‘GoldenEye 007’ Is Being Remade in the ‘Doom’ Engine, and It Looks Great

A resourceful modder is recreating the Nintendo 64 game with Doom’s engine, exploding chairs and all. [Source: motherboard.vice.com ]

PS4 Exclusive Kamen Rider Climax Fighters Announced

Bandai Namco will bring another Kamen Rider game to PS4 with Kamen Rider Climax Fighters. [Source: dualshockers.com ]

Call of Duty WWII Beta PS4 Pro vs Xbox One S Graphics Comparison

Call of Duty WWII Xbox One Beta is live so its time to directly compare both current gen versions of the game. Judging on what we can see here its quite obvious that PS4 Pro gives an extra boost to the graphics of CoD WW2. For instance it has softer shadows, more crisp textures and smoother animation. What do you guys think? [Source: skewednet.net ]

Updated Xbox One UI and Features Revealed With High Contrast Modes and More

Microsoft showcased an upcoming update to the Xbox One UI, including the light and dark modes, two high contrast modes, and much more. [Source: dualshockers.com ]

Dead Rising 4 brings Frank’s Big Package to PS4

Today Capcom announced that Dead Rising 4 is finally coming to PS4. [Source: capcom-unity.com ]

PES 2018 Demo PS3 vs PS4 Pro Graphics Comparison

All football fans can finally put their hands on PES 2018 demo. Playable code was released on past and current generation of consoles giving a chance to check how much they are different. If demo represents actual look of the game then we can expect some major cuts in PS3/X360 editions. Although player models looks quite nice there are some noticable differences such as lack of pre-match animation...

No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again Officially Revealed for Nintendo Switch

By Jonathon Dornbush After teasing the project earlier this year, Nintendo and Suda51 have officially revealed No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again, coming to the Nintendo Switch exclusively in 2018. [Source: ign.com ]

Playing PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds With an Xbox Controller Is as Nightmarish as It Sounds

MP1st: Bringing a controller to a keyboard and mouse fight is never a good idea. This is especially true when the fight in question takes place within the PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds universe! As PUBG is one of the more hardcore PC games out there, arming yourself with an Xbox controller could be considered virtual suicide. However, Im not one to back down from a challenge, and so I picked up my ...

Black Desert Online Xbox One X Trailer at 4K Resolution Is More Than Amazing

At Gamescom 2017, a demo of Black Desert Xbox One X version was shown to those who attended the expo. Now, the developer Pearl Abyss finally released the first official trailer for BDO Xbox One X. [Source: 2p.com ]

Evil Within 2 Gameplay Gets Leaked in Series of Videos

https://streamable.com/s/9nr4y/qnhmuwEvil Within 2 is going to be released on October 13, 2017 but after the live demo at Gamescom this year, we now have a lot of other videos showing more and more gameplay. [Source: beyond-gaming.net ]

Sony Tokyo Game Show Press Conference’s English Livestream Revealed

Earlier today, Sony Interactive Entertainment announced that it will host its traditional press conference just before Tokyo Game Show, but if you fancy actually understanding what is said, fear not, because there will be a livestream in English. [Source: dualshockers.com ]

Was Detroit Become Human Downgraded? E3 2016 vs Gamescom 2017 Graphics Comparison

During Gamescom 2017 a new gameplay footage of Detroit Become Human has been released showing the same scene as E3 2016 demo. This gave us a perfect opportunity to check how the game evolved through entire year of development, and the differences are more than easy to spot. Is that a downgrade for you or more like evolution? [Source: skewednet.net ]

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