Annually, from across dozens of galactic sectors, men, girblons, women, and children tune in to their local space TV stations for the most anticipated event of the year: "ChargeShot". Bounty hunters from across the known universe compete annually for eternal glory and a coveted $2,000,001 space-credit reward. In ChargeShot, each player is armed with a Pulsar Cannon, capable of powerful blasts that bounce off walls and instantly destroy any life forms they touch; an Energy Shield, which can reflect Pulsar blasts and knock opponents into dangerous hazards; and a standard-issue jetpack for traversing the battlefield with deadly speed and grace. In a fascist, dystopian galaxy where humans are the rats of the stars, yetis have mastered space travel, and Goopies are Girblons, you'll assume control of one of many ass-kicking, elite bounty-hunters. Play against humans, hone your skills against AI, or dominate the leaderboards of the single-player quest to become the best professional bounty hunter in the known universe. With achievements, character backstories, and a slathering of unlockable characters, ChargeShot's got what your butt's been craving.


  • Up to 4 player competitive matches
  • Distinct game modes
  • 12 Unique levels that affect gameplay
  • Add Bots into matches
  • Single player campaign
  • Unlockable characters and levels
  • Leaderboards (Steam version)
  • Achievements (Steam version)
  • Trading cards (Steam version)

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Shoot, reflect, and jetpack your way through ChargeShot -- a local-multiplayer, space-bounty-hunter, deathmatch game.

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