Forza Motorsport 7 will have ultra-high definition 4K on PC

Ryan Cooper has said that Forza Motorsport 7 will be presented in ultra-high definition 4K on PC, with a really great sense of immersion. [Source: ]

Final Fantasy XV Shown Running On The Xbox One X, Big Visual Leap Over Xbox One

Check out the first footage of Final Fantasy XV running on the Xbox One X. [Source: ]

Spider-Man PS4 Pro E3 Gameplay Analysis

One of the most impressive titles at Sony’s E3 press conference, Insomniac’s Spider-Man finally gets a gameplay reveal. John and Dave discuss the game’s technical make-up. [Source: ]

Call Of Duty: Remastered Coming June 27th For PS4

Activision has confirmed the rumored stand alone version of Call of Duty: Remastered will be out of June 27th with PC and Xbox One to follow. [Source: ]

Xbox announcements planned for Gamescom, “not E3 level”

// “I always go to Gamescom. I care a lot about our fans and our partners in Europe so that’s a big show for us. So we’ll definitely be there. We are planning on making more announcements at Gamescom,” Greenberg teased, adding that he “can’t share too much…” [Source: ]

Xbox One X – Are you (the Xbox gamer) going to be buying one?

From the outset Xbox One X was touted as a premium product that was being built with those gamer’s who wanted that extra gloss and candy and at £450, is that a decent price? [Source: ]

Greenberg: “there are a lot” of big unannounced Xbox games

// is holding back some juicy first-party announcements, according to marketing chief Aaron Greenberg. [Source: ]

Beyond Good and Evil 2 Prototype Gameplay Video Released and Looking Great

Beyond Good and Evil 2 prototype gameplay video available now, and looking amazing. [Source: ]

Digital Foundry Super Lucky’s Tale hits 4K 60fps on Xbox One X

One of many Xbox One console exclusives announced at E3 2017, Playful’s Super Lucky’s Tale was one of the few titles at the show we can confirm running on Xbox One X hardware. It’s targeting native 4K resolution at 60 frames per second, it’s running on the Unity engine and it’s a complete, standalone sequel to an Oculus Rift exclusive. [Source: ]

Monster Hunter World First Gameplay Footage Revealed, Shows World Map And More

Capcom has shared a brand new trailer for Monster Hunter World on a new livestream. [Source: ]

Ashen for Xbox One was the best game we saw at E3 here’s why

Ashen was our game of the show for E3 2017. It lured us in with its deceptively minimalistic art style, waiting to reveal its true depth and majesty at perfectly crafted moments. The game is quite simply stunning. [Source: ]

Gears of War 4 Xbox One X vs Xbox One S 4K Graphics Comparison

During Xbox Press Conference on this years E3 we could spot two short clips of Gears of War 4 included in Xbox One X trailer. Now assuming that this gameplay was captured on XoneX then lets compare it with the same scenes recorded on Xbox One S and PC at maxed out settings. Does this glimpse allow us to see how Xbox One games will be enhanced by Scorpio? [Source: ]

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