NVIDIA Introduces the Beastly GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Fastest Gaming GPU Ever

Crowning its award-winning lineup of Pascal architecture-based GPUs, NVIDIA today unveiled its fastest gaming GPU ever the GeForce® GTX 1080 Ti. [Source: indiannoob.in ]

Is Fallout New Vegas 2 actually coming?

Now that the dust has settled on that Fallout New Vegas 2 rumor from a couple of weeks back, lets talk about the possibility of it actually happening. [Source: gamingtreehouse.com ]

How to Really Fix The Playstation 4 Auto Eject Disc Problem

How many of you have struggled with the issue where your Plastation 4 just randomly spits the disc out? Well you are not alone! [Source: nerdinterests.com ]

More AMD Ryzen 7 1700X versus Intel i7 6800K gaming benchmarks leaked online

DSOGaming writes: “Last week, we shared the first gaming benchmarks between the AMD Ryzen 7 1800X and the Intel i7 6800K. And today, we have some more gaming benchmarks for you.” [Source: dsogaming.com ]

Ubisoft: There Is No Other Game Like Ghost Recon Wildlands

Ghost Recon Wildlands takes place in the massive open-world of Bolivia. Gamers will be able to turn this expansive land into the playground of their dreams. [Source: wewritethings.co ]

Nintendo Announces 60 Indies For eShop

Still no AAA titles but indie fans should be happy as Nintendo has announced 60 indie titles for their eShop. [Source: sknr.net ]

Microsoft’s Digital Vision Is Slowly Being Justified, Sony Needs To Step Up

ScreenCritics Shaun explores why Microsoft is nailing its digital strategy, and why Sony’s slow response will only harm the company in the long-term. [Source: ]

Why Im Not Buying Horizon Zero Dawn

EB: In a world where years of hype dissipates within a week of most any games release, how can any one gamer keep up with current release calendar? [Source: entertainmentbuddha.com ]

Nintendo Switch day 1 patch details

Nintendoeverything got in touch with Nintendo for some details. Summary of the Day 1 patch: update will provide access to network features including the eShop, online gameplay, ability to s [Source: puregamingweb.wordpress.com ]

Nintendo Switch Battery Test Reveals Some Surprising Results

Beats 3DS and New 3DS in terms of stamina [Source: nintendolife.com ]

Mads Mikkelsen got lost when Kojima tried to tell him the plot of Death Stranding

In a video recored by someone attending Saudi Comic Con in Jeddah, Mads Mikkelsen talked briefly about his involvement in Death Stranding and meeting Kojima to work on the project. [Source: metalgearinformer.com ]

The Switch Is Much Stronger Than The PS4 Or Xbox One Were At Launch

Launching titles of Nintendo switch are compared with other consoles. Forbes concludes that Nintendo switch have strong launching titles. [Source: forbes.com ]

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