sad state it currently is in. From glitches that make players invincible to terrible matchmaking that had me waiting over 10 minutes to get into a room, its putting it nicely to call the end product a mess. Its really heartbreaking to see since there are still positives that manage to shine through if one can look past the g...

Top 10: Worst Controllers

Alex St-Amour from Link-Cable Writes: “Theres no worse feeling than being taken completely out of a game or losing a big match due to a controller letting you down. Weve all seen those videos of people throwing their controllers away in a fit of rage and these 10 paddles are the reason why. Now you wont find junk like a Power Glove or U-Force on this list because we wanted to keep it narrowe...

13 Best Xbox One Exclusive Games You Should Play Right Now

The console famously doesn’t have many essential games, so this was a bit of a challenge. [Source: ]

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