NA PlayStation Store Sale This Week Offers PS Plus Exclusive Discounts And Ubisoft Sale

North American PlayStation Store is offering a PlayStation Plus focused sale this week along with a Ubisoft publisher sale. [Source: ]

Japan: Consumers Starting To Lose Interest In Nintendo Switch Due To Persistent Shortages

Japanese consumers who have always wanted to purchase a Nintendo Switch are starting to get tired of the long Switch lottery lines and persistent shortages that have lasted for more than 5 months. [Source: ]

Zelda: Breath of the Wild glitch turns off the cartoon shader

Nintendo came up with a unique art style in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. In a way, it almost looks Wind Waker, but not quite to the same cartoonish extent. But what would Breath of the Wild look like without its art style? [Source: ]

PS4 Exclusive Knack II Demo Now Available on European PlayStation Store

Now you can try out the upcoming Knack II on PS4, if you have an European PSN account. [Source: ]

Jeff Kaplan Recently Roasted One Of The Worst Offending Overwatch Players For All To See

From GameWatcher: “Suddenly it isn’t the upcoming Junkrat, Mercy or D.Va changes making headline Overwatch news, but game director Jeff Kaplan. And no, it’s not another Dinoflask mash-up.” [Source: ]

How much trouble is Crackdown 3 in?

Delays are not the only thing that spell trouble for the much-anticipated game, there’s also the lack of footage and the silence from Reagent Games amongst others. [Source: ]

Breath of the Wild is 2017’s GOTY

Breath of the Wild is 2017’s GOTY not only because it is the greatest Zelda game of all-time, but because this year’s AAA release schedule is so lackluster. [Source: ]

What Does “Exclusive” Even Mean Anymore?

The word exclusive in gaming used to mean something. Now, with countless modifiers, the word has lost all of its meaning. [Source: ]

Playing PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds With an Xbox Controller Is as Nightmarish as It Sounds

MP1st: Bringing a controller to a keyboard and mouse fight is never a good idea. This is especially true when the fight in question takes place within the PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds universe! As PUBG is one of the more hardcore PC games out there, arming yourself with an Xbox controller could be considered virtual suicide. However, Im not one to back down from a challenge, and so I picked up my ...

The Big Xbox Interview – Aaron Greenberg Talks Xbox One X, First Party, Japanese Games and Much More

Xbox Games Marketing General Manager Aaron Greenberg chats with DualShockers about the upcoming Xbox One X, cross-play, Age of Empire, and a lot more. [Source: ]

Its Time to Bring 3DS Games to Switch

As we sit on the eve of the Metroid: Samus Returns launch date, You cannot help but think about the Nintendo Switch and its place in the Nintendo Ecosystem. The Switch is the first console ever to straddle the line of a Home Console and a Portable Console. In an effort to continue sales of the 3DS, Nintendo has yet to join these two libraries. You may understand the initial thought behind a contin...

Microsoft Is Focused on Games That Bring People Together, Including Single Player Titles

Microsoft is focused on games that bring people together and that includes single player titles like Ori, according to Shannon Loftis, not just multiplayer games. [Source: ]

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