Major help-keys while playing (in Game mode):

  • "" – open/close Manual (in Game mode);
  • "l" – open/close Menu (new, load, demo, exit);
  • "ALT+F4" – quit/exit game (if not work, first click-left-mouse-button, then press "ALT+F4");
  • "CTRL+S" – save location of the player (game automatic saves when update/create/delete/change blocks in Builder Game Mode);

[3D luxurious builder and shooter game]
Construct and build very quickly and intuitively with highest appearance and top looks exteriors brilliant, elegant, impressive, fabulous, outstanding, magnificent, gorgeous, tremendous, majestic, imperial and superior materials, objects, shapes, buildings, crafting, levels, maps, worlds. Then protect them:

  • 354 customized materials with unlimited variations (change color, PBR, position, size, rotation, etc.);
  • 32 objects (cube, sphere, pyramid, cylinder, cone, torus, tube, capsule, etc.);
  • 4 major game modes: 1st person, 3rd person, fly mode, vehicle/car mode;
  • Create objects/levels and using text files and any desired text editors;
  • Many other customized building options are also available: FOV, Movement Speed, Skyboxes, Fogs, Atmospheres, etc.;
  • Building crafting mode is very similar to Minecraft creating regime;
  • You must protect your buildings/creations/constructions by firing to falling fires/meteors/objects;

All keys, features and descriptions are in the Manual ( in Steam, on the right site of game’s page, or in game’s directory named "Introduction.txt".

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Celestial Creator

3D luxurious builder and shooter game. Construct and build very quickly and intuitively with highest looks and top appearance exteriors brilliant and outstanding materials, objects, shapes, buildings, levels, maps, worlds and protect them.

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