Guinness Record Holder Stallion83 Surpasses 1.5 Million Gamerscore

GameRevolution: “Last night Stallion83 has officially reached 1.5 million Gamerscore, and in the process expanded his lead over rival hunters. The milestone was shared via a Twitter post that read, “King Kong ain’t got s% on me”” [Source: ]

Mass Effect: Andromeda – A Few Final Words from Bioware

Safe travels Pathfinder, prepare for your journey with these final words [Source: ]

No Man’s Sky on PS4 Pro delivers the 1080p60 dream

DF: “No Man’s Sky’s latest 1.20 patch – the Path Finder update – is the biggest update the game has seen so far, and its new PS4 Pro feature set is getting a lot of positive attention. And rightly so: couple your console to a full HD display and Hello Games’ space epic delivers a nigh-on locked 60fps at native resolution, representing an extraordinary upgrade ov...

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Review | TheJimquisition

Jim Sterling: “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a beautiful game with a richly detailed world. Its packed with things to do and places to explore, doing an incredible job of turning Hyrule into a vast expanse of possibility as opposed to a sparse field with gameplay sprouting off it like spokes on a wheel. At its absolute best, Breath of the Wild offers some of the most absorbing e...

Guerrilla Shares Horizon Zero Dawn 1st Week Stats, Reveals Guns Were in the Game at Some Point

Guerrilla’s Game Director Mathijs De Jonge shared a few hunting stats for Horizon Zero Dawn’s first week, as well as some interesting info on players hunting stats and having guns in the game’s development phase. [Source: ]

Horizon Zero Dawn E3 2016 Demo vs Retail PS4 Graphics Comparison

One more interesting graphics comparison of Horizons  E3 2016 Gameplay footage and retail PS4 version emerged showing changes that have been done during development process. How much difference can you spot? [Source: ]

NieR: Automata’s v1.03 Update Has Arrived To Correct A Very Serious Issue

“Sony has approved and published NieR: Automata’s v1.03 update right before the start of the weekend.” [Source: ]

The Nintendo Switch Has Been Hacked (Already)

In less than two weeks after launch the Switch has already been hacked. [Source: ]

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Review – Overhyped or Switch Seller? [Gadgets 360]

Gadgets 360 says: “Our The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Nintendo Switch review tells you if you need to buy Nintendo’s latest epic or not.” [Source: ]

Why Going Last Was The Wrong Move For Microsoft And Xbox Scorpio

Forbes’ Paul writes: “We have now seen the second launch of the three major pieces of video game hardware being released this year with the arrival of the Nintendo Switch last week. Before that was Sonys PS4 Pro in the fall, which has helped run up the total of PS4s sold to well over 50 million at this point. The continued success of PS4 with the addition of the Pro, and now Nintendos ...

Nintendo May End Up Recalling Switch’s Left Joy-Con

A poor hardware design decision seems to be the cause of those frustrating connection problems Switch owners are experiencing with the left Joy-Con. [Source: ]

Nintendo Switch feels like a rushed out console

Regardless of proving itself as a great handheld gaming device, Nintendo Switch feels like a rushed out console [Source: ]

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