Horizon Zero Dawn Cinematic Trailer

Who are these masked warriors, and what is the source of their power over the machines? Who will rally to Aloys side on the field of battle? [Source: youtube.com ]

New Sea of Thieves Trailer Shows Cooperative Gameplay and Treasure Hunting

Rare Showcases how you can work together with your crew in Sea of Thieves, and how you can be cruelly trolled by rivals when you go around thinking that the money is in the bag. [Source: dualshockers.com ]

Scalebound’s Cancellation Raises A Big Problem For Microsoft

Microsoft has announced that it is canceling a their would be exclusive Scalebound. Leaving Platinum Games in the dust. But, this isn’t the first time this generation that Xbox pulled the plug on a big production. It’s not even the second time. Which has left Microsoft in a tough spot. Where 2017 is a lack of exclusives for Microsoft. When Xbox needs more exclusive IP the most it seems...

Scalebound’s Cancellation Is a Loss for All of Us: Please Forget Your Console War at Least for Today

Today is a sad day for gaming. Microsoft has officially announced the cancellation of Scalebound, a triple-A action RPG directed by PlatinumGames’ Hideki Kamiya as a collaboration between the prolific Kyoto-based developer and Microsoft Game Studios. While some might look at it as a loss for Microsoft and Xbox, it’s actually a net loss for all gamers. [Source: dualshockers.com ]

Horizon: Zero Dawns tutorial gameplay video will make you sad that youre not playing it already

Horizon: Zero Dawn is out soon and if youre after every morsel you can find about the game before release, this eight minute tutorial video is going to be right up your street. [Source: vg247.com ]

ReCore expansion – leaked

Supposed footage of a Recore 2 or perhaps a dlc add-on to recore has been leaked…. Supposedly As many have pointed out it is most likely an expansion though [Source: youtube.com ]

Angry Joe’s Top 10 WORST Games of 2016

Angry Joe counts down the Top 10 WORST Games of 2016! [Source: angryjoeshow.com ]

Star Citizen Promises New Updates; Shows Gorgeous Screenshots and Videos as it Breaks $141,000,000

With Star Citizen’s alpha 2.6 recently released to backers, Chris Roberts’ Cloud Imperium Games also sneaked in a “Director Mode” for the camera, allowing the community to go wild with screenshots and video of the game. [Source: dualshockers.com ]

Fatal Fighter Is An All-Female Fighting Game On Greenlight

Fatal Fighter’s Greenlight campaign shows some of the game’s roster and their high-speed combos and moves. [Source: siliconera.com ]

Confirmed PS4 Games Out in Q1 2017

The big PS4 games Q1 2017 list! These are all the ones with confirmed release dates. [Source: playstationlifestyle.net ]

Battlefield 1 Patch 1.05 significantly improves frame rate of PS4

The version for the Sony console has a much improved framerate that, during the phases of the game proposed by video, it never drops below 60fps. [Source: gametransfers.com ]

Heres a PSVR First-Person Shooter With Wicked Potential

Pure PlayStation: Were pretty much in love with our PSVR headsets, though we have noticed the massive elephant thats sat in the corner of the room, munching on some elephant-friendly cake: There arent any first-person shooters. Of course we know all about Until Dawn: Rush of Blood and Lethal VR, but theyre not what we mean. [Source: pureplaystation.com ]

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