Amazon Black Friday Deals Week Sale Starts

With Black Friday 2017 coming soon, Amazon has kicked off its Black Friday Deals Week sale, featuring big discounts on gaming products. With that said, heres your update on Amazon Black Friday Deals Week Sale for video games. [Source: ]

EA Didn’t Change Anything. They Just Postponed Their Money Grab Scheme.

Milos Cuparic writes: Before we start talking about EA I just want to ask the people who decided not to buy Battlefront 2 to stay by that decision. We did a great thing, Reddit forced EA to stand down but this is not over, they have one more trick up their sleeve. [Source: ]

Need for Speed Payback Getting Changes to Progression System

Need for Speed Payback, the week-old racer that had a poor reception on release due in large part to its progression system pushing players towards microtransactions, is getting some updates that look to lessen the grind the game is criticized for. [Source: ]

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Review – IGN without real-money microtransactions, it has an evil progression system – but there’s still good in this one. [Source: ]

Star Wars Battlefront II May Have Revealed Who Rey’s Parents Are

From GameWatcher: “Out of all the questions the newest Star Wars Trilogy brings, few has obsessed fans more than who Rey’s parents are. Even though the movie itself sends a pretty clear message to let the topic drop, fans are still caught up on that little detail.” [Source: ]

PlayStation Store Early Access Black Friday 2017 Sale Is Live; Here Are All The Deals

NA PlayStation Store is having a massive Black Friday sale this week. The regular Black Friday sale will go live for everyone on November 21st while early access for PS Plus subscribers is now live. [Source: ]

Why Big Name Games Like Battlefront 2 Need Microtransactions

EA has finally come up with a temporary solution to all of the scrutiny it has received concerning Battlefront 2 and its microtransactions. But the backlash continues. [Source: ]

PUBG Wins PC Game of the Year and Sets Seven World Records

It’s been a meritorious day for the battle royale title as a number of PUBG award wins and Guinness World Records are officially confirmed. [Source: ]

10 Critically Acclaimed Video Games That Players Hated

Critical reviews have always been at the center of the video game world. Making or breaking a new release depending on the score it receives, the response surrounding a title always becomes an immediate talking point, with discussion getting heated when some publications don’t line up with others. Such consensus isn’t just important to players, though, as developers often have clauses ...

Star Wars Battlefront II Metacritic User Reviews Being Bombarded With Lowest Score Possible

The Star Wars Battlefront II user reviews scores on Metacritic are super low, with over 2,000 people giving it a 1/10! [Source: ]

Xbox One X Has Won An Important Victory Over PS4 Pro In My Household

Forbes: “There are many, many debates to be had about whether or not an Xbox One is a good purchase for you, given your current console set-up, TV and general level of interest. But what I can speak to is my own experience with the system so far, as someone who does this for a living and is almost has to own every system (with a solid TV to play them on).” [Source: ]

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Review – Respawning

“You have an uninspired campaign that boils down to a predictable and boring waste of 5 hours. A multiplayer mode that feels too arcade based to last longer than a 1 hour sitting. Then you have the loot box system locking players out of the classes they want to play and encouraging the customer to spend money so that they can feel a sense of pride and accomplishment [Source:

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