Destiny 2 Beta Patch 1.04 Released; 1.3 GB Download Required

Bungie releases a patch for Destiny 2’s ongoing beta, numbered 1.04. It requires a sizable download before you can keep playing. [Source: ]

God of War: Cory Barlog on changing Kratos, gameplay and pre-planned sequels

Director Cory Barlog discusses the how he pitched this interesting new direction for the character, changing gameplay mechanics, picking apart Norse mythology and his plans for the series and character beyond the 2018 release. [Source: ]

Playerunknowns Battlegrounds Sells Six Million, First FPS Mode At $350K Gamescom Tournament

NoobFeed writes: “Playerunknowns Battlegrounds, popularly abbreviated as PUBG, has reached massive success since its Early Access launch on Steam. Just mere days after boasting 5 million copies sold, the game has now surpassed over six million units, according to a recent press release.” [Source: ]

Insomniacs Experience With Sunset Overdrive On Xbox Makes Them The Perfect Choice For SpiderMan PS4

Insomniac Games achievements in the open world genre with Sunset Overdrive will help them a long way in developing the most authetic Spider-man game of all time. [Source: ]

Agents of Mayhem is as good a Crackdown as any

Crackdown 3 may be too little too late. [Source: ]

Take-Two Teases ‘Huge Title’ From 2K Possibly Coming in 2018

While this year seems irrelevant for Take-Two, 2018 is the year where they could really make some noise with several huge games in development. [Source: ]

A fan draws Chris Evans as Solid Snake

This is all I see now @ChrisEvans #SolidSnake #SDCC [Source: ]

PS Vita 2 or new PlayStation handheld doomed as Vita slips off to die

If you’re hoping for a PS Vita 2 or new PlayStation handheld there’s some bad news. As support for Sony’s Vita dwindles, so does hope for a successor. [Source: ]

Microsoft Exec:We Are Working To Improve Xbox One Xs UI,Confirms 3rd Party Webcam Support And More

Mike Ybarra also addresses lack of cross-platform saving for Fortnite on Xbox One and Windows 10. [Source: ]

Spencer Says Xbox One X Pre-Orders Will Be Available Soon; Confirms Crackdown 3 Will be At Gamescom

Microsofts upcoming enhanced Xbox One console, the Xbox One X, will soon be available to pre-order according to Xbox head Phil Spencer. [Source: ]

Someone Drew Up Chris Evans Captain America As Solid Snake And Its Amazing

A Twitter artist by the name of BossLogic ( has reimagined Captain America himself as one of Konami’s greatest game icons. The team at WWG think it’s pretty spot-on. [Source: ]

Sony Says the Days of a 13-Year PS2 Lifecycle Are Over

The PlayStation 4 may be outpacing the PlayStation 2 when it comes to units sold, but Sony doesn’t think the PS4 will repeat the 13-year PS2 lifecycle. [Source: ]

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