This May Be Our First Look at the New Vampire The Masquerade Game

From GameWatcher: “Earlier this month Paradox Interactive launched what appeared to be an ARG for a new Vampire The Masquerade Game, via a creepy dating site called Tender. Now the ARG appears to have stepped up to the next level, as a big event is going down this Saturday in New York – and more importantly, we’ve got our first look at the new game, with the first concept art and...

Sony’s support for PS Vita officially ends next month: what lessons can its failure offer PS5?

GamesRadar reflects on the successes and failures of Sony’s ill-fated handheld game console, released over half a decade ago, and what PS5 can learn from it all [Source: ]

Former Platinum Games Creative Producer Claims It’s Unlikely That Scalebound is Coming Switch

Earlier this week, it was reported that Scalebound was being revived by Nintendo and would be released as a Nintendo Switch exclusive, two years after Microsoft made the decision to cease development on the title. However, a former creative producer at Platinum Games has spoken out and believes it is unlikely that Scalebound is being revived by Nintendo, let alone for the Switch. [Source: gamingre...

The Order: 1886 Developers Share Secrets of the Game’s Gorgeous Graphics in New Videos

Four years ago today, the good folks at Ready at Dawn and Sony Interactive Entertainment released The Order: 1886 for PS4. Today, to celebrate its anniversary, they launched three videos. [Source: ]

PS4 Exclusive Days Gone Looks Brutal and Full of Freakers in New Trailers

Today the Japanese arm of Sony Interactive Entertainment released two trailers of the upcoming open-world adventure game Days Gone. [Source: ]

Square Enix is revealing a new RPG called LAST IDEA

Square Enix is revealing a new RPG called LAST IDEA soon. [Source: ]

Anthem Review – No I In Team | GameSpot

BioWare’s Anthem has good ideas, but most of those ideas don’t end up working well together. [Source: ]

Yakuza 3 Remaster Cuts a Transphobic Quest From The Game

Yakuza 3 remaster has apparently cut some transphobic elements from the game, which lines up with the comments made by the series creator in an early interview. [Source: ]

Apex Legends player spends $500 on loot to get the Heirloom items

Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale, yes free to play means people are not obligated to use real money in order to obtain items, however the degree of rarity of some of these items is so high that it is impossible to get them if you do not put your hand in your wallet and that is exactly what one player has done, spending a ridiculous $ 500 to find an Heirloom set. [Source: gamenationsa.c...

Starbreeze Tells Sony That OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead is Cancelled

Sony has started e-mailing all players who pre-ordered the game on PlayStation 4 and has begun issuing refunds, because the publisher has told them that the game has been cancelled. [Source: ]

Anthem review: stop hitting yourself | Polygon

Anthem trips over itself trying to blend two genres into one. [Source: ]

Shuhei Yoshida Wants Sony Japan Studio to Release Games that Show Creativity of Japanese Developers

Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida reminisces on the PS4 generation, and hints about the road ahead. [Source: ]

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