Game Summary: [/ h2]
Changed is a puzzle RPG game.

The game player wake up in a strange room, came to a strange laboratory building.
In adventure, he encounters all kinds of unknown creatures, each of which can easily "plunder" his body. He can only continue to explore and try to get out of this crisis-ridden building.
In this new world of law and order, secretly lead him to go out who exactly? Why he will be trapped here? What happened to the outside world?
All kinds of mysteries are intricate and the truth will slowly surface in a step by step interaction and exploration.
Of course, be careful, do not get lost in this building …

Features introduction [/ h2]
· The protagonist can only use simple moves and sprints as he is the prey for all creatures.
Without props or even tools, all problems must be solved with wisdom and motivation.
Pixel-style images and music, a retro style evoked childhood memories.
· Quite difficult, suitable for good at careful observation, dare to try the player.
Escape biological characteristics in a failure.
· Interactive traps, text egg, CG story, many surveyable items for exploration.
· Multi-line finale, depending on interaction and investigation situation can trigger different outcome lines.
Approximately three hours of playable length.

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You are trapped in an experiment, trying to find ways to make you still "yourself" , persevere, and survive.

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