Microsoft’s Xbox Scorpio Should Be Worried About The Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch has passed its first trial. Nintendo’s new machine is selling like lightning based on the strength of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and it feels strong as looks to gird itself for the summer. Things are simple right now: the video game industry doesn’t have a lot of other major headlines, and the only potential mindshare competitor of Mass Effect: Androme...

PETA gets outraged by Nintendos cow milking game in 1-2 Switch?

Yes, it’s time for yet another crazy PETA moment, and this time they appear to be outraged by Nintendo’s cow milking game in “1-2 Switch”. So here’s my (Robin Ek, TGG) take on the matter. [Source: ]

Konami Responds To Diego Maradona’s Legal Threats

Last week, Diego Maradona wrote on Facebook that he wanted to initiate legal actions against Pro Evolution Soccer publishers Konami for using his likeness. According to Maradona, it was allegedly done without permission. Today, Konami has issued a response. [Source: ]

Switch’s manufacturing cost estimated to be $257

Japanese teardown firm Fomalhaut published a new article about Switch on Nikkei Technology. [Source: ]

Destiny 2 Could Be The Biggest Flop Of The Year

Destiny 2 could end up being the biggest flop of the year if Bungie screws up its messaging and first impressions for the game. [Source: ]

Humble THQ Nordic PlayStation Bundle Arrives Today; Includes PS3 and PS4 Games Worth More Than $330

Publisher THQ Nordic today announced a cooperation with PlayStation and Humble Bunde to bring the Humble THQ Nordic PlayStation Bundle to HumbleBundle. [Source: ]

Xbox Scorpio Reveal Will Have Huge, Positive Surprises but No Price Tag

According to the journalist who first leaked the Xbox Scorpio reveal for this week, there will be huge and positive surprises but no price tag on Thursday. [Source: ]

Lack of Exciting First-Party Studio’s & New IPs Should be a Cause for Concern for Xbox Owners

PressA2Join: The cancellation of Platinum Games Xbox One and Windows 10 Exclusive Scalebound at the back end of last year might have come as quite a shock to some fans, to others, it signalled a new low point in the history of the Microsoft-owned brand that strives on a yearly basis to compete with fellow console powerhouse Sony. [Source: ]

Yooka Laylee Review: Yooka-Failee | The Jimquisition

Yooka-Laylee is a game out of time, clinging so desperately to past glories it doesnt seem to understand the Earth kept spinning after the N64 was discontinued. Its everything wrong about the formative years of 3D platforming and it somehow retained none of what made the genres highlights endure. [Source: ]

Nier: Automata Shipments And Digital Sales Exceed 1 Million

Square Enix announced that the worldwide shipment and digital sales of the critically acclaimed action-RPG, NieR: Automata have exceeded one million. [Source: ]

Project Scorpio Reveal Set for April 6

Microsoft will unveil Xbox One Project Scorpio this Thursday, April 6 at 6:00 a.m. PT / 9:00 a.m. ET / 2:00 p.m. UK. [Source: ]

Deal-finder thought he bought a Nintendo Switch from Amazon, got a Wii instead

Objects pictured on box may not resemble actual contents. [Source: ]

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