Michael Pachter Believes That Nintendo Switch Will Outsell Xbox One This Year

Michael Pachter thinks that it will be close but Nintendo Switch is going to outsell the Xbox One this year [Source: thewolfhall.com ]

Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy heading to Xbox One – Rumour

As the Crash Bandicoot trilogy makes its debut on PS4, new evidence suggests that an Xbox One version could also be in development. This is great news for Xbox gamers as Base.com have now listed Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy for £29.99 on Xbox One with a release date of 8th December 2017. Thats roughly six months after the launch of the PS4 version, and means the N Sane Trilogy would be in shops...

Games Have Been Underwhelming This Generation

This generation of gaming has, in my mind started to stagnate. To clarify, this generation started with the release of the Wii U in 2012 and the PS4 and Xbox One the next year. Innovation and creativity have traditionally been a huge factor in game development. Considering gamings roots as a nearly dead industry in the 80s, developers had no choice but to innovate in order to draw a crowd. Now tha...

Halo Community Update – Know-Scope

343 Industries: Greetings and salutations, good friends and fireteam members. Its a gorgeous summer day here in the Seattle area, and as much as I need to absorb its warm solar embrace, weve got quite a bit to cover in this weeks Halo Community Update. So lets get our homework done so Grim can go outside and play, shall we? [Source: halowaypoint.com ]

Insomniac on Marvels Spider-Man: Heres the Differences Between PS4 and PS4 Pro Versions

Marvels Spider-Man: Insomniac Games shared more details regarding the differences between the Playstation 4 and Playstation 4 Pro versions with the example of latest Ratchet & Clank game. [Source: neptunegames.it ]

12 Best Budget-Priced Gaming Chairs for PC and Console Players

Gamer Wares reveals what they believe to be the best budget gaming chair models for both PC and console gamers. The list consists of a variety of brands with chairs of multiple styles, price points, and configurations. [Source: gamerwares.com ]

Halo 6: The Series Will Have its Grand Moments Again, 343i Reassures

343 Industries confirmed that Halo will have its grand moments again. But when? [Source: neptunegames.it ]

This week at Bungie were talking about teamwork – 06/29/2017

Bungie: Whether youre facing a Raid Boss or another Crucible team in Destiny, the most important choice you can make before you step on the battlefield is the Guardians youll bring with you. Clans have served this function well for many players in our community. Teams dedicated to the game have equipped people with allies for their battles and friends for real life. [Source: bungie.net ]

Fumito Ueda submitted a proposal of changes for the Shadow of the Colossus PS4 remake

Shadow of the Colossus game director Fumito Ueda submitted a proposal of changes to Sony for the upcoming and recently announced PS4 remake. But he doesn’t know if they’ll get in. [Source: eurogamer.net ]

Why You Should Play The Witcher 3 on Death March Difficulty

“The best way to experience CD Projekt Reds epic conclusion to Geralts story.” [Source: bitsandpieces.games ]

5 Better Alternatives To The SNES Classic Edition

NRM: “If you missed the pre-orders, give up now youre never going to get an SNES Mini. But little did you know there are five alternatives that are so much better, which are readily available to buy.” [Source: newrisingmedia.com ]

Spyro the Dragon PS4 remaster hint in latest Crash Bandicoot game?

There’s more fuel to the fire that a Spyro the Dragon PS4 remaster could be on the cards sooner rather than later. [Source: psu.com ]

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