Celebrating an Epic Xbox 2017 Games Lineup

Phil Spencer: “Today is a big day for Team Xbox as we celebrate the worldwide launch of early access for Halo Wars 2. Since the launch of the original Halo Wars on Xbox 360 eight years ago, the passionate Halo community has been urging us to publish a sequel. I am incredibly proud of the action-packed experience the talented teams at 343 Industries and Creative Assembly have created on the b...

Nintendo Switch eShop Purchases Confirmed To Be Tied To Account; Interface Showcased In New Video

https://vid.me/e/lXIP?stats=1The Nintendo Switch menu interface confirms that all eShop purchases made on the console will be tied to the account and not the system [Source: wccftech.com ]

PewDiePie is Dead

Well there you have it, your lord and savior PewDiePie has met with his demise by revealing controversial imagery on his gaming channel. And with that, Mr. Felix has inadvertently killed off part of his success, which is a sight to behold. [Source: goodnewsgaming.com ]

Nintendo reveals Zelda: Breath of the Wild DLC – new story, hard mode, more

DLC is coming to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Nintendo has revealed. [Source: nintendoeverything.com ]

First 30 minutes of For Honor Story Mode PS4 Gameplay

Its finlly here. First minutes of Single Player mode of For Honor captured straight from PS4. If youre still wondering if the game is worth buying, then maybe this video will help you make up your mind. [Source: skewednet.net ]

Lost Region: New Unreal Engine 4 Survival Game Announced – First Gameplay Screenshots Unveiled

Here are the very first gameplay screenshots and infos from Lost Region, an upcoming open world survival game for PS4, Xbox One and PC. [Source: translate.google.com ]

Everything Wrong With Nioh

PlayStation LifeStyle lists everything they think is wrong with Nioh. [Source: playstationlifestyle.net ]

Call Of Duty is Dead

Finally, the mighty Call Of Duty franchise has fallen and more and more gamers are waking up to the fact that this series is long over do for some major renovations. So can Activision bring back the spirit of Call Of Duty or is it time to bury this dead franchise for good. [Source: goodnewsgaming.com ]

6 minutes of gameplay footage from Project Cars 2 in glorious 60fps, showcasing dynamic weather

YouTubes Grizwords has shared a video, showcasing six minutes of gameplay footage from the preview build of Project CARS 2. This video showcases the games current visuals, its audio enhancements, as well as its dynamic weather system. [Source: dsogaming.com ]

New trailer released for open-world JRPG, Edge Of Eternity

Midgar Studio has released a new trailer for its upcoming JRPG, Edge of Eternity. Edge of Eternity promises to offer a unique experience, combining classic renewed features with innovative gameplay mechanics, set a part-heroic fantasy part-space opera atmosphere along with a rich and mature narration. [Source: dsogaming.com ]

GameStop’s Response to Circle of Lies (Part 2)

This video is about gaming retailer GameStop’s shady new(ish) business practice. The Circle of Life Program is forcing Employees to lie to customers, but that isn’t news to this ex-employee. It’s not even the worst thing GameStop has done, we’re only scratching the surface.GameStop’s response to their Circle of Life Program controversy is just untrue. Poli Games’...

Overwatch Mouse and Keyboard Players Will Get Banned

It seems as though that there’s a lot of angry Overwatch players that are getting destroyed over other Overwatch players who prefers to use the mouse and keyboard set-ups. But in reality, these players that are complaining just aren’t good at the game. [Source: goodnewsgaming.com ]

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