Xbox at E3 2018 Has Nothing to Lose and Everything to Gain

With all the leaks and rumors hitting E3, it’s Microsoft’s stage we as gamers known the least about. With two hours to prove to gamers, that the Xbox One S and Xbox One X are the places to play. On this episode host Joseph, talks about how he’s the most worried, yet excited to see what Xbox has to show. But, also what direction Microsoft needs to take at their E3 conference, and ...

New Shadow of the Tomb Raider Video Shows Realistic Water, Oil, Fire, and Smoke Visual Effects

A new video of Shadow of the Tomb Raider showcases how the team is aiming for realism in visual effects, using real-world physical formulas. [Source: ]

Playstation 4 E3 Leaked Titles, Fallout 76 Skewedcast

This week Gareth, Michael, and Justin at Skewed and Reviewed look at the reveal of Fallout 76. They also discuss the leaked PS4 titles from the pending E3 showcase and discuss Dark Souls: Remastered and PAX West tickets going on sale as well as no theatrical presentation at E3 for Black Ops IIII. Dark souls remastered 3:25 Fallout 76 6:30 Sony E3 leaks Additional game rumors 19:47 [Source:

Does Microsoft Have Much To Prove at E3 2018?

This latest episode weighs in on Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo and who has the most pressure on their shoulders to reveal their best games at E3 2018. [Source: ]

Detroit: Become Human Is A Technical Marvel, PS4 Pro vs PS4 Graphics Comparison

Quantic Dreams have created a technical marvel. [Source: ]

Pachter Factor Episode 106: Taxing Violent Games

Pachter explains why next-gen consoles will Have disk drives, talks Growing Xbox Play anywhere importance. [Source: ]

Star Citizen Gives Development Update on Squadron 42 and Eclipse; Funding Passes $187,000,000

Star Citizen will soon receive new content and the devs provide an update on its single-player campaign, scanning, and much more. [Source: ]

Dreams PS4 Exclusive Shows off Over Twenty Minutes of World Building Gameplay

In the latest PS Underground video, Creative Director Mark Healey shows off the world building system in Media Molecule’s upcoming PS4 Exclusive Dreams [Source: ]

Dark Souls Remastered tested on all consoles – and only one locks to 60fps

Digital Foundry: “With release code in hand, we finally have a complete picture of how Dark Souls Remastered runs on consoles and PC – and while the notorious Blighttown was our first port of call for performance testing, it turns out that there are much better ways to push developer QLOC’s refined version of the Dark Souls engine. The title’s CPU issues are by and large re...

Assassins Creed Odyssey Confirmed by Ubisoft; E3 Reveal Teased

Following todays leak, Ubisoft has confirmed the next chapter of the Assassins Creed series, titled Assassins Creed Odyssey. [Source: ]

PlayStation E3 Experience 2018: Live in Theaters June 11

PS Blog: E3 is almost here and Im excited to announce that the PlayStation E3 Experience is returning! Join us on Monday June 11th in theaters across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, and new this year Chile! [Source: ]

Far Cry 3 Renders At Native 1440p On PS4 Pro And Xbox One X, 30 FPS On All Platforms

Far Cry 3 has received a quick remaster for the PS4 and Xbox One. This remaster also comes with support for a high resolution on both the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. [Source: ]

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