See how Horizon: Zero Dawn looks like in 4K with this high quality video

Digital Foundry’s subscription service for high quality 4K videos has just uploaded a FREE video for Horizon: Zero Dawn. These are high quality files that you have to download to watch. Either by copying it to a USB and connect to a 4K TV. Or by watching on a PC with a 4K monitor. If not you could watch the embedded video. But be warned it is compressed by YouTube and not showing how good it...

PS5 release date in 2019 at earliest, Sony won’t counter Xbox Scorpio says analyst

From PlayStation Universe: “Analyst talks PS5 release date and Xbox Scorpio launch. Believes Ps5 will launch 2019 at earliest and Xbox Two in 2020.” [Source: ]

Playing Mass Effect: Andromeda Left Us Conflicted – GameSpot “Mass Effect: Andromeda is out in less than a month. There was a lot I enjoyed during my hands-on time, but there were also some things that left me worried.” [Source: ]

Xbox Live Games With Gold For March 2017

Major Nelson: For the month of March, Xbox Live Gold members will receive four new free games – two on Xbox One and two on Xbox 360. [Source: ]

Should Adults Play Video Games?

  Is gaming only for kids? And should Adults Be Putting Down the Controller? A question I battle with all the time internally is if gaming is only for kids? [Source: ]

This Week on Xbox: February 17, 2017

This week we’re looking at the year ahead and chatting with some of the amazing creators behind some of the biggest games in 2017, like Crackdown 3, Sea of Thieves, Halo Wars 2, State of Decay 2 and many more. [Source: ]

Overwatch is Ending

Well like all good things, it all has to come to an end. The characters of Overwatch are being forced to give up their livelihood, because of the mandatory shutdown by Blizzard Entertainment. [Source: ]

Horizon Zero Dawn | Gameplay walkthrough | #PlayStationPGW

Mark Norris, Senior Producer at Guerrilla Games walks us through a never-before-seen walkthrough of Horizon Zero Dawn.

Digital Foundry: Horizon is a technical masterpiece on PS4 and Pro

Horizon’s excellent performance at checkerboard 4K vs the native 1080p of the base PS4 version is a great achievement. While the Pro hardware has 2.3x the GPU power of the standard model, memory bandwidth hasn’t scaled in step – and it’s rare that we see a PS4 engine scale so gracefully between 1080p on base hardware and 4K on Pro (checkerboard or otherwise). That Guerrilla...

Horizon: Zero Dawn Review | GameSpot Zero Dawn is an exciting and breathtaking odyssey. [Source: ]

Versus – PS4 vs PS4 Pro Boost Mode

PlayStation LifeStyle pits the standard PS4 versus PS4 Pro in Boost Mode. [Source: ]

Celebrating an Epic Xbox 2017 Games Lineup

Phil Spencer: “Today is a big day for Team Xbox as we celebrate the worldwide launch of early access for Halo Wars 2. Since the launch of the original Halo Wars on Xbox 360 eight years ago, the passionate Halo community has been urging us to publish a sequel. I am incredibly proud of the action-packed experience the talented teams at 343 Industries and Creative Assembly have created on the b...

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