Would you welcome an XB1/PS4 Handheld?

Would you welcome a PS4/Xbox One Handheld device to play your digital games on? [Source: honestgamingreviews.com ]

Tekken 7 vs. Injustice 2: Which Fighter Should You Buy?

Which fighter will win this match? [Source: twinfinite.net ]

When is the Microsoft E3 2017 Xbox press conference and what can we expect from Project Scorpio?

Make no mistake, this is a huge E3 for the future of Xbox. [Source: telegraph.co.uk ]

PlayStation Plus Turns 7 Today

In celebration of PlayStation Pluss 7th year of service, Sony Interactive Entertainment announced something exciting today. [Source: rebootreload.com ]

A Dreamcast emulator is coming to Xbox One soon

It will be called WinDCe10 and can be played from dev mode. [Source: translate.google.com ]

What Microsoft needs to do to come out on top at E3 2017

If Microsoft wants to take Sony’s crown, here’s what it needs to do. [Source: finder.com.au ]

Call of Duty WWII: New clues about Nintendo Switch version

The arrival of Call of Duty: WWII on Nintendo Switch is however not to be excluded. [Source: gametransfers.com ]

Phantom Dust Remaster Developers Code Mystics Want to Know Which Xbox Game to Remaster Next

Code Mystics who just released Phantom Dust HD for Xbox One want to know which game from the original Xbox fans want to see remastered. [Source: twitter.com ]

Can Sony Save PlayStation Plus at E3?

PlayStation Plus isn’t as great as it once was. Lackluster games and so-so online services leave people wanting. How could Sony fix things at E3? [Source: dispatches.cheatcc.com ]

More Original Xbox Games May Be On The Way

TICGN: It appears more original Xbox games are on their way to modern consoles. The team behind the Phantom Dust port are claiming talks of more games underway. [Source: ticgn.com ]

Codemasters Reveals DiRT 4 PS4 Pro Enhancements, Looks Forward To Maximizing The Game on Scorpio

Codemasters detailed the PS4 Pro enhancements coming to DiRT 4. They also look forward to maximizing the game on consoles with Scorpio. [Source: wccftech.com ]

Nintendo Switch fans bemoan “embarrassing” Splatoon 2 Hori headset

Nintendo is yet to fully explain how voice chat will work within Switch games and this new Hori headset might be the answer, but fans aren’t pleased. [Source: dailystar.co.uk ]

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