Competitive Gamer Billy Mitchell Responds To His High Scores Getting Removed

Famous competitive gamer Billy Mitchell was one of the best arcade gamers of all time getting high scores in the likes of Pac-Man, Donkey Kong and more. However, his expertise came into question earlier this year as evidence shows that he was cheating using an emulator to attain high scores [Source: ]

PlayStation 5: when can Sony truly deliver a generational leap in power?

DF: “We’ve seen some reports suggesting a PlayStation 5 due this year! It’s not going to happen, but realistically just when can we see the 6x to 8x leap in power that typically defines a new console generation? And when will Microsoft follow suit?” [Source: ]

God of War Gets New Trailer Focused on Norse Myth, Shows Amazing PS4 Pro Visuals and Something “Big”

The new trailer of God of War explains why Norse mythology was chosen as the foundation of the game’s charming setting. [Source: ]

God of War: E3 2016 vs. Final Graphics Comparison

Since E3 2016 when it was revealed this PS4 exclusive has gotten a huge upgrade. [Source: ]

The +18 lewd Tamagotchi-like game Pocket Waifu has landed on Nutaku

Nutaku pays homage to the old-school and iconic Tamagotchi from the late 90s, ensuring an 18+ experience with all the right feelings of nostalgia. Are you up for the challenge? Pocket Waifu will have gamers feeling like the hentai version of Hugh Hefner. [Source: ]

God of War Director Reacts to 10/10 Reviews

Skill Up interviews Cory Barlog – Creative Director of the critically acclaimed God of War game, on his reactions to the positive reviews that the soon to be released game is gathering. [Source: ]

Mega Drive Mini, Shenmue I & II HD, New Sakura Taisen, and More Announced by Sega

The celebrations for SegaFes have started in Akihabara, Tokyo, and Sega made a few surprise announcements via Sega Sammy President Haruki Satomi. [Source: ]

Sea of Thieves: Content Plans

It’s been just over three weeks since we launched Sea of Thieves, and a lot has happened since then! We’ve been listening to you all, and we know you are keen to hear how we plan to grow Sea of Thieves. As we’ve always said, launch is just the start, and we are going to grow and evolve the game with feedback from our community. It feels like the right time to reveal how we’...

Sony’s Countdown to God of War Begins Today | PlayStation Store

Kratos returns in one week! And over the next seven days, Sony’s got one heck of a celebration planned. [Source: ]

God of War is another tech powerhouse for PS4

God of War returns with a fresh vision for the series, powered by brand new technology from one of the best developers in the business. WARNING: Video may contain location and minor boss enounters. However, there are no story element spoilers. [Source: ]

God of War PS4 Pro vs PS4 Graphics Analysis: Arguably The Best Looking Game of All Time

Performance issues on the PS4 Pro aside, this is arguably the best looking game of all time. [Source: ]

God of War Graphics Comparison: PS4 vs. PS4 Pro

IGN takes a look at the PlayStation 4 version of the upcoming God of War and placed it side-by-side the PlayStation 4 Pro to visually compare the differences between the two versions. [Source: ]

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