Charlotte is a game about the 19th century writer and suffragist, Charlotte Perkins Gilman and her famous short horror story, the Yellow Wall-paper. Part walking simulator and part exploration game, Charlotte puts players into the role of a 19th century woman undergoing the rest cure for hysteria. What is it like to live in a world that restricts your agency? Where you can’t vote? Where you are thought to be less intelligent? Has the world gone mad? Or is it you?

Charlotte is a narrative focused games that combines walking simulator with some puzzle solving needed to progress. Experience the narrative through enacted and environmental storytelling as you explore the mysteries of the mansion.

The game can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour or two – depending on how long it takes you to solve the puzzles and how much of the ephemera you read and look at.

This game contains adult themes of sexuality and mental illness also, some nude imagery is depicted in the classic paintings that hang on the wall. Note that this is the "educational" version so generally it is fine for anyone 12+.

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Charlotte is a horror-puzzle sim based on the short story, The Yellow Wall-paper.

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