What Do PlayStation Plus’ Changes Mean For Next-Gen?

Removing PS3 and Vita games may seem like a negative for PlayStation Plus, but could it spell something bigger on the horizon? IGN’s PlayStation show discusses! [Source: ign.com ]

Crackdown 3’s destruction has been severely downgraded, comparison video between 2015 & 2019 builds

DSOGaming writes: “Back in 2015, Crackdown 3 was advertised as the game that would show the power of the Cloud and that it would offer incredible destruction never before seen in any game. However, that was in 2015. The game will release in a couple of days and as we can see, the destruction system has been severely downgraded.” [Source: dsogaming.com ]

Anthem Gets Spectacular Launch Trailer to Celebrate Upcoming Release

Today BioWare released a launch trailer for its online action-RPG Anthem. [Source: twinfinite.net ]

Why everyone is tired of EA’s bulls**t

“EA has proven time and time again that its a company that is solely focused on money. With highly anticipated games being shut down (Amy Hennig Star Wars), beloved franchises laying dormant (Command and Conquer), and EA games being riddled with micro-transaction BS, its no secret why EA is known for being one of the worst companies ever.” — Nintendo Enthusiast [Source: nintendoe...

Here’s Our First Look at Apex Legends Gameplay and It Looks Fantastic

Here’s our first look at Apex Legends gameplay and it looks fantastic! Multiple videos have been published giving us some small glimpse of the characters and gameplay. [Source: mp1st.com ]

Outward’s Open-World RPG Makes You A Nobody and Treats You Like It – IGN

In Ninedot’s unique fantasy roleplaying game you’re not the Chosen One, you’re just a normal person trying to survive the world, and it’s really enjoyable to be a nobody. [Source: ign.com ]

Anthem looks stunning but sub-par performance is concerning

To cut to the chase: was the demo an accurate representation of the actual product’s visual credentials? No. Is it a beautiful current-gen game? Yes, but there is a price to pay. [Source: eurogamer.net ]

This is what Resident Evil 2 Remake could have looked like with fixed camera angles

DSOGaming writes: “YouTubes Enveloping Sounds has shared two videos, showing what Resident Evil 2 Remake could have looked like with fixed camera angles. As we all know, the original Resident Evil trilogy featured fixed camera viewpoints and these videos replicate the feeling of playing the remake in its original aesthetic style.” [Source: dsogaming.com ]

Batman Arkham Crisis Story Details, Release Date and More Leaked

There are some rumors suggesting that a new Batman game is in development. Now, new details have leaked revealing the Batman Arkham Crisis. [Source: youtube.com ]

Digital Foundry: Xbox Scarlett and PS5 “Are Being Demonstrated”

According to Digital Foundry, in fact, Next-gen consoles are in development, hardware exists and is being demonstrated, to insiders, ie developers and publishers. [Source: youtube.com ]

Kingdom Hearts Is Stupid Gibberish | The Jimquisition

The Jimquisition: “I mean its a good game. A great game. But it is also awful, stupid, and utter gibberish.” [Source: thejimquisition.com ]

Dragon Ball “Project Z” Action RPG for PS4, Xbox One and PC Revealed with First Trailer

Bandai Namco has been teasing a brand new Dragon Ball game for a while, and today the announcement finally came during the Red Bull Final Summoning Dragon Ball FighterZ tournament hosted today. [Source: twinfinite.net ]

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