PS4s Exclusive Content For Multiplatforms Doesnt Matter; Battlegrounds Will Help Sell XB1: Pachter

Exclusive content for multiplatform games is “a good marketing gimmick.’ [Source: ]

Amazon’s under $10 sale on PS4 digital games includes Batman: Arkham Knight and more

Amazon has heavily discounted a few PlayStation 4 digital games to below $10, including Batman: Arkham Knight, Tearaway Unfolded The Wolf Among Us for $9.99 each. [Source: ]

AMD Radeon Vega Frontier Edition vs NVIDIA GTX1080 – New Benchmarks (BF1, Assassin’s Creed: Unity)

DudeRandom84 has put the AMD Radeon Vega Frontier Edition against the NVIDIA GeForce GTX1080 in three new games. These games are: Battlefield 1, Sniper Elite 4 and Assassins Creed: Unity. And the results are quite interesting. [Source: ]

Here is Demon’s Souls running at almost full speed on the Playstation 3 emulator, RPCS3

YouTubes member Unreal has shared a video, showing Demons Souls running on RPCS3. And from the looks of it, this title will be fully playable in a matter of months. As we can see in this video, the game runs at almost full speed on an Intel i7 6600K (clocked at 4.5Ghz) with an NVIDIA GTX970. [Source: ]

Pokémon Go Fest Was A Flop

Around 20,000 Pokémon Go fans made their way to Grant Park in Chicago, Illinois on Saturday with the promise of event-exclusive legendary Pokémon and a great time. Unfortunately, the entire festival went awry. Lines to even get into the event were long and moving at a snails pace. Many players were stuck outside in this massive line. Niantic servers were down and users could not log in to their ac...

Dying Light: Free Content For The Year

Dying Light has been out for over three years and despite that it still has an active user base, with about half a million players still going strong in the horror game each week. That said, in a show of support of its fan base, developers at Techland have announced it plans to continual support the game for the upcoming year. [Source: ]

Guess Who The Original DOOM Guy Is Based On?

Many of us were enamored by the Marine on the original DOOM game’s box. It has finally been revealed who the marine is based on. [Source: ]

From Cooldowns To Weapon Loadouts, ‘Destiny 2’ Has Hurt PvE To Help PvP

Feedback about the Destiny 2 beta is starting to come in fast and furious with the test open to Xbox One and PS4 players ahead of the public beta going live tomorrow. And theres one common refrain thats starting to emerge, that several major changes to Destiny 2 seem to be mostly for PvPs benefit, coming at the expense of PvE in several significant ways. [Source: ]

The 10 Most Disappointing Games of 2017 So Far…

COGconnected: For every success in the gaming industry, there is a flop. Read on to find out which games we ranked as the 10 most disappointing games of 2017 so far. [Source: ]

This 3D Comparison Of Game Map Sizes Will Blow Your Mind

Which video game has the largest map?  Skyrim?  Fallout 4?  Grand Theft Auto 5?  World of Warcraft?  Guess again. [Source: ]

Atari Could Disrupt the Game Console Market With the Upcoming Ataribox

Forbes: “There is a lot of mystery and well-deserved skepticism regarding Ataris upcoming re-entry into the game console market with the Ataribox. In the current landscape, however, there is massive potential for Atari if the Ataribox is priced right and embraces the companys rich gaming heritage.” [Source: ]

Crackdown 3 for Xbox One and PC Looks Hectic In Tons of Action Gameplay

Microsoft showcased about fifteen minutes of gameplay of Crackdown 3 at San Diego Comic Con. [Source: ]

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