Amazon PS4 Exclusive Games Sale: Nioh, Horizon Zero Dawn & More

Do you have a PS4 game that youve been waiting to get but dont have enough money? Well, Amazon is currently running a bunch of PS4 exclusive games on sale with discounts of up to 50%. This game deal allows you to get select PS4 exclusive games at discounted price. Take a look at below to check out the games on sale! [Source: ]

Classic Consoles Return

Fans if Atari and Sega will be thrilled to see new versions of the classic console return for a new generation of gamers. [Source: ]

US PlayStation Store Days of Play Sale Offers Up To 50% Off On NiOh, Horizon Zero Dawn, More

US PSN is having a major Days of Play sale this week. This sale will run starting today June 9th till June 16th. [Source: ]

The Order: 1886 Do We Want a Sequel?

“The Order: 1886 was a huge let down for a lot of PlayStation gamers like many games, it didnt quite live up to the hype. The game also released during a time when PlayStation exclusives werent nearly as dominant as they are now. It received a ton of criticisms due to its length the game could be completed in around five hours. The game was obviously meant to be a series, the question is, wi...

Samsung Reveals The Worlds First 49 Inch Gaming Monitor

Samsung has unveiled a 49 inch gaming monitor which looks to take gaming visuals to a new level. [Source: ]

If PS4 wants to win E3 2017… Sony needs another huge surprise

It’s hard to keep a secret when you plaster it 50ft high up the side of a hotel in downtown L.A., but it would seem this is Sony’s strategy. Even before E3 has kicked off Sony went all-in with a giant billboard for God of War, a hulking brute of an advert that, literally, casts a shadow over E3. In one ballsy move Sony has set the tone for its conference games, games, and more games. B...

How Will Sony Compete With Project Scorpio At E3 2017?

Microsoft will be showcasing Project Scorpio at E3, but here’s what Sony needs to do in order to compete with the new, more powerful Xbox console. [Source: ]

The devil from the details: Proper interpretation of our Xbox usage data

Ars: Microsoft subtweets aside, were sticking to our data until they prove us wrong. [Source: ]

Do Sony And PlayStation ‘Cheat’ To Win The E3 Hype Contest?

Sony and PlayStation have done very well the last couple of years at E3, crafting keynote presentations that end up generating loads of hype among fans and lots of claims that theyve won the show with what theyve shown off. But theyre accused of cheating to make this happen, featuring games that they know full well wont be out for years and years. Its a common refrain among Microsoft fans especial...

Microsoft’s Xbox has a Secret Weapon that Sony’s PlayStation Completely Dismisses

Sony is dominating Microsoft when it comes to the video game console wars. Both consoles are dramatically less expensive now, yet Sony maintains its sales lead month after month in no small part due to the tremendous momentum it built early on. But Microsoft’s been making smart moves to re-capture consumer interest since the lukewarm launch of Xbox One in 2013. One of the company’s sma...

Activision promises a special Crash announcement during E3 2017

The publisher clearly alerts gamers to keep their eyes open during the event at Los Angeles as there will be a “special announcement” on Crash. [Source: ]

Nintendo E3 2017 Preview: Super Mario Odyssey, Metroid Prime 4, Smash, Pokemon, and More

What surprises does the Big N have in store for us this year? [Source: ]

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