Gran Turismo 7 is not currently planned says Kazunori Yamauchi

Polyphony Digital CEO Kazunori Yamauchi throws his weight behind Gran Turismos new Sport lineage. [Source: ]

Nintendo Has Made The Console War A True Three-Horse Race Again

The Nintendo Switch has only been on the market for less than three months, but it’s already clear that the console war is a three-horse race again. [Source: ]

PlayStation 4 is on track to become Sony’s best-selling console

With 63.3 million systems shipped worldwide, Sony could have a new top dog on its hands. [Source: ]

NA PlayStation Store Totally Digital Sale Week 3 Is Live, Upto 60% Off On Games

North American PlayStation Store is having a new sale this week with the ‘Totally Digital’ sale being offered with a different set of games. [Source: ]

5 Reasons Sony Should Release a Classic PlayStation System

The popularity of the NES and SNES Classic consoles are insane. With gamers willing to spend twice the original price just to get one. Given the demand for Nintendo’s classic systems Sony should consider making one of their own. Here are 5 reasons why Sony should release a PlayStation Classic. [Source: ]

PlayerUnknown Says Battlegrounds Will Be Supported for 10 Years; Expresses Frustration with AAA

PlayerUnknown revealed that Battlegrounds will be supported by Bluehole for 10 years post launch. He then expressed frustration with AAA games and their lack of challenge. [Source: ]

PS4 Firmware Update 4.73 Released, Download Size Revealed

PS4 has received a brand new firmware update today that updates the system software to version 4.73. [Source: ]

Xbox and Taco Bell Join Forces to Bring Xbox One X to Fans

Mark your calendars for August 31, when Xbox and Taco Bell will give fans nationwide the first chance to win the newest member of the Xbox One family, the Xbox One X, when they pick up the new Steak Quesarito $5 box. Beginning August 31, each Taco Bell $5 Box will include a unique code for consumers to text in for a chance to win the new Xbox One X. Boxes will be available during the promotion fro...

Dragon Quest XI Sells Over 2 Million Copies In First 2 Days In Japan

ThisGenGaming says “The numbers are in for Dragon Quest XI’s first two days in Japan, and they are impressive.” [Source: ]

Michael Pachter Talks About PS5 And The Exclusive Playstation And Xbox

Michael Pachter was recently interviewed by GamingBolt and on this occasion he talked about other things about PlayStation 5 and the exclusive PlayStation and Xbox One catalog. With regard to PlayStation 5 , Pachter says Sony will launch the console in 2019, but essentially will depend on sales of PS4 and PlayStation 4 Pro , if the latter will remain at high levels, the company may decide to delay...

Aaero Dev On Xbox One X; Understands People Have “Criticisms” But Is “Tired” Of “Negative Backlash”

ThisGenGaming says “We interviewed a developer from Mad Fellows Games, and discussed many different topics including their recent release Aaero, their future plans, Xbox One X, Switch, 4K/60FPS, and so much more.” [Source: ]

Mass Effect: Andromeda – Update 1.10 is now available

Bioware has released a new update for Mass Effect: Andromeda. [Source: ]

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