Games with Gold March 2017 Predictions

“With Februarys Games with Gold was just announced earlier this week, itll be March before we know it. So its time to see what we might get for Marchs Games with Gold.” [Source: ]

The Nintendo Switch is lacking a web browser is that a problem?

Without the ability to login to WiFi networks via a web browser the portable appeal of the Nintendo Switch is limited. [Source: ]

Yakuza 1, 2, 3 and 4 gets limited reprint in North America

The first four mainline Yakuza games have gotten a limited reprint. [Source: ]

Ready at Dawn’s “Deformers” To Get Open Beta; Will Run on Same Engine as The Order 1886

Ready at Dawn’s Deformers will run on the engine built for The Order: 1886 and will support PlayStation 4 Pro with specific enhancements. [Source: ]

Stuck in Nioh? An Easy Trick to Beat Any Boss, No Skill Required

With this little trick you can easily beat any boss in Nioh. It works for everyone, no matter how much you struggle with this game! Beware however, doing this will make the game extremely easy and may take the fun out of it. [Source: ]

Everything Wrong With Nioh

PlayStation LifeStyle lists everything they think is wrong with Nioh. [Source: ]

Call Of Duty is Dead

Finally, the mighty Call Of Duty franchise has fallen and more and more gamers are waking up to the fact that this series is long over do for some major renovations. So can Activision bring back the spirit of Call Of Duty or is it time to bury this dead franchise for good. [Source: ]

Kodi’s coming home to Xbox to play your music and movies as a universal Windows app

Kodi began life as the Xbox Media Center, an unofficial app for the original Xbox. Now it’s coming to the Xbox One as a Windows Store app. [Source: ]

Project Scorpio Isn’t Microsoft’s Last Console, Rejects Xbox Boss

Microsoft and Sony have really shifted away from the generational gap and have instead opted for incremental upgrades to their consoles. After Sony and Microsoft confirmed to have 3 actual console upgrades in the same generation, its really skeptical how well the next-generation consoles after the PlayStation 4 Pro and Project Scorpio come up. After the question was brought up, Phil rejected the c...

The New Horizon Zero Dawn Trailer Introduces Us To Some Of The Massive Robot Dinos

Guerilla Games have released two new trailers for Horizon Zero Dawn showcasing two of the games massive robot dinos, Snapmaw and Thunderjaw. [Source: ]

Mass Effect Andromeda Gets Lots Of New Information; Stories Will Be Of A More Casual Nature

ThisGenGaming says “More information about Mass Effect Andromeda has been revealed during a magazine interview.” [Source: ]

Quantic Dream Has Finished Mo-Cap Footage for Detroit: Become Human

Become Human might be closer than we think. [Source: ]

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