The Last of Us Director Says Leaving Naughty Dog Was “Greatest Thing” to Happen to his Career

“The Last of Us and Uncharted 4 director Bruce Straley recently opened up about his departure from developer Naughty Dog and the changes of his work ethic since then.” [Source: ]

Why are so many people playing PUBG on Xbox One?

3 million and growing. [Source: ]

New Alien Game Announced

About time.   FoxNext Games Acquires Game Developer Cold Iron Studios and announced a new shooter for the Aliens franchise. [Source: ]

Nintendo Will Announce “A New Interactive Experience” for Switch Today

Nintendo is preparing an announcement related to Switch for today, January 17 at 10 pm UK time. The advertisement can be found on the company’s pages from other regions, but all are focused on the same message and do not indicate more clues. [Source: ]

PS4 Sales Pass Six Million Units in Japan After Solid Second Week of 2018

Today Media Create released its new hardware sales chart for the Japanese market, and combined with historical data, it revealed that the PS4 has reached a new milestone on the local shelves. [Source: ]

The lewd first-person open world tickling game Fetish Studio has launched its very first demo

I (Robin Ek, TGG) just found out that Developedistraction has released an early access demo for their upcoming lewd first-person open world tickling game “Fetish Studio”. So don’t miss out on it. [Source: ]

Xbox One X Managed 4K With Little Work, Demanding Games Can Run At Native 4K Voofoo

Mantis Burn Racing dev feels there’s a place for checkerboard 4K resolution as well. [Source: ]

Candleman PS4 Anouncement Trailer

Candleman is making its way to the PS4. [Source: ]

Microsoft Needs to Bring it With Exclusives in 2018, No Excuses

Both Sony and Microsoft tout their consoles as the best place to play games. The difference is that when Andrew House pledges a commitment to partnerships with the most talented developers and storytellers in our medium, it carries weight. Meanwhile, Aaron Greenbergs claims that people pick Xbox for exclusive franchises feels like shallow marketing spice by comparison. This, of course, is a result...

Another Xbox One Exclusive Coming to PS4; Critically-Acclaimed Platformer

One of Microsofts Xbox Exclusives is coming to PS4 later this year. [Source: ]

PS4 Overtakes Switch in Japan Thanks to Dissidia Final Fantasy — Media Create Sales Charts

Today is Wednesday, and Media Create has gone back to its regular scheduled releases after the holidays. [Source: ]

Assassin’s Creed Origins patch 1.2.0 adds new features, fixes gameplay issues & improves stability

Ubisoft will release tomorrow a brand new patch for Assassins Creed Origins. According to the release notes, the Assassins Creed Origins update 1.2.0 will bring new features such as the possibility to sell-back outfits to the Weaver shops and the option to toggle the visibility of inventory items on the Gear menu. [Source: ]

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