Demons Souls Online Services to Go Offline in February 2018

Sony Japan has confirmed that Demons Souls online features will go offline on February 28, 2018. [Source: ]

Xbox Owners Should Want More from Microsoft writes – “Fellow gamers, this has been a discussion for the longest time and the discussion is looking at the games provided for each console. Playstation gamers have a variety of games to quench their thirst and Nintendo ( even though they recycle to death ) have their own set of first party games as well. Why does Xbox lac...

Cuphead has sold one million copies on Steam

StudioMDHR’s¬†classic run and gun action game, Cuphead, has sold one million copies on Steam. [Source: ]

Net Neutrality Could Put Gaming Back A Decade

Net neutrality could not only impact gamers playing modern video games but it could impact the types of games that are made in the future. [Source: ]

EA Loses $3 Billion in Stock Value after Battlefront 2 Debacle

EA is feeling the burn of $3 billion in lost stock value after the gaming community rebelled against the microtransaction model in Star Wars Battlefront 2 [Source: ]

Nintendo Switch Dominated Cyber Monday Online Sales as Well According to Adobe

Adobe rerports that the Nintendo Switch was the best-selling product online during Cyber Monday, according to analysis through its Experience Cloud. [Source: ]

Why I cancelled my Xbox One X order

With a few weeks until the launch of the Xbox One X in SA, a few factors led me to cancel my order as it will struggle to fit into my gaming lifestyle. [Source: ]

EA: Closing Visceral Games an Economic Decision as Players Dont Like Linear Games As Much Today

Electronic Arts Chief Financial Officer Blake Jorgensen explained in more detail the reasons behind the closure of Visceral Games. [Source: ]

Black Desert Online Is Targetting Checkerboard 4K/30fps On Xbox One X, 6TFLOPS GPU Makes 4K Feasible

As opposed to the base version targeting 1080p and 30fps. [Source: ]

Tomb Raider sold 11 million copies & almost half of them are coming from PC

In an interview with GamesIndustry, Square Enix revealed that Tomb Raider has sold 11 million copies worldwide so far. And while the publisher did not unveil any platform details, SteamSpys data reveals that almost half of them are coming from the PC. [Source: ]

Horizon Zero Dawn Update 1.45 is Live

Guerrilla Games have clearly taken no time as off as of late, as it seems theyre kicking ass trying to eliminate any issues that have appeared since release of The Frozen Wilds. Check out the huge amount of fixes and updates. [Source: ]

Does Xbox One X really improve loading times? We did some testing to find out

Windows Central: “Microsoft boasts a 50 percent faster hard drive on Xbox One X, over standard models. But what does this actually mean in real-world scenarios? We take a look.” [Source: ]

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