Famitsu review scores (1/17/17)

This weeks Famitsu review scores include the first Resident Evil 7 verdict and more. [Source: nintendoeverything.com ]

Microsoft acquires Simplygon to accelerate innovation in enabling 3D for everyone

Kudo Tsunoda: I am pleased to announce that Microsoft has acquired Simplygon, a premier developer of automatic 3D data-optimization solutions. This acquisition accelerates our 3D For Everyone vision and strategy, which we introduced with the Windows 10 Creators Update at our event this past October in New York. [Source: blogs.microsoft.com ]

Microsoft acquires Simplygon

Were excited to announce that Simplygon has been acquired by Microsoft! [Source: simplygon.com ]

The Hidden Costs Of The Nintendo Switch Keep Adding Up

Forbes: “Among the issues I may have with the Nintendo Switch, Ive been a pretty ardent defender of its $300 price point from the start. While many were hoping for, or even expecting $250, it makes sense that in the current market with the functionality of the Switch, that $300 would be a pretty logical price.But with that said, the more we learn about the Switch, the more Nintendo is stretc...

Developer Threatens to Blackball Media Outlets That Give Negative Reviews

In a time when cries for ethics among video game media outlets are rampant, it’s disappointing to see a developer make threats for dishonest scores. [Source: cogconnected.com ]

Nintendo Switch is too expensive, no matter how you spin it

Steve Wright, Stevivor — “Every argument made by those in favour of its price is fallacious.” [Source: stevivor.com ]

First Nintendo Switch TV Commercial Airs; Focuses Heavily on Zelda & Hybrid Concept

The first TV spot for the Nintendo Switch console has aired this evening in Central Europe and it has possibly done more in 30 seconds to sell users on the system than Nintendo managed to do over several hours last week. [Source: powerupgaming.co.uk ]

Nintendo Switch vs. Xbox Scorpio: Which Will be the Winning Hardware of 2017?

Nintendo and Microsoft will both be releasing consoles this year in the form of the Nintendo Switch and Project Scorpio (an upgraded Xbox One). But which will have the upper hand in 2017? [Source: twinfinite.net ]

Halo 6 might be finished to release as Project Scorpio launch game

Halo 6 could be ready for launch alongside Project Scorpio in Holiday 2017. Here’s the evidence, and why TweakTown things we’ll see a new Halo release with Microsoft’s new 4K-ready “monster” console. [Source: tweaktown.com ]

128 Million Console Gamers set to Leave the Market

Is the video games console industry in free fall? When we look back at this generation, we could be left wondering where 100 Million gamers have gone [Source: finder.com.au ]

The Switch will be Nintendo’s last console – and that’s a good thing for gamers

Nintendo’s future is games not consoles, argues Tom Parsons [Source: stuff.tv ]

Microsoft Shows off Glimpse of New Xbox One UI & Guide; New System Update Expected Early Next Week

Microsoft has today shown off a sneak peek at the Xbox One’s new user interface and Guide, which will be available as part of a new system update set to be released for testing next week. [Source: powerupgaming.co.uk ]

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