Red Dead Redemption 2 Accolades Trailer Touts It as “The Highest Rated Game on PS4, Xbox One”

Rockstar Games has today released the Red Dead Redemption 2 accolades trailer and calls it the highest rated game on PS4 and Xbox One! [Source: ]

Kingdom Hearts III Gets New Trailer; Epilogue Will Be Released At a Later Time to Avoid Spoilers

In order to caution players against spoilers, Kingdom Hearts III Director Tetsuya Nomura himself took to Twitter to deliver a message. The team is investigating how to improve the situation, but apparently, they have already taken pre-emptive steps. [Source: ]

Classic Game Developer Forced to Pull Game Source Code Auctions

Carl Williams writes, “It is a sad day when we see things like this. Al Lowe, creator of Leisure Suit Larry while at Sierra On-Line, put a few files up for auction on eBay recently. As expected, fans of Leisure Suit Larry 1 and 2 quickly made this become a big thing in the retro gaming community. By becoming a big deal though, the auctions caught the eye of current owner of many Sierra On-Li...

Kingdom Hearts III Gets New Trailer; Ending Will Be Released with a Patch to Avoid Spoilers

Today Square Enix released a new trailer of its upcoming JRPG Kingdom Hearts III. In the meanwhile, Tetsuya Nomura warns gamers against spoilers. [Source: ]

Project Babel by Final Fantasy VII Writer and Valkyria Chronicles Composer Reveals First Gameplay

Today, during the Colopl Fes 2018 the publisher revealed the first gameplay trailer of its brand new mobile JRPG Project Babel. [Source: ]

Granblue Fantasy Relink Looks Absolutely Spectacular in New PS4 Gameplay

During a stage show at Granblue Fes 2018 hosted at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba near Tokyo, Developer Cygames showcased some brand new gameplay of Granblue Fantasy Relink. [Source: ]

Granblue Fantasy Versus for PS4 by Arc System Works Announced and it Looks Crazy

During a stage show at Granblue Fes 2018 hosted at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba near Tokyo, Cygames announced Granblue Fantasy Versus. [Source: ]

Jade Raymond – Fun & Serious 2018 Interview

Gamereactor talked to the Pioneer Award recipient Jade Raymond in Bilbao. Having left EA Motive behind Raymond shares some hints about her current top-secret project, looks at current game design, and looks back at games such as Assassin’s Creed, Splinter Cell, and Star Wars. [Source: ]

New Anthem Gameplay and Info from BioWare Are All About Loot

Today BioWare hosted a livestream about its upcoming online action RPG Anthem, focusing on loot and equipment. [Source: ]

Ark: Survival Evolved on Switch is cut back to the absolute barebones

DF: “Ark Survival Evolved is noted for its super-high system requirements and choppy gameplay on the current generation consoles – but a Switch version? Just how is that going to pan out – especially in mobile form? Let’s just say that it’s very poor in many respects, but surprisingly better than expected in others.” [Source: ]

Metro Exodus Title Sequence Revealed

Metro Exodus: We are excited to reveal the title sequence for Metro Exodus. Created by, the award winning makers of some of the most iconic title sequences of recent years including Game of Thrones and Westworld, this beautiful introduction to the game is set to an original score by Metro series composer Alexey Omelchuk. [Source: ]

Ashen Review – IGN

A handful of new ideas make this a stellar Souls-like with solid combat, a great art style, and an interesting world. [Source: ]

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