You Bought a Beta; it Only Gets Worse

GameWOTS: “Oh shit, fellas, Mass Effect: Andromeda released a new patch! Patch 1.05 focuses on bug fixes and improvements to the player experience.” [Source: ]

Xbox Exec Takes a Shot at the PS4 Pro, Says We Dont Need Boost Mode

Yesterday, Albert Penello (Sr. Director Product Management and Planning at Microsoft) posted a tweet answering the question if Xbox Scorpio will have a boost mode similar to the PS4 Pro. The Xbox Exec responded by saying Everything will run better. We dont need boost mode. The whole console is boost mode. [Source: ]

New Gameplay Shows Why Hellblade Isn’t What You Think

Game Informer: “Watch our interview to learn about the puzzles in Ninja’s Theory’s new game and why it isn’t really a stylish-action game like DmC.” [Source: ]

Lack Of Exclusives May Not Necessarily Hurt Xbox Scorpio, Says Mothergunship Developer

The Xbox One Scorpio will be an incredibly powerful console- but ultimately, it is still a part of the existing Xbox One ecosystem, and it will be tied inextricably to the base Xbox One console. This is reflected in everything about the Scorpio’s design, and in the fact that it will have no exclusives- all of its games must run on the base Xbox One, too? [Source: ]

Horizon: Zero Dawn Sells an Estimated 1.83 Million Units First Week at Retail

The open world action RPG from Sony Interactive Entertainment and Guerrilla Games – Horizon: Zero Dawn – sold 1,829,337 units first week at retail on the PlayStation 4, according to estimates. [Source: ]

What Do 4K and HDR Actually Mean?

Thanks to the latest generation of shiny new consoles from Sony and Microsoft, there’s two fancy new terms to try and get your head around – 4K and HDR (or high-dynamic-range). And, confusingly, the different consoles all do differing amounts of each, from the Pro to a normal PS4, Xbox One to the Xbox One S and the undeniably more powerful Scorpio. [Source: ]

Guerrilla: Horizon’s Sequel Would Have To Have An Equally Deep Story & More Machines

Guerrilla Games talked about what would have to be in Horizon: Zero Dawn’s sequel as well as listening to critiques for future games. [Source: ]

The ‘Xbox Scorpio Must Have Great Exclusives’ Cries Are Missing An Important Point

Yesterday, it took all of about thirty seconds for the conversation surrounding the reveal of the Xbox Scorpio from Wow, thats a really powerful system to Specs mean nothing if there arent any good games. [Source: ]

Drawn to Death Review – IGN

A mean spirited, misguided mess that falls short mechanically and wants you to feel bad. [Source: ]

What If Microsoft’s Xbox Scorpio Costs More Than $700?

The Xbox Scorpio is a powerful gaming machine. Microsoft has promised the most powerful console ever made, and if Digital Foundry’s early impressions are anything to go by, the tech giant has delivered. The Xbox Scorpio is meant to be capable of native 4K, 60 FPS, theoretical VR support, and all those other good things we want out of a beefy system. However raw power means little without a p...

Project Scorpio Website Updated To View Schematics Of The Console

Microsoft has revamped the Project Scorpio website with a cool run-down schematic of whats inside the console [Source: ]

Xbox Project Scorpio’s Strength Isn’t Enough To Lead The Pack

Even if Project Scorpio is the strongest one there is, the system and Microsoft still have an uphill climb. [Source: ]

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