Sony’s PlayStation 4 is crushing Nintendo and Microsoft  now execs explain the master plan

Sony’s Shawn Layden and Jim Ryan explain the master plan for the PlayStation 4, which has now sold 60 million consoles. [Source: ]

Microsoft Studios now named MS Studios Global Publishing

Microsoft’s first-party publishing arm has changed its name and may embrace overseas development projects. [Source: ]

Horizon: Zero Dawn Has Sold 3.4 Million Copies

In a little over three months, PlayStation’s new flagship IP Horizon: Zero Dawn has sold 3.4 million copies. [Source: ]

15 Final Fantasy Games That Were Censored

Screenrant are here today to look into the parts of the Final Fantasy series that made the censors nervous. [Source: ]

Xbox Game Pass Is an Incredible Idea That Falls Flat (For Now)

Yesterday was a big day for Xbox One owners. After a couple of years of knowing they bought an Xbox One when twice as many of their friends bought PS4s, Xbox owners got to feel vindicated in their choice as Microsoft launched the first true Netflix for digital games. Xbox Game Pass is a subscription service whereby any Xbox One owner can pay $10 a month to get access to over 100 games spanning the...

God of War takes over LA

The giant God of War E3 ad in LA is nearing completion. Come see the various stages of it’s progression here. [Source: ]

The Legendary MGO 2 is getting Revived on June 12

MGO 2 the online masterpiece which was included in Metal Gear Solid 4:Guns of the Patriots is getting Finally revived for Official Firmware PS3 consoles. [Source: ]

Mariah Mallad just made a really sexy swimsuit cosplay of Mei from Overwatch

Even though I (Robin Ek, TGG) have seen plenty of Mei cosplays since the release of “Overwatch”, I still think that it’s safe to say that Mariah Mallad owned her sexy and thick cosplay of Mei with ease. [Source: ]

Target ad confirms Gold 1TB PS4 Slim for $249 starting June 11

Images surfaced last week of a Gold 1TB PS4 Slim Bundle at retail giant Wal-Mart for $249. The latest Target confirms that the Gold PS4 is arriving and SOON. [Source: ]

Best Budget Gaming PC for a decent 1080p Gaming Experience = Console Killer

This is our attempt at building the best budget gaming PC for a decent 1080p gaming experience, without destroying your bank account. [Source: ]

TEKKEN 7 Arcade vs PS4 Pro Graphics Comparison

TEKKEN 7 was originall yreleased on Arcade back in 2015. Lets compare it with latest PS4 Pro version and see how the game graphics have been changed through its way to home consoles. [Source: ]

Under $15 sale on first-party PS4 games include Bloodborne, Uncharted Collection and more

The physical versions of Bloodborne, God of War III Remastered, Little Big Planet 3, The Last of Us Remastered, Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and Until Dawn have dropped to just $14.99 each. [Source: ]

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