Heres a PSVR First-Person Shooter With Wicked Potential

Pure PlayStation: Were pretty much in love with our PSVR headsets, though we have noticed the massive elephant thats sat in the corner of the room, munching on some elephant-friendly cake: There arent any first-person shooters. Of course we know all about Until Dawn: Rush of Blood and Lethal VR, but theyre not what we mean. [Source: ]

Sony Changes PS4 Trailer from “Exclusives Coming in 2017” to “2017 and Beyond;” Removes Labels

A recent PS4 trailer released by Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe on January 1st caused a few misunderstanding , as it mentioned that the games included would come in 2017, but it also included Quantic Dream’s Detroit: Become Human and Media Molecule’s Dreams, which aren’t confirmed for a 2017 release. This caused SIE Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida to take to Twi...

Will Sony Really Let the Uncharted Series Rest?

Push Square: “Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End has sold 8.7 million copies globally since it launched less than a year ago. That is a staggering figure when you consider that the game is barely six months old, and will continue to post strong sales through the remainder of the generation. But it does pose a very important question: can Sony really afford to let Nate hang up his half-tuck?...

PS4 Pro and PlayStation VR Featured in Epic Sony CES 2017 Trailer

Before the beginning of Chief Executive Officer Kazuo Hirai’s speech at Sony’s CES 2017 press conference, the company aired a rather epic trailer presenting its vision and products. [Source: ]

Mass Effect Andromeda’s Gorgeous Gameplay Trailer Shows New Planet, Combat, Skills and More

During Nvidia’s keynote from CES in Las Vegas, BioWare presented a brand new video look at the upcoming Mass Effect Andromeda running on a PC powered by a GTX 1080 video card. [Source: ]

Rime Re-Revealed for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch IGN First

IGN: The distinct-looking action-adventure game captured our attention when it was unveiled over three years ago. Now it’s back! [Source: ]

It Has Been Two Years Since PS4 Exclusive Deep Down Received the Last Official Update From Capcom

What’s your favorite Christmas memory of 2014? One might have been finding under the Christmas tree an update from Capcom with the latest batch of screenshots of its upcoming RPG Deep Down. Unfortunately, it was also the last, at least until now. [Source: ]

Angry Joe’s Top 10 BEST Games of 2016

So long 2016, these are the Top Ten Best [Source: ]

Horizon Zero Dawn – Countdown Trailer

In a world where Machines are the dominant species that rule over Earth, humans regress into tribes and fight to survive. [Source: ]

Sony Releases New Coming to PS4 in 2017 Trailer

Pure PlayStation: 2017 is only a few hours old, yet Sony is already pushing the advertising for whats to come this year. The platform holder has released a brand new trailer today on its YouTube channel. [Source: ]

Top Ten Sh*ttiest Games Of 2016

After much deliberation and tossing of wine glasses, The Jimquisition has narrowed the unworthy contenders down to ten absolute triumphs of sh*ttiness. [Source: ]

New video shows 6 minutes of gameplay footage from Free Radical’s cancelled Star Wars: Battlefront 3

YouTubes FuZaH has shared a new video, showcasing 6 minutes of new gameplay footage from Free Radicals cancelled Star Wars: Battlefront 3 game. This is a follow up to last weeks video that showcased the games alpha build. [Source: ]

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