It’s the cheerful but sick game, which will entertain you after a hard day!
From the words of an unknown author: "One pleasant summer afternoon, I was sitting in a beautiful green field and read my favorite newspaper "Unknown News". I especially liked the article about catdoghuman rain. I thought it would be good to catch one and tame it, I love cats! Suddenly, I heard a cat screeching, the dog barking and human screams. I looked at the sky and my eyes almost fell out of their sockets. It’s the Catdoghuman rain!"

Goal of the game:

"To love" cats in the allotted time, dodging from bricks, falling at an astronomical rate. In order to increase the time you need use the cat food, which is’nt so easy to catch as it seems. The game is on record, and with his increase will be opened the achievements (will be added with updates).


  • Awful pixel-art
  • Nasty sounds
  • Simple but easy control
  • Progressive difficulty
  • The game on time, where you have only 60 seconds
  • Traiding cards (will be added with trust rating)
  • Achievements (will be added with updates)

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Cat’s Lover

The adventure of an unknown man in an unknown field for your fun.

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