God of War Update 1.23 is Live; Heres What it Does

Santa Monica Studios has done an excellent job of identifying any issues with God of War and quickly nixing them through to give gamers the best gaming experience around. Update 1.23 has dropped and is ready to download. [Source: theplaystationbrahs.com ]

Naughty Dog Tweet Teases The Last Of Us Part 2 Reveal At E3

Naughty Dog’s Vice President Neil Druckmann has set tongues wagging with a vague message on his twitter account, hyping an upcoming reveal for sombre sequel The Last of Us Part II. The tweet simply features an image of a miserable-looking backwoods road, along with the words “T minus 3 weeks.” Obviously, this countdown will lead us to the upcoming E3 event, to be held in Los Ange...

New PS4 Controller Is Riffing Hard on Microsoft’s Super Customizable Controller In a Very Good Way

One of the best controllers you can get for your PC or Xbox is the super customizable Microsoft Elite, but if youre a PS4 fan youll have to go to third party peripheral maker Scuf to get any kind of customization. Weve liked Scufs PS4 controllers in the past quite a bit, but its latest PS4 controller, the Vantage, throws out the PS4 design to create a hybrid even Microsoft would be proud of. [Sour...

Next PlayStation Is Three Years Off, Sony Says

Sony wants to spend three more years readying its next videogame move, the head of the PlayStation business saida slight slowdown in the six-to-seven-year update cycle for the console since the first one in 1994. [Source: wsj.com ]

Sony’s New PlayStation Chief Hints at Portable Gaming Revival

Sony Corporation new PlayStation chief John Kodera said he sees a future in portable gaming, departing from his predecessors view that theres a limited market for handheld games. Kodera, who replaced Andrew House as the head of the 1.84 trillion yen ($16.6 billion) games division in October, said portable gaming should be seen as an important part of the PlayStation ecosystem, adding that Sony is ...

Battlefield V key art leaked

Battlefield V’s possible box art gets shown off prematurely [Source: tweaktown.com ]

Microsofts Xbox E3 2018 Press Conference is Two Hours Long

Microsoft has updated the schedule for its Xbox E3 2018 press briefing, and it seems it will be a longer briefing than previous years. [Source: wccftech.com ]

Sony Will Win This Generation, And The Next, As Long As They Give Fans What They Want: Pachter

As long as they continue to offer fans what they want, they will always triumph over Xbox, Pachter says. [Source: gamingbolt.com ]

Star Wars: Battlefront II ‘Han Solo’ Update Adds Insult to Injury

Star Wars: Battlefront IIs latest update, launching the Han Solo season, offered more than new game modes and tweaks to the titles multiplayer content. Alongside minor adjustments to Battlefront IIs online play, the recent update gave single-players something invaluable: proof that EA and its subsidiaries care so little about offline enthusiasts that the companies continue to neglect them with the...

God of War had the best debut month ever for a PlayStation exclusive

God of War has had a better debut than any other PlayStation exclusive ever, according to The NPD Group. Not only was it the best-selling game in the U.S. in April, but its performance in its first month also outpaces all other PlayStation exclusives. Thats not just PlayStation 4 its for any PlayStation since the platforms debut in 1995. [Source: venturebeat.com ]

April 2018 NPD: PlayStation 4 outsold Switch, Xbox One

Sonys PlayStation 4 continues to outsell the competition in a healthy console market, according to industry-tracking data firm The NPD Group. [Source: venturebeat.com ]

State of Decay 2 Hasn’t Left Microsoft in a Good Spot Pre-E3

State of Decay 2 is the latest Microsoft exclusive to hit store shelves, and it puts Microsoft in a bit of a tricky spot pre-E3. [Source: twinfinite.net ]

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