Days Gone – Patch 1.04 goes live

A few hours before the official release of ‘Days Gone’ Sony has released the patch 1.04 for their open-world survival adventure [Source: ]

Ed Boon Debunks Reports That It Costs $6,440 to Buy Every Mortal Kombat 11 Skin

Series co-creator Ed Boon debunks reports that it costs $6440 for all Mortal Kombat 11 skins via Twitter. [Source: ]

Eurogamer – Days Gone review – a shallow copy of many better open-world action games

A frequently gorgeous, sadly generic open-world game that runs out of steam well before its extended play-time is over. [Source: ]

Days Gone Review – The Most AAA Video Game Ever Made | CGMagazine

Thoughts: Days Gone is an above average open-world game that is brought down by a weak first act, poor shooting, and a lot of technical issues. [Source: ]

Days Gone: The Kotaku Review

Its worthwhile to think about the number of people around you who are waiting for the world to end. There are people who must do it for a living: government employees who specialize in disaster relief and crisis response, civil engineers, military personnelpeople who must imagine the end to make sure it never comes. But there are others: Fundamentalist evangelicals waiting for a rapture. Libertari...

Persona 5 S Revealed: It’s Persona 5 Scramble for PS4 and Nintendo Switch

During the second Persona Super Live P-Sound Street 2019 concert in Tokyo, Atlus finally revealed the mysterious Persona 5 S. [Source: ]

Review: Days Gone Demands Your Submission to the Content Treadmill | Slant Magazine

The game meets the baseline level of quality we might expect from a big-budgeted joint, yet it remains a tiresome, empty experience. [Source: ]

Days Gone Review – IGN

Frantic hordes of zombies can’t save Days Gone from its repetitive gameplay, bland world, and meandering story. [Source: ]

Days Gone Review – Hog Mild | GameSpot

Days Gone has its exciting moments, but it fails to say anything interesting or meaningful about its story and characters. [Source: ]

Xbox Software and Services Revenue Grows by 12% While Hardware Revenue Declines

Today Microsoft announced its financial results for the third quarter of FY2019, including an update about the performance of the Xbox division. [Source: ]

Discover the worlds of Xbox One X Enhanced. Visit Xbox.

The incredible lands of Xbox One X Enhanced await. There are endless sights to see, mysterious places to explore and breathtaking landmarks to discover. This is not just gaming; this is gaming tourism. Embark on an epic journey today. [Source: ]

Review: Days Gone – PS4 | Pure PlayStation

Pure PlayStation: I was a little worried about Days Gone by Bend Studio. The delays, the lack of presence at game shows, and just a failure for Sony to drum up any appropriate hype. At least compared to Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War. Then way too many people freaked out over the official embargo lifting a day before release. It seemed like the PlayStation brand was leaving Days Gone out to die....

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