[NSFW] Houses graphic montage of video game violence being blocked for some users

The White House released a video montage today of violent scenes from video games as a way to demonstrate its stance on video game violence but not everyone can see it. [Source: polygon.com ]

State of Decay 2 Won’t Feature Any Microtransactions, Developers Confirm

Undead Labs confirmed during a recent livestream that State of Decay 2 won’t feature any microtransactions. They also revealed a few additional tidbits on the game itself. [Source: wccftech.com ]

Mass Effect 2 Lead Writer Drew Karpyshyn Leaves BioWare Again

Drew Karpyshyn: “Okay, time for my big announcement: I am leaving BioWare and striking out on new ventures!” [Source: drewkarpyshyn.com ]

State of Decay 2 First Hands-On: Bigger, Better, and More RPG-y – IGN

IGN: “The zombie-apocalypse-survival RPG doubles down on what it does best. We tell you about our multi-hour hands-on.” [Source: ign.com ]

Still Waiting for Netflix on Switch? Video Is ‘Not a Priority’ for Nintendo, Says Exec

Netflix has shed some light as to why there isn’t a Netflix application for the Nintendo Switch. According to an exec, “video is not a priority” for Nintendo. [Source: cogconnected.com ]

Nintendo NY Audience Erupts During Super Smash Bros. Reveal

No one was more excited for the Nintendo Switch Super Smash Bros. announcement than the crowd gathered at Nintendo NY, as seen in this video. [Source: dualshockers.com ]

Halo: The Master Chief Collection – MCC Development Update #2

The team here at 343 has been cranking away on all manner of bug fixes, improvements, and enhancements to the Master Chief Collection since our last blog update. Today were going to touch on general project status, networking tests, flighting, and then shift focus to address some of the most common MCC update questions weve received from across the community. Let’s go! [Source: halowaypoint....

The 5 Best Adult Games You Can Play Right Now

Need something to keep you warm at night? Look no further, because one of these five fine offerings could be just the thing you’ve been seeking – a saucy game to really stimulate the imagination. Ranging from the classic to the compelling to the bizarre and back again, these are five best adult games you could be playing right now. [Source: twinfinite.net ]

Xbox One Xs Relatively Weaker CPU Is Biggest Shortcoming For Us, Says LGM Dev

The Xbox One X is the most powerful home console ever made, with some impressive advances in the RAM and GPU over the base system. [Source: gamingbolt.com ]

Capcom Pays a Visit To Microsoft In Japan, But What Does It Mean?

Microsoft appears to be working on some sort of turnaround in the gaming industry. Not that 2017 was the worst year for the company, as it still made a good amount of money. But the lack of Xbox One exclusives certainly hurt it, and the Xbox One X, while performing admirably, wasnt nearly enough to knock PlayStation 4 off of its perch. But some interesting things have been happening, and this time...

R.I.P. ‘Metal Gear Solid’, the Best Video Game Series Ever

Metal Gear Survive brought one of the greatest video game stories to a strange, cynical end. [Source: gq.com ]

All 22 Bloodborne Bosses Ranked From Hardest to Slightly Less Hard

One could argue that Bloodborne is the toughest game From Software has produced yet. We’re going to take a look at all of the bosses in the game, including the ones from the Old Hunters DLC, and rank them, starting with the easiest. [Source: twinfinite.net ]

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