PS4 Tops January 2017 US Sales

The PlayStation 4 was the best-selling console in the United States during January 2017, according to the NPD Group, which tracks sales domestically. [Source: ]

New Call of Duty will take series ‘back to its roots,’ says Activision

New Call of Duty set to go back in time for its latest iteration. [Source: ]

Open World used to mean something, now its just a marketing term

Oh, look. Another building I cant explore. Pause Resume discuss the emptiness of open worlds. [Source: ]

Fallout 4 HD Texture Pack Screenshot Comparison Barely Shows Any Improvement

The new texture pack barely offers any incentive to download more than 50 GB of data. [Source: ]

Fallout 4 PS4 Pro Update Now Available In All Regions, Size Revealed

A new Fallout 4 update is available for the PlayStation 4 version of the game, adding PS4 Pro support and more [Source: ]

10 problems anyone who owned a PS3 will understand

Given where the PlayStation 3 ended up, its hard to remember just how bad things were at the beginning. When the PlayStation 4 arrived in 2013, its predecessor was still pumping out brilliant exclusives but it took a whole long time for the likes of The Last of Us, Yakuza 4, and Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time to start showing up on Sonys famously developer-unfriendly machine. Even by the end, ...

GameStop’s Response to Circle of Lies (Part 2)

This video is about gaming retailer GameStop’s shady new(ish) business practice. The Circle of Life Program is forcing Employees to lie to customers, but that isn’t news to this ex-employee. It’s not even the worst thing GameStop has done, we’re only scratching the surface.GameStop’s response to their Circle of Life Program controversy is just untrue. Poli Games’...

Nintendo Switch Console Looks Like Another Big Fizzle

Nintendo is still trying to be different from its console competitors but difference is the kiss of death in video games. [Source: ]

The PS4 Doesn’t Need Just PlayStation Now, it Needs PS1 Classics

Sony capitalized on a combination of nostalgia and historical preservation with its PSP, PS3 and Vita generation of hardware. The whole process made buying and playing old classics easy and affordable, and often gave Nintendo’s own Virtual Console a run for its money. The PS4 has virtually none of that, and by ignoring its line of classic games, it’s leaving money on the table. What th...

Destiny 2 Info Leaked – Will Be Called Forge of Hope

A new Reddit leak has popped up revealing a batch of new info on the upcoming Destiny sequel. [Source: ]

Destiny 2 Info Leaked. Will Be Called Forge of Hope

A new Reddit leak has popped up revealing a batch of new info on the upcoming Destiny sequel. [Source: ]

Horizon Zero Dawn New Map Leak Reveals Amazing Varied Environments, Locations And Tribes

ThisGenGaming says “A new Horizon Zero Dawn map leak has revealed even more information prior to the release.” [Source: ]

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