Identifying and Dealing with Video Game Burnout

Many gamers use video games as a method of relaxation and stress relief, so why do some of us experience burnout from what should be fun? [Source: ]

Beyond Good and Evil 2 Prototype Gameplay Video Released and Looking Great

Beyond Good and Evil 2 prototype gameplay video available now, and looking amazing. [Source: ]

Is Locking Destiny 2 at 30FPS on Xbox One X the Right Call?

Destiny 2 is capped at 30FPS on all consoles, including the Xbox One X. That’s got a lot of people angry. Are you one of them? What do you think about Bungie’s decision? The Gizmo Life discusses their thoughts on the matter. [Source: ]

Detroit: Become Human tweet swiftly removed after poking fun at Xbox

Detroit: Become Human’s marketing team has quickly had a change of heart after posting a tweet ribbing Microsoft. Quickly removed, but screencapped below, the tweet read “When you wake up and #DetroitBecomeHuman is still a PS4 exclusive and you’re still an @Xbox owner. #ThursdayThoughts” [Source: ]

Project CARS 2 promises native 4K on Xbox One X; PlayStation 4 Pro still uncertain

Soon the store racks will be full of loads of new racing games, and as always, those titles genuinely want to get along with the biggest numbers and most cars. Project CARS 2 puts a poem in the pocket by commenting on the intended resolution and framerates on different platforms. For example, the second racing game of Slightly Mad Studios on the Xbox One X must support native 4K resolution at 60 f...

German Chancellor Angela Merkel to open video game trade show Gamescom

Cologne is gonna get MERKED. [Source: ]

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Xbox One release date: Heres when full launch is planned

The new title thats been taking the PC platform by storm was announced by Microsoft for console during the E3 2017 Xbox briefing. We also found out that PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds is NOT coming to PS4 but will instead remain an Xbox One exclusive. [Source: ]

Destiny 2 Beta Start Times For PS4, Xbox One and PC

The Destiny 2 Beta is on the way. It will give players a chance to try out the shooter while at the same time testing Bungie’s network infrastructure. [Source: ]

PlayStation Plus July 2017 free games on PS4 predictions, rumors

The announcement of the PlayStation Plus July free games is coming, and PSU makes some predictions as to which games might make the cut. [Source: ]

God of War director explains why entire game has no camera cuts

God of War (AKA Dad of War) is being described as a soft reboot for the series, as Kratos enters the world of Norse mythology for the first time alongside his son. [Source: ]

Project CARS 2 Isn’t Running at 4K nor at Locked 60FPS on Consoles, Including Xbox One X

Ian Bell, CEO of Slightly Mad Studios, refuted the claim that Project CARS 2 would run at 4K and 60fps on Xbox One X. The target will be lower on both XB1X and PS4 Pro. [Source: ]

Sledgehammer Defends Censoring Nazi Flag. We Call BS

Sledgehammer Games recently released a statement defending their choice to censor the Nazi Flags/Banners. That’s BS, and here’s why. [Source: ]

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