Playstation’s Half Truth About Backwards Compatibility Is It Worth It?

Playstation exec over in Europe Jim Ryan, doesn’t think Backwards Compatibility is all that its cracked up to be. That its a feature everyone wants till they actually have it. But, is that right? What is the real reason as to why the PS4 lack of backwards compatibility? Because, its more then just a cell processor thats in the way of gamers playing their old PS3 collection. [Source: thepolin...

Microsoft Trademarks a New Gaming Related Logo, Could it Be Scorpio?

Microsoft have trademarked a new gaming related logo that could very well be the logo of the upcoming Project Scorpio. [Source: ]

Pokken Tournament DX announced for Switch

Pokken Tournament DX is coming to Switch, its been announced. The news was just shared during todays Pokemon Direct. A debut trailer for the game showcased using split Joy-Con for local multiplayer. New characters will be included, such as Decidueye. Pokken Tournament DX launches on September 22. [Source: ]

Sony’s Jim Ryan On BC: “One Of Those Features That Is Much Requested, But Not Actually Used Much”

Perhaps the best thing about Xbox has been its backwards compatibility feature , and it is without a doubt a standout of the Xbox platform [Source: ]

For Honor Has Now Lost 95% of Its Playerbase, Worse Than The Division 1 Year Ago

GitHyp: “3 months after Ubisofts biggest launch of 2017, For Honor has surpassed one of 2016s biggest bombs by losing 95% of its playerbase on Steam.” [Source: ]

The Nefarious Method That Thieves Are Using To Steal Your PSN Account

Sean @ FG: Thieves are using the Deactivate All function to hijack your primary PSN and you might not even know about it [Source: ]

Sony: Switch is a great success, PlayStation and Nintendo sit side-by-side

In an interview with Time Magazine, Sonys Shawn Layden was asked what he thought about the Nintendo Switch. He had this to say. [Source: ]

Giant Bombs Jeff Gerstmann on E3, the State of the Industry, and Scorpio vs. PS4 Pro

“On this weeks episode of The1099 Podcast, Giant Bomb co-founder and former GameSpot mainstay, Jeff Gerstmann, joins host Josiah Renaudin to talk about the past, present, and future of the games industry. The two discuss Giant Bombs focus on video over written content, what the company would look like if it started in the age of Patreon, the possible storylines to come out of next weeks E3 c...

Analyst Skeptical About PS5 Launching In 2018, Move Could Undercut PS4

In an interview with We Write Things, gaming analyst Michael Goodman gave his thoughts on whether or not Sony will launch PS5 next year. [Source: ]

Sony Will Drop The Price of PS4 PRO This E3 If Xbox Scorpio Is Priced At $399 Michael Pachter

The PlayStation 4 Pro launched a full year ahead of Microsoft’s release of the Xbox Scorpio later this year. On the one hand, that means that Sony was unable to make the Pro as powerful as the Scorpio, because of costs and tech available. On the other, however, it means that Sony is in a position to cut the price of the Pro and undercut the Scorpio when it launches. [Source: ]

Scorpio’s E3 Reveal Will Be the Most Pivotal Moment In Recent Xbox History

E3 might prove to be Scorpio’s best chance for success. [Source: ]

Horizon Sold Almost 1M Digital; Sony:”This Changes Everything”; “Our Indie Output Is Slowing Down”

Horizon: Zero Dawn sold almost one million digital copies, according to Sony’s Shawn Layden, who highlighted the important shift in the publishing model towards digital sales. He also admitted that Sony’s work with indies is slowing down a bit, with the exception of VR titles. [Source: ]

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