Kickstart: Edge: Clans of Icosara

Check Out Edge: Clans of Icosara on Kickstarter by Four04 Entertainment. A tournament style card-game with extreme focus on strategy and tactics. Take on the role of a warlord and overthrow your opponent. The game has already raised DKK 16,117 and is 80% funded! [Source: Kickstarter]

Kickstart: MCG Premium Sleeves & Accessories

Check Out MCG Premium Sleeves & Accessories on Kickstarter by MAGE Company. MCG Premium Sleeves offer excellent protection for your cards. This line is about to be expanded with new sleeves sizes! The game has already raised $21,846 and is 87% funded! [Source: Kickstarter]

Kickstart: Undermine – Worker Placement & Resource Management Card Game

Check Out Undermine – Worker Placement & Resource Management Card Game on Kickstarter by Gizco International. Recruit miners, operate mines, gather resources, buy equipment and undermine your opponents to be victorious. The game has already raised $10,066 and is 251% funded! [Source: Kickstarter]

Tracer Being Gay Is Ground-Breaking, But It’s Not Everything

Jasmine Henry writes: “Out of everyone, I have been one of the most skeptical when it comes to Overwatch’s LGBT characters. I’ve been very vocal about my doubts that Blizzard would ever make good on its promise to confirm which characters are LGBT, even expressing concerns that the company had changed its mind for fear of angering bigots. But boy, did they just prove me wrong....

NieR Automata Seems Like Yet Another Must Have PS4 Exclusive

Push Square: “Wow, the PlayStation 4’s on some run, eh? While many would argue the platform got off to a slow start it’s not necessarily a sentiment we agree with it’s unquestionably finding its feet these days, with the early half of 2017 bringing a cavalcade of exclusive content. And one of those titles is NieR Automata, the sequel to an oft-overlooked PlayStation 3 actio...

PlayStation Store Launches January Sale Early; Save Up to 60% on Over 700 Titles

The PlayStation Store in the UK, Europe and Australasia has today launched its January sale, offering users discounts of up to 60 percent on a range of titles.[Source: ]

Kickstart: Dies irae English Localization Project Commences!

Check Out Dies irae English Localization Project Commences! on Kickstarter by Dies irae World Emanation Project. The goal of this Kickstarter is to deliver to you an English-localized Steam release of the visual novel "Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~" The game has already raised $101,484 and is 63% funded! [Source: Kickstarter]

Quick update on Kingdom Hearts 3 development from game director Tetsuya Nomura

While we (im)patiently wait for Kingdom Hearts 3 to make its long awaited released, Square Enix announced that Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMix and 2.5 ReMix were heading to the PlayStation 4 in March 2017. The developers probably hoped this news would pacify impatient fans, and while it did, it also brought a fear that Kingdom Hearts 3 would see a delay because of the remasters.[Source: ]

Exploit Leads to Thousands of Xbox One Users Downloading Watch Dogs 2 for Free

Thousands of Xbox One users have been able to download a free digital copy of Watch Dogs 2: Deluxe Edition from the Microsoft Store today, after a redemption code intended for a single-use only became indefinitely reusable.[Source: ]

Former Konami President, Shinji Hirano, becomes president at Kojima Productions

Emilio at The Koalition writes: It was just brought to my attention that Shinji Hirano, former president of Konami Europe has been listed as President of Kojima Productions for at least a month. After going on LinkedIn to update my own profile I noticed that Hirano had recently updated his current position as the President at Kojima Productions; with his start date being November 2016.[Source: the...

Outrage Over Mario Run’s Asking Price Exposes Ignorance

Mario Run is out, and everyones talking about one thing.the fact you need to pay for it? In a shocking turn of events, a video released on the mobile platform costs money. There is, of course, a free trial that lets people have a taste of the game, but people want more. Thats pretty much Continue reading Outrage Over Mario Runs Asking Price Exposes Ignorance[Source: ]

Sony Giving Free $10 Codes To Users Again, This Time Its For The Holiday Season

ThisGenGaming says “Check your emails again, because Sony are giving out $10 codes again, but this time everyone is eligible for a code.”[Source: ]

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