Death Stranding Development Continues to Surprise Sony

In a recent interview with Dengeki, Hideo Kojima spoke about the development of Death Stranding and how it might not take as long as we thought. [Source: ]

Mafia Remastered adds new HD textures, improves water & 3D models, enables widescreen & more

Modder spartaque12 has released a brand new community modpack for the first classic Mafia game. Mafia Remastered is basically a collection of mods aiming to improve Mafias graphics, and all of the mods were carefully selected to maintain the games atmosphere. [Source: ]

Why Collecting 900 Korok Seeds in Zelda: Breath of the Wild Gets You a Giant Poop – IGN

Of the many tasks in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, collecting every Korok seed is perhaps the most daunting. Around every corner, at the top of every mountain, behind every pillar, a Korok seed could be waiting, along with a short puzzle or race in order to unlock it. [Source: ]

The 10 Most Anticipated Xbox One X Enhanced Games of 2018

Jason Stettner of Gamerheadquarters writes; “While the Xbox One X has already received some incredible enhancements to games, the 2018 selection of updates is already looking really impressive.” [Source: ]

New Xbox Game Pass Commercial from Microsoft Burps Sunset Overdrive’s Overcharge in Your Face

If you missed Sunset Overdrive, Xbox Game Pass could be a good way to get your hands on Insomniac Games’ classic open world game for Xbox One. [Source: ]

Amazon New Year Deals: Video Game Blowout Sale Highlights

Hawtwired: “Amazon has kicked off the New Year Deals! Save on video games, Amazon devices and more! Here is the rundown of the latest discounts.” [Source: ]

15 Most Difficult Boss Fights of 2017

Its been a year of memorable boss fights, whether we halted the Calamity, beat down the Devil or restarted the world for some lovable androids. That doesnt mean that 2017 didnt have its share of tough boss fights that prompted controller throwing and all kinds of cursing though. Lets take a look at the 15 hardest boss fights of 2017. Spoilers are in-bound for a number of this years releases like D...

Diddy Kong Racing 64 Unreal Engine 4 Remake is now available for download

A couple of days ago we informed you about Diddy Kong Racing 64 being recreated in Unreal Engine 4. And today, CryZENx has released this fan remake to the public. This tech demo features one stage and allows players to control Diddy Kong. [Source: ]

Amazon listing a ton of mystery titles for Switch

A ton of new mystery listings for Switch have appeared on Amazon that could be unveiled during an upcoming Nintendo Direct. [Source: ]

Steam’s latest hardware survey shows NVIDIA and Intel crushing AMD’s GPUs and CPUs

Each and every month, Steam conducts a survey to collect data about what kinds of computer hardware and software its customers are using. According to the November 2017 hardware survey, NVIDIA and Intel are dominating the PC market and are crushing AMDs GPUs and CPUs, respectively. [Source: ]

IDC Analyst Explains Why Xbox One X Is Not The Last Console From Microsoft

Is there a possibility that the Xbox One X is the last true Xbox console? Maybe the next Xbox will be a services based platform, much like Steam? Not according to what Lewis Ward, IDCs Research Director, Gaming and VR/AR said. [Source: ]

15 Best RPGs of 2017

Has there ever been a year full of so many games where the majority not only delivered but over-delivered on expectations? This was never more evident than with role-playing games as we battled for divinity, waged war as androids, tussled with robot dinosaurs and demons, and ultimately saved the world a few times. Which of these role-playing experiences stood out as the crème of the crop though? L...

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