Watch The Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 Live Here

Tune in on Indie Obscura at 8PM PT and 11PM ET to watch the Nintendo Switch Presentation. [Source: ]

What Happened To Deep Down?

Emergence at Fextralife writes, “Deep Down. The mention of the name is beginning to take on the mystical air of games like Duke Nukem which languished in development hell with barely a murmur of an update on their progress. A game that once held so much promise has receded into the woodwork, and only the staunchest of hopeful fans have wondered about the fate of what was supposed to be a PS4...

Microsoft First Party Development Situation Looks Bleak, Insider Claims

Microsoft’s first party has never looked weaker and on shakier footing than it does right now. Microsoft have Gears of War, Halo, and Forza, and really, that’s it. There are two interesting upcoming projects – Sea of Thieves from Rare, and Crackdown 3 – and the best anyone knows, that’s it. [Source: ]

Microsoft Gives An Update On Phantom Dust After Scalebound Cancellation Chaos

According to Microsoft General Manager Sharon Loftis, the development on Phantom Dust is going quite well and the game will be released soon [Source: ]

Guerrila Cambridge to close

UK developer to close after 19 years as Sony “makes changes to European studios structure” [Source: ]

FFXV’s Upcoming Changes Are So Dramatic We Should Have Waited a Year Before Playing

GameRevolution: “Although the season pass will add a substantial amount of content, there’s much more coming in the future than originally confirmed. Speaking to Famitsu, director Hajime Tabata shared exciting details that included time-limited mob hunts, as well as new party characters.” [Source: ]

Could $250 Be Too Expensive For Nintendo Switch?

Forbes’ Dave Thier writes: “The best console in the world won’t sell if it’s too expensive, a piece of trash can sell if it’s cheap enough. The base number floating around right now is $250 — unconfirmed as of yet, but highly likely. Paul Tassi thinks that the price could be trouble for a simple reason: it’s not enough, at least from Nintendo’s persp...

Death Stranding: It Seems That Kojima Is Fultoning Everyone From Konami To Kojima Productions

A ton of high level staff has joined the new Kojima Productions. [Source: ]

Here’s What Nintendo’s Secret Message to Hackers in the Code of NES Classic Edition Says

Nintendo’s secret message in the code of NES Mini got discovered. [Source: ]

Hideki Kamiya Comments On Scalebound Cancellation, Apologies To Fans For Letting Them Down

Scalebound director Hideki Kamiya recently returned back to Twitter to share an important message for fans of Scalebound. [Source: ]

Phil Spencer Talks Differences Between Scorpio and PC, Scalebound Cancellation and Taking Risks

Today Xbox Division Head Phil Spencer took to Twitter to respond to a few questions from the fans, as he often does. [Source: ]

Why Microsoft Should Be Praised Over Scalebound By Someone Who Has Worked In Game Development

Gareth at Skewed and Reviewed has posted an opinion piece looking at the cancellation of Scalebound from the perspective of his time working in game development with two companies. [Source: ]

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