Was 2016 Another Big Win for PlayStation?

2016 is a year that saw the release of some massive PS4 games like Uncharted 4, The Last Guardian, No Man’s Sky, and Rise of the Tomb Raider. On top of that Sony released three brand new pieces of hardware: PS4 Slim, PS4 Pro, and PlayStation VR. It has been quite the 12 months, so who better than Matthew Pellett, Editor of Official PlayStation Magazine, to reflect on a big year for PlayStati...

Final Fantasy XV: Changes from Final Fantasy Versus XIII Explained; More Info on Characters Shared

Yesterday, the two thick Final Fantasy XV Ultimania guide books were released in Japan, and information are starting to filter online, providing more color on the game, its setting and its characters. Keep in mind that the post includes spoilers. [Source: dualshockers.com ]

Final Fantasy VIIs Legacy Gets Everything About Final Fantasy VII Wrong

Final Fantasy VII remains the most beloved and iconic Final Fantasy game, but its legacy gets everything wrong about what makes the game so important. [Source: pastemagazine.com ]

Ranking PS4’s 2016 Exclusive Games, According to Metacritic

There are a lot of PlayStation 4 exclusives, but which games were received the best by critics? Here are all their Metacritic scores for 2016. [Source: twinfinite.net ]

Nintendo Switch advertising starts in stores

The arrival of Nintendo Switch is getting closer, and while we wait for March 2017 for its official release, everything seems to indicate that we are about to enter the phase of promotion more stronger for the new system. [Source: gametransfers.com ]

The Parents Who Name Their Kids After Final Fantasy Characters

The people who fell for Final Fantasy in its glory years when it was huge on the NES, Super NES and then the PlayStation are now adults. Theyre having kids, and theyre the kinds of people who just might name their daughter Aeris or their son Kain. [Source: kotaku.com ]

Has the PS4 Finally Beaten Xbox One This Holiday Season?

Gaz from Gameondaily offers his thoughts on whether the PS4 has finally beaten Xbox One this holiday season. Note- The content disregards the question of sales. [Source: gameondaily.com ]

Razer Raiju PS4 Controller Review | GamerWares

The Razer Raiju professional-grade gaming controller is officially available. Gamer Wares provides a full review of this competitive PS4 controller focusing on the design, feel, functionality, and more. [Source: gamerwares.com ]

The 10 Worst Best Games Of 2016

Game Informer writes: Dont believe all of the effusive praise about how this was a great year for gaming. All of the most successful and popular games were terrible, and here’s why. [Source: gameinformer.com ]

Sony Unveils Stylish Official PlayStation VR Stand

Sony has teamed up with UK-based gaming merchandise manufacturer Numskull to produce a stylish official stand for its PlayStation VR headset. [Source: powerupgaming.co.uk ]

Direct ports from PS4/Xbox One to Nintendo Switch not possible, as per former Ubisoft Developer

Sebastian Aaltonen, former senior rendering lead at Ubisoft and co-founder of Second Order LTD, explained that direct ports from the current consoles to Nintendo Switch may not be possible. [Source: gametransfers.com ]

Sony vs. Microsoft vs. Nintendo: Who Won the Holidays?

Twinfinite: As we come to the end of the year, we take a look at whether Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo managed to outdo the competition and win the holidays in 2016. [Source: twinfinite.net ]

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