Final Fantasy XV Mega-Interview: First Look at Character Creation, Future of Game, DLC & Much More

Final Fantasy XV Director Hajime Tabata provides plenty of answers to questions about the future of the game, also providing the first glimpse on the ability to create your own avatar. [Source: ]

Switch Line Up games Quadruples

27 title spread out across the whole of 2017 and beyond is enough to make anyone not want to click that Pre-Order button. But now my friends the time has come to rejoice because that number has gone into triple figures and some of these titles look hot. [Source: ]

E3 is opening its doors to fans, heres why theyll be disappointed

E3 is going to let consumers in! That’s a good thing… right? [Source: ]

Fallout 4 – Original versus High-Resolution Textures Comparison

DSOGaming writes: “Our reader ‘Martin2603’ has shared the following comparison screenshots between Fallout 4’s original (left) and high-resolution textures (right).” [Source: ]

Microsoft Cant Save Xbox by Themselves

Microsoft is planning on producing more first-party titles than they have before, but that may not be enough. [Source: ]

How Should Xbox Scorpio Answer PS4 Pros Amazing Boost Mode?

ThisGenGaming says “The gaming community can not stop gasping in amazement of the PS4 Pros boost mode, and the vast improvements that it is has made in games such as Battlefield 4, Just Cause 3, and The Evil Within. The PS4 Pros boost mode allows for improved gameplay and higher frame rates for games that that do not support the PS4-Pro. Beta-testers of the systems new 4.50 software update, ...

The Last Guardian And Gravity Rush 2 Failed To Move The Needle For Sony

According to several sales chart reports, it seems that two of Sony’s first party PlayStation exclusive titles have sold poorly. [Source: ]

Retro Platformer Poi Climbs Onto Early Access

Poi [official site] reminds me of every whimsical platformer I played in the 90s with its vibrant linear playground, shiny item scouring, atypically inspiring orchestral soundtrack, and droll and fluffy and oh-so-cute omnivorous mammal companions. When I asked news editor Alice if I could write about Poi today she said: “Sure, some people miss games like Bubsy”. I miss Bubsy. Poi’s out now on Stea...

New Releases: Nioh, Splasher, Gunmetal Arcadia

If you don’t want to fight demonic yokai this week, there are plenty of indie Steam releases to check out. You can collect some medallions, spray some paint, and solve some puzzles. [Source]

Wot I Think: Tales of Berseria

I’m sitting with some friendly seaside townsfolk debating the merits of placing chocolate jelly in every toilet in the Holy Midgand Empire. The Great Choconito Gambit, one of them calls it to much amusement, insisting he was going to get rich from the scheme. We all laughed. Cut forward half an hour and I’m deep in an ancient temple watching a starving daemon child, half-boy, half-tree, eat his mo...

What Yakuza Games To Play After You Finish Yakuza 0

The best thing about Yakuza 0 isn’t just that it’s a damn fine video game, it’s that it serves as the perfect entry point for newcomers to a series that is thick on gangster lore. Once you’re done, the credits roll and you are mad for more Yakuza, though, you’re left with a question: what Yakuza game do I play next? Read more… [Source]

How to identify and deal with Nioh’s mimic chests

I’ve been sleep deprived this past week and I don’t see that changing. The cause? Nioh. I can’t get enough Nioh. It’s Team Ninja’s Souls– and Diablo-inspired samurai action game, and it is fantastic. Chris got us rolling with some quick tips of his own, and I have a couple more to add. As you might expect with a loot-driven game with dungeons and chests and demo...

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