Why Sunset Overdrive will be a Must-have PlayStation Exclusive Series

Sony recently confirmed that it does indeed own the rights for Insomniac Games’ Sunset Overdrive. Here’s why the franchise is set to succeed on PlayStation consoles. [Source: gamerevolution.com ]

A Closer Look at Gears 5s Huge 3 Million Player Success; What it Means for Microsoft & Xbox

In the future, gamers will have no idea if a game launched well or not. Theyll know if its good or not, thats for sure, but they wont really know if it was remotely financially successful: this is already complex information thanks to games-as-service mechanics, microtransactions and the lot, but its only going to get more obscured with time. Gears 5 is a test case for that: for all intents and pu...

“I’d Like to Be Considered For More Than Just Being the Token Brown Girl”: RAGE 2 Lead Actress

If you need any help using the theme then take a look at the tabs to the left. Amanda Miller, the female lead in RAGE 2, was gracious enough to share her time to talk about her experience in the industry. [Source: ]

Street Fighter V: A Failed Game That Refuses to Die

In 2009, Capcom released Street Fighter IV to thunderous applause and near-universal praise. It pretty much single-handedly revived interest in fighting games among the mainstream audience, and brought forth a whole new age of competitive fighting games. A few years later, Capcom announced Street Fighter V, a brand new game that was meant to completely succeed Street Fighter IV, replacing it as Ca...

5 Reasons To Buy a PS4 Pro Instead of an Xbox One X

Here’s why you should get a PlayStation 4 Pro instead of an Xbox One X. [Source: forbes.com ]

Borderlands 3 Hot Fixes [Updated 9/19/2019]

A hot fix is automatically applied at the Main Menu when Borderlands 3 is connected to the internet. In general, hot fixes are used to temporarily address issues between major updates. Hot fixes are not permanent they are temporarily stored in memory during the game session and lost upon exiting Borderlands 3. To ensure that you receive hot fixes, make sure that your system is connected to the int...

Last of Us 2 wont be shown publicly at Madrid Games Week, Sony clarifies

Naughty Dogs game ‘mistakenly’ listed for event. [Source: videogameschronicle.com ]

Six Batman games are now free on the Epic Games Store, Metro 2033 Redux free next week

DSOGaming writes: “Last week, we assumed that a Batman collection would be available for free on EGS. And it appears we were right. Epic Games has just announced that six Batman games are now available for free on the Epic Games Store.” [Source: dsogaming.com ]

Shuhei Yoshida: Asian Developers Might Join SIE Worldwide Studios to Create Games for Asian Market

Yoshida revealed there’s a possibility Asian developers could join SIE Worldwide Studios and make games for the Asian market, too. [Source: wccftech.com ]

Alan Wake remaster rumored to be in development

A few months ago, news broke that Remedy finally regained the publishing rights to Alan Wake back from Microsoft. Now, a new rumor points to a possible Alan Wake remaster coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. [Source: gamerevolution.com ]

Microsoft won’t reveal Xbox Live Monthly Active Users going forward

Ever since the Xbox One failed to take off in comparison to the PlayStation 4, Microsoft has stopped reporting sales figures for its hardware. Now, it seems like the company will only disclose growth going forward. However, this may be due to the fact that it’s focusing on Xbox Game Pass. [Source: windowscentral.com ]

State of Play Airs Live Tuesday at 1pm Pacific

Sid Shuman: “Hi all! Excited to share first details on PlayStations next State of Play, which will air Tuesday, September 24 at 1:00pm Pacific Time / 4:00pm Eastern Time.” [Source: blog.us.playstation.com ]

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