Lawbreakers Reveals Their Biggest Loot Drop Yet

Looks like they are not going down without a fight as Lawbreakers has revealed a long list of new updates and features as they try to breathe life into their game. [Source: ]

Sony Starts Publishing Switch Games and The Tale of Two Sonys is starting to play nice? For the past few months Sony has been isolating themselves from their competition. Both Nintendo and Microsoft announcing cross-play multiplayer gaming. It seemed Sony wanted nothing to do with either Microsoft and Nintendo. That is until Sony Music Entertainment announced they were launching inde project aimed a...

Gran Turismo Sport Review | Trusted Reviews

Gran Turismo Sport continues Yamauchi’s long standing and unflinching vision for the series. However while promising grand innovation on a scale unseen from the franchise since its debut, it’s hard to not feel very familiar with what’s on offer, and with it a bit underwhelmed. [Source: ]

Bleszinski: Microsoft Probably Feels Offended & Rejected For Not Bringing LawBreakers to Xbox First

Lawbreakers’ Cliff Bleszinski talks about the possibility of an Xbox version, but believes that Microsoft might feel offended and rejected. [Source: ]

An Update on the Visceral Star Wars Project

A change to one of our upcoming titles. [Source: ]

Sony Opens New Label Unties; First Games for PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC Announced Music Entertainment opens a new game publishing label called Unties, dedicated to promoting and releasing multiplatform indie games. [Source: ]

The Evil Within 2 shines on PS4 – but Xbox One and PC fall short “Looking at all three versions, the results are clearly highly variable. The PlayStation 4 version currently lacks Pro support (which shouldn’t really be happening by now) but offers very stable performance and solid visuals. We’ll have to wait for the Pro and Xbox One X upgrades which should impress, but in the he...

Ray-tracing in games requires 100X more powerful GPUs, photorealistic virtual reality requires 40X

DSOGaming writes: “As weve said numerous times, we believe that ray-tracing is the future of lighting in video-games. While there have been some attempts in various tech demos to implement a fully ray-tracing rendering system, we havent seen any triple-A game featuring it. And from the looks of it, we wont see such a thing anytime soon.” [Source: ]

Hottest Cosplay In 2017 (So Far)

This year was filled with a lot of great cosplay from all over the world. The best ones were probably presented at the San Diego Comic-Con but there were a lot of other great performances worth mentioning here. [Source: ]

PlayStation Reveals The Future Of VR

Victory Point: PlayStation’s Virtual Reality turned one year’s old today, and they have made an announcement of what the future will be like for VR. [Source: ]

Famitsu review scores (10/17/17) – Super Mario Odyssey

This weeks Famitsu review scores include Super Mario Odyssey, The Evil Within 2, Cuphead, Forza Motosport 7, and more. [Source: ]

Review – Gran Turismo Sport | PowerUp

PowerUp! – “Im no gearhead. The thought of writing a Gran Turismo Sport, GT Sport, review was daunting. Very daunting. Its been a long time since a Gran Turismo title was released and expectations are high.” [Source: ]

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