Sony dominates console market with 57% share worldwide

Sony dominated the game console hardware, software, and service market in 2016, capturing a total of 57 percent share, or $19.7 billion of spending by gamers, according to market researcher IHS Markit. [Source: ]

Mass Effect Andromeda’s animations are getting compared to Pingu, robots and gorillas

Mass Effect Andromeda’s animation is under scrutiny again as players get an early go on the game via EA Access. It’s… generating some mixed results, with players capturing videos of patchy, uncanny-valley, facial movements and some extremely interesting walking animations. [Source: ]

The Sad Ghost War Between Breath of the Wild And Horizon: Zero Dawn

The frenzy surrounding The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a whole new level of fan overreaction, and this is coming from someone whos seen what happens when you say Uncharted isnt perfect. [Source: ]

Are Gamers Ready for a More Adult Nintendo?

It’s taken a long time, but it seems like Nintendo is finally growing up. Moves made with the Switch could be great for gamers. [Source: ]

Mass Effect 1 Has Distinctively Better Animations Than Andromeda

The bland almost dead facial expressions are a huge step back to what was done better 10 years ago. [Source: ]

Is This the End of Exclusive Games?

Do online game streaming services mark the end of Exclusive Games as we know them? Are consumers okay with the direction the industry is going? [Source: ]

PS4 gets day-one patch preloads following update 4.50

PS4 gets a new feature that wasn’t announced in update 4.50, the ability to download day-one patches and other updates in advance. [Source: ]

Mass Effect Andromeda PS4 Pro vs PS4 1080p Screenshot Comparison: You’ll Have to Squint on This One

Mass Effect Andromeda certainly looks a bit better on PS4 Pro if you’re limited by a 1080p screen, but the difference with the standard PS4 is not huge. [Source: ]

Nintendo’s new console nails a crucial aspect that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One whiffed on

The Nintendo Switch isn’t the most powerful game console out there, and it doesn’t have the most games. It is, however, much faster than the competition. [Source: ]

God Of War 4’s Marketing Starts Early In Spain

God Of War 4 is one of the most highly anticipated titles of PS4 , and it seems that its marketing might have started early in Spain [Source: ]

We have mixed feelings about the first few hours of Mass Effect: Andromeda

Five of us at PC Gamer have been playing Mass Effect: Andromeda pretty much non-stop for the past week. Well publish our review on Monday, but until then were limited to only discussing the very beginning of BioWares new space opera, which is what Origin Access subscribers will be able to play starting Thursday. Weve gathered all our players to talk about what we think so farexpect spoilers for th...

Capcom Announces The Disney Afternoon Collection

Capcom has announced they will be releasing a collection of games from the 1990s, titled The Disney Afternoon Collection. These games were originally released on the NES and were based off hit Disney cartoons. [Source: ]

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