Hands on with Detroit: Become Human a Possible Masterpiece in the Making | Gamer Professionals

Ben Hutchings of Gamer Professionals writes: “Ever since Quantic Dreams blockbuster Heavy Rain stormed the charts back in 2010, the French studio has fallen out of the limelight somewhat. So it may be that their upcoming game Detroit: Become Human is a bit left-field for some, especially considering that their most recent title Beyond Two Souls didnt resonate too well with audiences. But aft...

NiOh: Complete Edition for PC– Minimum and Recommended System Requirements Announced

You can now make sure that your PC can run NiOh: Complete edition well enough with the system requirements, just announced via Steam. [Source: dualshockers.com ]

Backwards Compatibility continues to bring fresh faces to Xbox One Are they worth the return?

Carlos writes “Backwards compatibility has been a huge hit on Xbox One, bringing over many games from the Xbox 360 catalogue and making them playable once more, with many arriving in an improved state too. Unfortunately, not every title has been quite so warmly received, with many additions proving to be nothing more than the Xbox 360 version of games that are already available natively on X...

Super Mario Odyssey Will Be THE Defacto Game on Switch

Many say BotW is the best game on the Nintendo Switch, Coin-Drop is here to tell you why Super Mario Odyssey has it beat with its hands tied behind its back. [Source: coin-drop.com ]

What If PUBG Goes Crossplay For PC and Xbox One Gamers?

PUBG is has been performing phenomenally on the PC. With the game making its way onto the Xbox One, enabling crossplay between both platforms would be exciting. [Source: geeksultd.com ]

Capcom Should Make A Sequel To Okami Instead Of A HD Re-Release

Okami – which has players controlling the goddess Amaterasu in wolf form, and literally painting life back into the world – is regarded as a modern classic. The game “represents a pure, resolutely Japanese vision, and is all the more appealing for it.”. The HD re-release of Okami, PS4 version, is currently the 18th best selling game on Amazon (or 6th if you exclude the card...

Thousands of negative reviews hit PUGB following the in-game ads

Some Chinese PUGB players are facing the lag issues due to the in-game third party advertisement. Resulting in thausands of negative reviews on the game’s steam page. [Source: techhgeeks.com ]

Cuphead Sells Over 120K Copies On Steam In Less Than 4 Days

The brutally difficult platform Cuphead managed to sell 120,000 copies on Steam in less than 4 days [Source: wccftech.com ]

Amazon October 1st Video Game Sale

New month, new deals. Amazon is changing and tweaking its game deals and trying to get you to spend your money with them. That’s why I am here to give you an update on Amazon October 1st Game Sale. [Source: dailyvideogame.com ]

Nioh: Complete Edition Announced for PC, Offering 60FPS or 4K Mode

Nioh: Complete Edition will land on PC via Steam on November 7th, 2017, including all DLCs released so far and two modes: 60FPS or 4K. [Source: wccftech.com ]

Forza 7 vs Gran Turismo Sport Beta Graphics Comparison

Since Turn 10 Studios already released Microsofts flag racing game we can check how does it looks compared to GT Sport Beta and this duel seems to be the most interesting during this season. Please note that both games have predefined time of day, and weather effects therefore it was not possible to exactly match them. Also GT Sport was recorded on PS4 Pro meanwhile Forza 7 was powered by Xbox One...

Why I’m worried about games as a service

A Metro reader reacts to the rise of titles like Destiny and FIFA Ultimate Team, and worries theyre too demanding on a players time. [Source: metro.co.uk ]

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