EA Dev Receives Death Threats Following SW Battlefront IIs Controversial Progression System

An EA developer has now received numerous death threats following his comments on the progression system in SW Battlefront II. [Source: wccftech.com ]

The Issues Of Modern Female Character Design

In the new Persona 5 artbook, it is revealed that project director Katsura Hashino said “all female characters need to look cute” – and this is a problem. [Source: heypoorplayer.com ]

My Sister Bought a Nintendo Switch

My Sister Bought a Nintendo Switch and it’s brought us closer together since the SNES days where we used to play together. Every Saturday night we play Mario Kart together. The Switch, and Nintendo by trade, brings Families and friends together, maybe in this manner for the first time since the SNES days – at least for me, when my family would play together, parents included, MOTHER in...

Blizzard: Xbox One X hardware ‘incredible,’ Overwatch 4K enhancements on the way

Blizzard has pledged support for the Xbox One X already with Diablo III, but what about Overwatch? Here’s what the company had to say. [Source: windowscentral.com ]

The 2013 Deadpool Video Game Will No Longer Be Available To Buy After Nov. 16

From GameWatcher: “This week could be your last chance to buy a copy of Deadpool. The movie is doing just fine, but the video game will soon disappear from online marketplaces and retail stores.” [Source: gamewatcher.com ]

Xbox One X’s 40% faster GPU offers 100% resolution boost over PS4 Pro?

Even though the Xbox One X GPU is 40% more powerful than that of the PS4 Pro, it is capable of delivering resolutions twice as high. Over-delivering? [Source: digiworthy.com ]

Report: Unlocks in Star Wars: Battlefront II review copies require a 6th of the retail version

PowerUp!: “More bad news in the world of Star Wars: Battlefront II. The ongoing saga of the loot boxes, cost of heroes and community management continues as details of the review event come to light.” [Source: powerup-gaming.com ]

A Statement From the IGN Team – IGN

A message from the IGN team to the gaming and entertainment communities regarding the sexual assault allegations/situation from a current and former employee. [Source: ca.ign.com ]

EA Reducing Battlefront II Hero Cost By 75% After Backlash

After becoming the most downvoted comment in the history of Reddit, EA has attempted to remedy the situation by slashing the costs of their heroes in Star Wars Battlefront II by 75%. [Source: controllercrusade.com ]

EA Address Battlefront II Concerns On Reddit, Becomes Most Downvoted Comment Ever

Over one hundred thousand fans have taken to the Star Wars Battlefront subreddit to make EA’s response the most downvoted comment ever. [Source: culturedvultures.com ]

EA Community Manager Calls Concerned Star Wars Battlefront II Fans “Arm Chair Developers”

Star Wars Battlefront II is a highly anticipated title, but recent concerns from fans about a pay to win system has caused some controversy [Source: archive.is ]

Games that look phenomenal on the Xbox One X

With the much awaited Xbox One X finally available worldwide, over 100 games have been enhanced for the platform to take advantage of its power to deliver the best visuals yet and far smoother gameplay than its competitor, the PS4 Pro. [Source: justpushstart.com ]

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