Sony announced list of 2017 best selling Playstation VR games

Sony just released the list of most downloaded PSVR games in 2017, to gives us a clue about what the world is playing on Playstation VR headset. [Source: ]

Xbox One X Is an 8.5 Generation Console, PS4 Pro Is A Marketing Gimmick IDC Analyst

The PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X are conceptually very similar systems- functionally, too, they are equal, because even though the Xbox One X hardware is far more powerful than the PS4 Pro’s hardware is, the simple fact of the matter is that both, Microsoft and Sony have mandated that these new consoles need to be tethered to their base SKUs (the PS4 and Xbox One respectively)- in other words,...

Analyst Explains Why Xbox One Is Struggling With Lack of New IPs, Single Player Games A Riskier Bet

Microsofts had the worst luck as far as their first party initiatives go this generation- multiple of their anticipated games in development have had troubles and met with cancellations, such as Scalebound and Fable Legends, their major first party franchises are beginning to feel tired and losing their selling power in the market, such as with Halo or Gears, and their new efforts have all failed ...

10 Games That Turn 10 in 2018, Do You Feel Old Yet?

Here’s a run down of ten games that celebrate their tenth birthday this year, from Fallout 3 to Grand Theft Auto IV. [Source: ]

The Unspoken Crime of Sony Murdering the PS3s Functionality and PlayStation 3 Community

A stunning expose into one of gamings biggest and most recent unspoken crimes. A community of over 80 million players abandoned, arguably betrayed. [Source: ]

Microsoft Motivates People to Get Married with Xbox One S Ad

The Xbox One S is all over the place and even comes with your diamonds. Check out this advertisement that promises a free console with your marriage. [Source: ]

Where Does the Nintendo Switch Go From Here?

The Nintendo Switch is very clearly a success now- but where does Nintendo go from here? [Source: ]

Amazon New Year Game Sale Features Physical & Digital Deals

Looking for a few new games to add to your collection? Now you can, with up to 75% off the retail price from the Amazon New Year game sale! If you want a brand new $100 game – Boom! It’s yours for just $25. [Source: ]

What happened to the Tekken X Street Fighter release?

From PlayStation Universe: “Originally announced back in 2010, Bandai Namco’s Tekken x Street Fighter release appears to have dropped completely off the radar. Or has it?” [Source: ]

10 Things Wrong With Nier: Automata

A strange and unique game, Nier: Automata is considered a sleeper hit of 2017. Platinum seems to have hit a home-run with this one. But does it appeal to everyone? [Source: ]

Switch DS Leaked In Japan – A Hilarious Rumor

After Nintendo Switch, the house of Kyoto will probably not release a new console anytime soon, but a leak coming out from a Reddit user through a not so true-looking magazine shows that Nintendo still has some space to build a Switch DS. There is no doubt that the above is a prank and the poor Photoshop skills prove it to some extent [Source: ]

Redout on Xbox One X falls short of the PS4 Pro experience

DF: “Better performance and slightly improved visuals make Redout on PlayStation 4 Pro the better game. Similar to the Pro version, there was talk of 4K support, but based on our analysis, the only thing that’s 4K about the Xbox One X version is… the HUD?” [Source: ]

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