Rumor: Nintendo Switch Graphics and Hardware Specs Leaked

Shacknews writes: “Possible leaked Nintendo internal documents might have given us the info we’ve been waiting for about Switch hardware specs.” [Source: ]

The Forza Franchise Has Exceeded $1 Billion in Retail Sales

Xbox: “Today, were excited to share a major milestone as of December 2016, the Forza franchise has exceeded $1 billion in retail sales.” [Source: ]

Amazon Video Game Blowout Sale: Mid-February Edition

Gamerdeals: “The Amazon Video Game Blowout Sale is LIVE and flowing! Discounts and price matching from the likes of Best Buy, GameStop, Target and more are live right now and we’ve got all the highlights!” [Source: ]

Incredible Horizon Zero Dawn Screenshots Leaked Early; First Look At The Cauldrons

ThisGenGaming says “New Horizon Zero Dawn screenshots have leaked early, and they look incredible along with showing off cauldrons for the first time.” [Source: ]

Forget Final Fantasy 7, Here’s Why Xenogears Needs A Remake

Here’s why Square Enix should focus their attention on making a Xenogears remake, just like Final Fantasy 7. [Source: ]

PlayStation laptop modder updates his line with Pro, Slim models

The Slim is still kinda … chunky though [Source: ]

Best PS4 Game Deals This Week: Star Ocean, Battlefield 1, Dishonored 2 See Big Discounts

This week’s PS4 game deals include big price drops on Sar Ocean, Battlefield 1 and many more of the top titles right now. [Source: ]

No Mans Sky Update: New content IS coming as Hello Games fans grow impatient

HELLO GAMES could be about to release a new content update to No Man’s Sky, following the successful release of the Foundation update. [Source: ]

Why Games With Gold February 2017 Should Be Considered The Best Month Of The Service Ever

ThisGenGaming says “Games With Gold February 2017 was an extremely strong month for the service, how strong? Well we think it’s the best month that the service has ever offered and here’s why.” [Source: ]

Dead or Alive 5: Last Round Getting BlazBlue and Guilty Gear DLC Crossover Costumes

Koei Tecmo announced today that it will continue to pay homage to other popular fighting series in Dead or Alive 5: Last round with more popular DLC costumes. That, or Team Ninja finally ran out of inspiration for costumes, triggering the need to pick some from other games. [Source: ]

PlayStation VR – Four Months On Geek Snack

It’s been almost four months since Sony released PlayStation VR to the masses and despite a strong launch window, with a robust launch line-up, many are declaring the technology a failure. [Source: ]

Falling In Love With Programmed Polygons: Is It possible?

There is seldom an RPG released today without a romantic option. Love and sex have become a common gaming theme. This trend begs a few questions: do games invoke love and lust in the eyes of their player? [Source: ]

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