WB has been “actively trying” to make a Superman open-world game since 2013

GameWatcher: A Superman open-world game has reportedly been pitched, prototyped, and developed at Warner Bros since 2013 – most have been cancelled, but there’s hope for the future. [Source: gamewatcher.com ]

Google Stadia launch games revealed, includes RDR 2 and Destiny 2

Google Stadia launch games have been revealed, with the Stadia launch line-up including RDR 2, Destiny 2, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, and more. [Source: gamerevolution.com ]

Google Stadia Is the Best of PC and the Best of Console, Says Developer

Google Stadia has been described as the best of PC and the best of console by indie developer Gwen Frey, the one behind Kine (one of the launch titles). [Source: wccftech.com ]

Death Stranding’s Famitsu Cameos Spark Questions in Japan

Death Stranding contains a collection of cameos from creator Hideo Kojima’s celebrity friends. Poke around and you’ll find comedian Conan O’Brien, director Edgar Wright, and Remedy boss Sam Lake. You’ll also find Hirokazu Hamamura and Necky the Fox – names, perhaps, you’re less familiar with. But in Japan, Kotaku reports, their inclusion is stirring up debate. [...

Need for Speed Heat has no microtransactions and that might be a bad thing?

Does EA have confidence in a flagship brand? [Source: polygon.com ]

Single-Player Games are Thriving, and Live Service Games Are Not

In the last few years, single-player games are as strong as ever, whereas live service games are struggling to get a foothold. [Source: onlysp.com ]

Death Stranding Hype Summed Up In One Hilarious Video

With Death Stranding hype at a fever pitch, one Reddit user has accurately recreated the hype cycle in a humorous video. [Source: thegamer.com ]

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is better with crossplay disabled

“Since its launch, I have played Call of Duty: Modern Warfares competitive online multiplayer fairly obsessively. While generally happy with the game, Im not too keen on the addition of crossplay,” writes Kyle at Game Freaks 365 [Source: gamefreaks365.com ]

Death Stranding Isn’t Boring, Just Different

The reviews are out, and they’re divided – it’s clear that Death Stranding isn’t for everyone, but then again, is that such a bad thing? [Source: thegamer.com ]

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Review Embargo Date Revealed

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is an upcoming action game by Respawn Entertainment. Here’s when the review embargo will lift for it. [Source: twistedvoxel.com ]

Maligned PlayStation Chief Jim Ryan Is Silencing His Critics

PlayStation boss Jim Ryan is not a pantomime villain, but thats what hes been portrayed to be. The executive guilty of toeing the company line on cross-play, for example has long been the butt of enthusiast gamers jokes. His biggest slip-up? An off-the-cuff remark about the original PSone Gran Turismo playable next to the PlayStation 4s Gran Turismo Sport. Why would anyone want to play this? he in...

Death Stranding Review | Just Push Start

Its impossible to go into Death Stranding without some kind of preconceived notions. [Source: justpushstart.com ]

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