Amazon choked with Nintendo Switch scams

If it seems too good to be true … [Source: ]

Xbox Scorpio Might Be Showcased as Early as Next Week, Says Journalist

According to a game journalist, Microsoft might officially reveal Xbox Scorpio as early as next week, even before next Saturday. NOTE – Not an April Fools’ joke. [Source: ]

Zelda: Breath of the Wild map is just the A Link to the Past map tilted 45 degrees

We all know the games take place on the same timeline, but check out this tilted A Link to the Past map! [Source: ]

4K Video Recording & Streaming Could Mean Steeper Price For The HDR Xbox Project Scorpio

These additional specs for the Scorpio arent exactly revolutionary but they do indicate a fairly pricey and robust overall 4K gaming & home entertainment package. According to reporting from HD-Report, we should expect a price that sits above $450 and possibly comes close to $500. And if the Scorpio can really perform solid 4K video/game recording, this price tag would be fairly justified for ...

A Realistic Look At Nintendo Switch Sales

Until Nintendo provides hard data, any speculation about Switch’s lifetime sales should be treated as such. Indeed, until it’s clear how Switch is being used by consumers, and the console has enjoyed its first holiday season, any estimate of lifetime sales has little rational foundation. [Source: ]

Is Switchs Growing List of Problems Pissing You Off?

The Nintendo Switch scratching issue has angered many of the console’s owners. There are solutions, though! [Source: ]

Ubisoft Really Flubbed This Time

Ubisoft made a compromise with Watch Dogs 2’s No Compromise DLC. While that is within their rights to do so, it isn’t good for consumers. How can people trust a company when it offers one thing, then switches it with another? [Source: ]

Horizon Zero Dawn’s Controversy is the Wrong Way to Bring Change

Its been an odd start to 2017 in the world of gaming. Multiple big-name titles have released back to back to back. While many have reached critical acclaim, some have also come under fire for cultural issues and diversity. In saying this, Im talking specifically about Horizon Zero Dawn, which was labeled as a misappropriation of Native American culture. While I wont touch on the validity of these ...

Xbox Founder Seamus Blackley on Scalebound’s Cancellation

The father of Xbox, Seamus Blackley, shares his thoughts on the cancellation of Scalebound, Horizon Zero Dawn, and how Microsoft works internally. [Source: ]

20-minute Video Destroys Mass Effect Andromeda

The video comes from YouTuber CrowbCat. If youre unfamiliar with their work, you should remedy that. A lot of the clips come for the sake of pure humor, but this person has a knack for using nothing but footage and moments captured from either the games or their creators to put together exceptionally compelling evidence. [Source: ]

PlayStation 4’s First Quarter is One of the Best Quarters in Gaming History

Phil writes, “After a sluggish start with not much in the way of must-have games (instead, many of the titles were simple remasters), Sony’s PlayStation 4 has quickly acquired an amazing library of games. Last year saw the likes of titles like Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, Ratchet & Clank, The Last Guardian, and that’s just from Sony’s own studios. Third party wise ...

Sony Took One Of Microsofts Biggest Investments Last Gen; This Is Why They Were Smart To Do It

ThisGenGaming says “Sony took a big investment from Microsoft over the last few years, and they were smart to do it. Here’s why.” [Source: ]

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