Code Vein Will Have “Unique” Style That Is Neither Anime Nor Realistic; Footage Due in May

The developers of Code Vein have strived hard to craft a unique art style that is neither anime nor realistic. New footage will arrive in May. [Source: ]

Do Gamers Really Need ANOTHER Vampire Game?

Bandai Namco’s Code Vein might have released into a flooded market. Does anyone care about another vampire title? [Source: ]

Why the Term “Girl Gamer” Does More Harm Than Good

The problem isn’t with girls who game, but rather the “Girl Gamer” title. This one is going to get very opinion-heavy, kids, so buckle up. [Source: ]

PlatinumGames teases Vanquish PC release

DSOGaming writes: “Its no secret that a lot of fans want a PC version of PlatinumGames Vanquish. And with the success of Bayonetta PC, we are almost certain that this title will be coming to our platform sooner than later.” [Source: ]

Can we have valid numbers for the female gamer demographic, please?

When it comes to representation in gaming, be it gender or race, we should always aim to be realistic in content and proportion. To do that, we need to know the actual composition of the gaming community, or a reasonable approximation of such. [Source: ]

A major Nintendo policy change has saved at least one Switch game

Ars: “Third major patch for Nintendo Switch exclusive Bomberman does the unexpected.” [Source: ]

9 Upcoming Games That Could Set a Whole New Standard for Graphics

Feast your eyes. [Source: ]

Only 9% of players play with women’s teams at FIFA

And only 0.98% of players have “Won the Women’s International Cup” [Source: ]

CD Projekt Reds favorite PC games of all time

TechRadar writes: As TechRadars PC Gaming Week is all about celebrating the wonderful world of playing games on our computers, we thought “what would be better than asking the staff of one of the most respected games developers in the world what their favorite PC games are?” Thats exactly what we did, with CD Projekt Red, the team behind the acclaimed Witcher III, taking time out of de...

Is Bluepoint Games remaking a PlayStation classic?

Bluepoint Games has indicated it is remaking a classic game to please the masses. Is the studio about to revamp a classic PlayStation game? [Source: ]

Star Wars Battlefront 2 On Scorpio Will Deliver An Experience Like Never Before, Says Major Nelson

‘Between EA Access and Project Scorpio, Xbox will be the best place to play your favorite Star Wars heroes.’ [Source: ]

La Douche: An Adult VR Game Review

La Douche is a VR experience where you get to be invisible… And you are in a Shower Room… what could be better? Oculus Touch, HTC Vive and Desktop Mode Ready For more information please visit my Patreon page: [Source: ]

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