Six More Games Are Added To Xbox One Backward Compatibility List

Microsoft just added six more Xbox 360 games to Xbox Ones backward compatibility list. Microsoft is adding compatible games whenever they get ready. [Source: ]

PlayStation 5: What Sony’s Next-Gen Console Needs to Beat the Xbox One X

We know that the PS5 is till at least several months away from being announced, but when it launches, it will be competing directly with the Xbox One X. This gen, Sony’s PS4 outsold the Xbox One at a 2:1 pace throughout their continued lifespans. If Sony wants to dominate next-gen, what features will the PS5 need? [Source: ]

Sony Just Took Down A Photoshopped Version Of That Xbox One X ‘Anthem’ Video

In one of the most amusing video game stories of the summer, Sony has now pulled a YouTube video for BioWare’s upcoming sci-fi shooter Anthem after it turned out to be Xbox One X footage, just now with awkwardly doctored PS4 buttons. [Source: ]

Phil Harrison worries about Sony and MS focus on core gamers

// Sony and Microsoft executive feels Switch has an “opportunity to play to the wider audience”. [Source: ]

8 Reasons PC Gaming Is Better Than Console Gaming

When it comes to gaming, you tend to have two options for playing. You can either buy a console or opt to play your games on a PC. If you follow gaming websites and forums, you know that the competition over which is better can get heated. However, the consensus often agrees that PC gaming will provide you with more value than console gaming. Here are the eight big reasons this is the case. [Sourc...

YouTuber Pushes 8K At 60FPS In A Number Of Titles With the Help Of 4X Titan Xs

8K is definitely something most gamers wouldnt be able to experience for a while. With users still holding onto 1080p displays, 4K seems to be a far-fetched idea until users actually experience content in 4K. PC Gamers have been pushing resolutions as far at 12K thanks to Project Cars. However, granting such an experience may not be healthy for everyones wallet. [Source: ]

Epic Games Fortnite To Run At 4K/30fps On Xbox One X And PS4 Pro, No Plans For Switch

Executive producer Zak Phelps discusses Fortnite’s graphics settings. [Source: ]

Amazon AAA Games Sale On PS4 & Xbox One: Up To 67% Off

Amazon has just kick-started their AAA game sale for PS4 and Xbox One users. With that being said, what could be a better time than now to get some new AAA games for your PS4 or Xbox One (maybe both). Luckily for you, the online retailer Amazon has just launched an awesome sale on its wide line-up of AAA titles. [Source: ]

Activision CEO: We’re Seeing Real Passion for Crash, That Could Lead To Other Things

Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg said they’re seeing real passion for Crash with the N.Sane Trilogy remaster, which could lead to more Crash. [Source: ]

‘Minecraft’ looks like a completely different game in 4K

The best demonstration of the Xbox One X’s 4K capabilities comes from an unlikely, blocky source: Minecraft. Behind closed doors at E3 2017, Microsoft showed off a handful of games it upgraded to 4K just for the Xbox One X, including Gears of War 4, but Mojang’s cube-based crafting game clearly got the most drastic upgrade. When the free 4K update and the Super Duper Graphics Pack land...

PlayStation YouTube hosts Xbox One X Anthem footage with Photoshopped buttons

PlayStation’s YouTube channel has uploaded the in-engine Anthem footage shown at E3 running on Xbox One X – but with poorly-Photoshopped PS4 buttons. [Source: ]

Hackers Find Aliens in Grand Theft Auto 5

After many years of fans digging through code and searching every single inch of Grand Theft Auto 5, one group has finally found the elusive green extra terrestrials. Staying true to the nature of the series, this discovery involves some malicious deeds. [Source: ]

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