SNES Classic Edition Announced by Nintendo, releases 29 September

Nintendo have announced the SNES classic edition. [Source: ]

Gamers Are Already Getting Their Panties in a Twist About Xbox One X 4K Texture Downloads

Rich at GameSpew: If you want breathtaking 4K experiences you need better assets, and better assets take up more space. They’re not going to fit on a disc, in most cases. [Source: ]

Nintendo Says The Appeal Of 4K Gaming Is Too Limited To Get Into Now

It felt like the developers, execs and other talking heads at E3 2017 could barely make it through a sentence without making mention of 4K gaming. Between the continuing push for the PlayStation 4 Pro and the newly-unveiled Xbox One X, ultra-HD games were very much on everybodys mind. The only company not hyping up 4K was Nintendo, because, well, they dont have a 4K-capable system. The Nintendo Sw...

Will The Lost Legacy Fix Uncharted 4s Mistakes?

“I absolutely loved Uncharted 4: A Thiefs End, it was my favorite PlayStation 4 game up until I played Horizon: Zero Dawn. Somehow, Naughty Dog created another masterpiece, even without Amy Hennig (Uncharted 1-3 writer/director) at the helm. However, Uncharted 4 made some odd decisions when it came to the gameplay in the action-adventure title. Im hoping Uncharted: The Lost Legacy rectifies ...

Only Xbox One X will download 4K assets for available games

Steve Wright — “Xbox One X consoles will be the only ones in the Xbox One family to download 4K assets for compatible games, Microsoft has today confirmed with Stevivor.” [Source: ]

Sonys Stance On Cross Platform Play Is Laughable And Archaic

Sony is on the wrong side of history. [Source: ]

God of War Isn’t Quite An Open World Game, But It Will Reward You For Exploring

Cory Barlog confirmed that God of War is not quite an open world game, but it will nonetheless reward players for exploring the environments. [Source: ]

Sony is losing its grip on the indie market

For years, Sony has been king of indie games — but that’s all changing. [Source: ]

The Modern Warfare Remastered standalone release is another slap in the face of fans

Mic writes: “Activision’s standalone release of ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered’ reeks of cash grab.” [Source: ]

How the PS4 is doing vs the PS3/360 when launches are aligned

Here is a look at how the PS4 is doing vs the PS3/360 when launches are aligned. PS4 at 60m after 14 quarters. PS3 was 35.7m 360 was 30.2m [Source: ]

‘Days Gone’ Will Feature an Array of Zombified Animals

Zombies have always been a popular concept in the world of gaming. [Source: ]

Has Sony Really Fallen Out of Love with Indie Games?

Push Square: “Ever since PlayStation Europe chief Jim Ryans unfortunate choice of words on indie games, theres been a spate of hot takes about how Sonys abandoned the scene. Its taken us at Push Square Towers by surprise, seeing as only a few months ago we were writing articles arguing against PlayStation Store curation. Ysee, a string of sub-par digital downloads prompted an alternative hot...

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