Former PlayStation CEO Andrew House’s Stirring Farewell: “PlayStation Has Always Been About Games”

Former Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Andrew House gives an uplifting farewell after stepping down from his position at PlayStation. [Source: ]

Xbox One X’s 4K Destiny 2 upgrade analysed

A full-fat native 4K for Destiny 2 on Xbox One X? Yup, that’s exactly what you get here – no checkerboarding, no dynamic res. So how does the new port match up against PS4 Pro and PC versions of the game? [Source: ]

FromSoftware’s Teased New Game Is Probably a New Tenchu, not Bloodborne 2

Many are convinced that the new game teased by From Software with the motto “Shadows Die Twice” is Bloodborne 2, but a new Tenchu is much more likely. [Source: ]

Bayonetta 3 Coming to Switch, Along with Bayoneta 1&2

During The Gaming Awards today, Nintendo announced something colossal. Nintendo and PlatinumGames are working on a third iteration on the beloved Bayonetta franchise. [Source: ]

Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding Gets Disturbing New Trailer at The Game Awards

Hideo Kojima introduced a new trailer of its upcoming action-adventure game Death Stranding, and it’s as weird as you expect. [Source: ]

US lawmaker who called out Star Wars Battlefront 2 lays out plans for anti-loot box law

Chris Lee aims to prohibit the sale of games with ‘gambling mechanisms’ to anyone under the age of 21. [Source: ]

More Bloodborne Bosses and Monsters Cut from the Final Game Discovered Via Datamining majestic undead knight, his possible steed, and more critters emerge from the files of From Software’s PS4 exclusive Bloodborne. [Source: ]

Black Clover Project Knights Announced for PS4 and PC by Bandai Namco; Coming West in 2018 Namco made a surprise announcement teasing a new game based on the Black Clover manga and anime, coming to PS4 and PC next year. [Source: ]

EA Got Titanfall to Stack Up Against Call of Duty? writes – “Fellowgamers, EA has just acquired Respawn studios and with that, Titanfall. It seems that EA is collecting the pieces to possibly match up to Activisions own year over year offerings. Was this the plan?” [Source: ]

Is Xenoblade Chronicles 2 too ambitious for Switch’s mobile mode? pushes the Switch’s mobile-based Tegra technology hard. It holds up nicely when playing docked, but is this game just too ambitious for portable play? [Source: ]

Capcom announces Mega Man 11, coming in late 2018 its Mega Man 30th anniversary celebration live stream, Capcom revealed Mega Man 11. [Source: ]

Microsoft Vs Sony Studios, It’s a Big Difference writes – “Fellowgamers, for most it’s obvious that Sony takes the cake when it comes to first party studios but I wasnt really sure how big of a difference it was, then i found out. Its big.” [Source: ]

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